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  1. Looks like there will be no more upgrades to Visa cards... http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-04-20/target-deals-blow-to-visa-with-switch-to-in-store-credit-cards.html April 20 (Bloomberg) -- Target Corp., the second-largest U.S. discount chain, will stop issuing Visa Inc. credit cards to new applicants and spur use of its own plastic. “Guests tend to spend more at Target when issued a Target Credit Card instead of a Target Visa,” the Minneapolis-based company said today in a statement.
  2. Yikes-- that new box looks scary!! I haven't seen it on my statements yet, but I am paying all my cards off this month so hopefully I wont have to see the scary box.
  3. Dang that sucks with your Chase card -- Juniper did the same thing to me with my rate.. was at 8.9% and now its up to 14.9% with some crazy cash advance rate.
  4. So I just paid off my Juniper card and thought, "What the heck, lets see if they will raise the limit..." Here is the reply I got to the email request: "We have reviewed your account and an increase is not available at this time. You will receive a letter in 7 to 10 days explaining why we are unable to honor your request. Should you wish to be reconsidered and are able to provide proof of income exceeding $200,000.00, please fax the documentation to ..." So essentially to increase my $2,750 credit card, I need an income over $200k a year. Seems that I would of been issued a higher limit to begin with if I made $200k a year - (and I probably wouldn't be dealing with Juniper...) Made me laugh -- they are sock drawer'd from now on.
  5. Me too -- looks like a few people are getting the $500 to $1000 bump.
  6. I used Microsoft Money since 1995 to manage my finances. Up until this year, that is the main program I used. Quicken was always too bloated and too much, MS Money gave me everything I needed. Unfortunately, MS Money has been discontinued by Microsoft and will not be updated any further. The online access is slated to be discontinued as well within I think 2 years. I use a Mac and still am trying to find a program that works for me. The new Quicken that comes out in 2010 does not appear to be that great of a program. BUT -- the one I am using and liking now is Moneydance. It is a cross platform program that reminds me a lot of MS Money. I just switched everything over to it and going to start using it entirely. Hopefully they will be releasing a 2010 version soon along with an iPhone version. Worth looking into.
  7. So my Revolution Card was closed this week. Got an email that said: As part of the process of adding an additional banking partner to our network, we will be discontinuing certain RevolutionCard credit card programs. Because of this, effective 9/4/2009, your RevolutionCard account has been closed to further use. We will be following up with a letter in the mail regarding this action but wanted to let you know immediately. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will reapply for a new RevolutionCard as we roll out exciting new promotions this fall. Sincerely, The Revolution Money Team Needless to say.. I will NOT be reapplying for one in the fall.
  8. Hooter's has been really good about auto CLI's on my card. I originally got the card at $1000, and this month it just increased to $2800. Usually it was around $300-400 increase every few months, but it now is one of my largest cards. I hate the interest rate on it, but its nice to have for things that I pay off monthly.
  9. It isn't a collection ... The account is being reported as "Discharged in BK" but it WASNT discharged. It is a student loan, so it can't be discharged. I have sent multiple statements to the credit bureau's and ACS showing that it is current, but whenever it is updated, the BK status keeps coming back.
  10. Yeah I have thought about that -- (would probably get enough to pay the loan off!). I just am really confused on how to go about suing them -- the company (ACS) is based on NY State, but I know their company has another office here (but doesnt do student loan servicing) -- so do I do small claims here in AZ or do I have to file in NY? I posted this question before and was told to find an authorized agent to serve, but I am not sure I was looking for the right thing. I really don't want to *pay* to hire an attorney -- at this point, I have already submitted the loan consolidation paperwork (which is lowering my interest 1.5%) so if I can get it just say PAID on the credit report, I will be happy.
  11. I got the Inq removed from EQ easily -- where did you see that they don't report?
  12. I applied, got approved -- high interest rate, $2k credit line. Figured it won't hurt utilization and good to use once in a while.
  13. And here we go again .. Experian now is reporting discharged in BK ... Equifax is "reinvestigating" based on the letter I sent them (which was a letter from ACS saying no BK). I think I am going to just consolidate it to a new loan to get rid of dealing with ACS (and hopefully lower interest rate) .. once it moves, any ideas on how to get it to report correctly once and for all??
  14. Thats the thing -- ACS says they are NOT reporting BK.. so they are as puzzled as why it keeps showing up as I am. Somewhere, the info is all messed up -- its a total pain! Already started another round of disputes ... round and round I go. .
  15. And now today -- Transunion has changed it to "Discharged in BK" ARGH
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