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  1. Thank you both very much! It has been a challenge but it will be so worth it when I am, done Gypsie I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to go through nursing again, it has been rough! Especially because I had to have three major surgeries last year. The colleges here have such a huge waiting list that my only option was to take the general course classes and get the highest grade point average possible (GPA plays a major factor in when you get accepted into the nursing program and when you can start your clinicals) I have managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout my schooling. I wasn’t even supposed to begin my clinicals until 2009 but due to my scholastic achievements and major hard work, I was bumped ahead of schedule and will now graduate by this January. So I am with you I would never again as long as I want to go through nursing again.
  2. As I had said in my introduction I have been working on repairing my credit for over a year now so I truly know the hard work that goes into getting your credit straightened out. When I started off last year my scores were in the low 400’s. It has taken me a year and three months worth of hard work to get them all in the low 600’s. I just recently won quite a few more disputes since my first post here and it jumped my scores up about 18 points. You are correct when you say that I am anxious but not without good reason. My husband took ill in 2003; he is an electrical engineer and he was our soul source of income. He has been unable to work since his surgeries in 2003. He is permanently disabled and will never be able to work again. He finally got approved for SS late last year (took almost 3 years) but his SS payments don’t even come close to what he use to make. I simply did not have the skills to get a good enough job to replace his loss of income. I currently am a RN student working towards a specialty degree in cardiac care. Providing for my family and paying for school has been extremely difficult. I had to take out student loans to help cover the cost of my schooling and let me tell you it is not cheap to go to nursing school, especially when it is in a specialty field. The government has implemented new laws that will be going into effect in May of this year (I think) that will allow a much higher interest rate on governmental student loan, which was the only kind of loan I could get because of our credit. I graduate in January and I am working very hard to get my credit straightened out by my graduation date so that I will be able to consolidate my student loans with an actual bank to lower my interest rates and monthly payments. If I am unable to get my loans consolidated, my family, hubby included, will be missing me a whole lot more because I am going to have to put a lot of hours in to have the money we need for our family, plus the money I will need for paying off my loans. So, yes I am very anxious to repair my credit because it is essential to my family that I have the credit I need after graduation. Providing for my family is my number one priority. If it takes a lot of hours and time away from my family to respond back to the letters then so be it. I would rather spend some extra time away from them for the next 10 months while I get my credit straightened out than to have to spend the next ten years away from them while I pay off a high interest, (high monthly payment) loan. Thank you for your concern, I do appreciate it. But under the circumstances I have to do this for my family. I only have another 10 months left before graduation day and with the new knowledge I have obtained in the last few weeks about credit repair it shouldn't be much longer before I am where I need to be and where my family needs me to be.
  3. I am not sure I am posting this in the right section but it may help people who have outstanding medical bills. If any of you have read my recent introduction then you will know my battle to straighten up my credit started over a year ago. Armed with little knowledge I set out to get something’s that were truly inaccurate off of my record (double listings on my report, no knowledge of debt ex.) Well I stumbled across a hospital bill from when my husband and I lived in Florida (it was in 2004 when we got hit with 3 major hurricanes) We lost everything in the hurricane & moved back to our home state of Ohio. But before I left I submitted financial aid papers to all the hospitals I owed monies to because my husband and I had no health insurance. I had assumed we were granted financial aid since we had never heard anything back from them. Well they lost their building in the storms hence they also lost my application for assistance. Under the circumstances they allowed me to file a new application and we were approved and the listing was deleted from my record. This got me to thinking about other hospital bills I had on my record, all of them are in collections with CA. I contacted the hospitals about these old bills and asked them if I could apply for financial aid. Not all but many of them allowed me to file for financial aid, some of the bills were from 2004. I filled out the form sent in proof of our income for that year and Bata Boom Bata Bang debt settled and off my credit report they came. If you do not have health insurance and fit into a certain income bracket (this is based on The FPL federal poverty level) you can qualify to have the bill written off or paid by funds set aside for people with no insurance and limited income. This applies mostly to ER visits but sometimes depending on the hospital they can apply it to bills other than ER charges. For future reference the Federal Poverty Levels for 2007 are as follows (if you are considering using this as a way to take care of past medical expenses you can search for the FPL for past years online) You are eligible for financial aid at most hospitals if your income falls in this FPL income table. 2007 HHS Poverty Guidelines Persons in Family or Household 48 Contiguous States and D.C. Alaska Hawaii 1 $10,210 $12,770 $11,750 2 13,690 17,120 15,750 3 17,170 21,470 19,750 4 20,650 25,820 23,750 5 24,130 30,170 27,750 6 27,610 34,520 31,750 7 31,090 38,870 35,750 8 34,570 43,220 39,750 For each additional person, add 3,480 4,350 4,000 I hope this information helps, I got financial aid on well over $10,000 worth of hospital debts using this method (and to think when I introduced myself I told everyone here that I didn't know anything about repairing
  4. I know exactly what you mean!!! Last year I contacted UCB a CA (before I knew what the heck I was doing) to pay a $77.00 Doctor bill that was listed on my credit report. Mind you this agency did not even know where in the world I was and had never contacted me regarding this bill. I contacted them solely for the purpose of paying off the bill and negotiating to have it removed from my record. The woman I spoke with was so extremely nasty. She upset me so badly that I told her that I called to pay off the d*** bill but since she was so nasty and rude that her and the company she worked for would rot in h*** before I sent them a single dime, especially because the debt was scheduled to be removed from my credit in another year anyway. Of course I am more knowledgeable now having stumbled across this site and I would never again take that kind of abuse without going after someone’s butt.
  5. Just wanted to say hello to everyone as well as giving a thousand Thank You’s to everyone for providing all this valuable information. I started disputing a few things on my credit report over a year ago with the credit bureaus. I had no idea what the heck I was doing when I started. I knew nothing about DV letters or my legal rights for that matter. I did manage to get a few things removed from my credit disputing with the credit bureaus but I honestly spent hours upon hours, day after day getting that accomplished. Since it is a new year and I was entitled to a new free credit report (okay this one I knew but not much else) I set out to begin another painstaking years worth of disputing inaccuracies on my credit reports (these were the ones I didn’t win in my battle last year). So for three months I have been working to get some things off of my report but I never would have imagined that I could do all the things that I now know I can do. I ran across this site about 3 days ago and have been lurking in the distance while I gained some powerful knowledge. I have spent day and night glued to my computer reading, my husband told me tonight that he missed me…lol Anyway, I have spent the last two days writing my DV’s, and unauthorized inquiry letters addressing envelopes, filing out certified mail slips as well as the delivery confirmation cards (16 of them to be exact and my hand still I will be mailing them out tomorrow and I am very optimistic about getting real results this year. I am simply amazed at my rights and the things that I am now able to do because of all you lovely people. I thought my husband’s credit was to far gone to help but getting his credit straightened out is my next project. Took me 3 months (without you guys) but I have managed to take my credit score from 577 to 588 but I am hoping after sending out my DV’s and inaccurate inquiry letters that I may one day be join the ranks of the good credit range Thanks again for the wealth of knowledge that is kept here for everyone, it has made a major difference for me and I just can’t thank you enough!! P.S. My apologies for posting in the wrong forum, when I signed on a box at the top of the page told me to start by introducing myself in the credit repair forum.