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  1. Back in January, I disputed a debt. I send a DV letter to the collection agency. Never heard anything back. Low and behold, in today mail, i received a response to my request. Is there a time limit on these? I think 5 months is kinda crazy. We all know they would never wait 5 months to hear from me....without harrassing me. Thanks
  2. No, it is NOT for an auto loan. I believe it is for a credit card. The car itself is like 15 years old, not worth much anyways, but I didn't think that they could say that. For now on, I will tell her she needs to recorded all the phone calls. Since Ohio is a one party state, that should be easy. Thanks for all the info!!
  3. Hi there. I have a friend that needs some help. A debt collector has called and said that if she does not pay, they are going to file a lien on her car. I asked her exactly what they said, and she said that was their exact words. I am trying to find out if they can say that and do that without any court action. I live in Ohio. Any help would be great Thanks!!!
  4. Don't they verify the account number? Won't it come back and say invalid account number? I am going to try it and see what happens. I AGAIN had to have my husband cancel his account. They said it was never cancelled. Which it was. I even got an email confirming the cancellation. They have agreed to refund the money (but that is what they said last time). Let's see if it happens this time. I signed up throught the wal-mart one. The payment was $11.21 per month. They just billed me for $14.25. Why the difference? They couldn't tell me why. But then again, he probably did, I just couldn't unders
  5. I cancelled truecredit about 2 months ago, they KEEP CHARGING ME on my CC. I have called and told them about last month and now again this month. AND they charged me for MORE than what I was originally paying. Just wanted to make everyone aware of what they were pulling. AND no one speaks english when you call in!!!
  6. According to what I have read, the only debts that have a 15 SOL is Credit cards. Ohio Considers them a breach of contract. All other have really short SOL. All I was wondering if i send out DV's, past the 30 days of initial contact, if they have to respond.
  7. needless to say, I am not afraid of waking them. They never went to sleep. lol
  8. This is what Section D states. It was a personal check for Topps Markets. (Groceries) (D) An action to enforce the obligation of the acceptor of a certified check or the issuer of a teller’s check, cashier’s check, or traveler’s check shall be brought within three years after demand for payment is made to the acceptor or issuer. SO, if it is past SOL, what do I do? I don't have any $$$ to pay these people.
  9. OK...I have some debts that are really old. I have gotten letters from all of them in the past. It says on the bottom, that you have 30 days to respond and request verification of the debt. What if you are WAY past the 30 days? Can they come back and tell you that since you are past the 30 days, they are not required to send Verification? If so, what does that leave me able to do. I guess I am afraid to start this and have some of them come back and tell me that. I want to say that the law states you have 30 days after initial contact, am I correct on this also???? Some of these are 4-5 years
  10. I just got a call from a collection agency. It is for a bad check that was wriiten in 2001. I think the debt is beyond SOL, but not knowing for sure, I searched the Ohio Revised Code and this is what it said: © Except as provided in division (D) of this section, an action to enforce the obligation of a party to an unaccepted draft to pay the draft shall be brought within three years after dishonor of the draft or ten years after the date of the draft, whichever period expires first. I was wondering if anyone could decifer it. I am thinking that it is only 3 years. HOPEFULLY, that is the case.
  11. It is called "rehabiliation". I am currently in the process of doing that with my dH. They told me the same thing. And his is with Sallie Mae. I would look into it and see what they say.
  12. I have a repo with them. My car was valued at $5000. They sold it at auction for $1100. They are now saying that I owe them approx. $9000. Good luck with them. I actually gave up on them. It has been 4 years and they have not filed suit yet. They probably know I have nothing. Let us know how the outcome works.
  13. I am sending out my first DV Ltrs today, but I have a question. The acct's that I am sending them for are all pretty old accounts. All Med bills from the same CA. (6 diff acct #'S). When I first rec'd a ltr from them, it states 30 days in order to dispute. I have not gotten anything from them in over a year. Was wondering if that could hurt me. Should I still go ahead and send out DV ltrs??? And I guess that I should add that back in Feb. I sent them a settlement ltr with a PFD and never got anywhere with that. They told me that the Doc's would not take any type of settlement (which I find ver
  14. I just simply disputed mine and it came off with TU. I filed in 2000.
  15. That is not what I meant. They are allowed unto the property with police presence. The cops would not be assisting, just making sure that nothing goes wrong. Been there, done that. First of all, you have to understand Ohio cops. They go anywhere they think they can. And do anything they want whether it is in the law or not. Not all are bad though.