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  1. This notation is on my credit report. There never has been any resolution or discussion with original creditor or jb who entered this comment. Its past sol so should I just ignore it or dispute the comment. Thanks
  2. The SOL has expired so that would be my absolute defense. I can document that fact. Also, I DV'd the JB so I have their proof that backs up my date of last payment data. What other aspect would a judge look at that could turn a case against me. I have not been sued but just want to cover all bases or as many as I can.
  3. Past the SOL for suing. Reporting has not passed yet
  4. I have a CC well past the SOL. A JDB has now listed it on my credit report even though their DV back to me showed it was past SOL. Is there a way to stop this reporting or do I have to live with it each time the debt gets sold?
  5. I had a FINAL JUDGMENT filed against me in county court but before trial we settled. I have a SATISFACTION OF JUDGMENT document that is notarized and they were going to send it to the Court. As I look now, they addressed it to the wrong county court in FL and the judgment shows on my credit report. First: If I take the document to the correct court house will they make the change or will I need to go back to the lawyer that made the mistake? The Case number on the document is correct, just the court listed is wrong. Second: Once the Satisfaction is properly recorded, how will the reporting bureaus show this since now they report it as an outstanding judgment? Thanks
  6. I have a credit card that I eventually settled with a CA. On the credit report is a charge off notation from the original creditor and the settled message ona second one from the CA. It seems like two negatives about the same debt. Is that correct reporting.
  7. jcreek99

    FLorida SOl

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. In the DV letter I asked hem to verify that the SOL had not past but that question was not answered other than to show me one statement out of 4 that showed what I believe to be the last payment. As noted it was over 5 years ago Am I just better off letting the calls continue and not answering or letting them know the SOL has passed. I can not pay this debt. Is there a legal way to stop the calls? Thanks for your help:)
  8. jcreek99

    FLorida SOl

    We have credit debt which the last payment made was 08/04. Now Palisades is calling wife demanding payment. Hasn't the SOL of 4 years expired? Please help me understand or direct me to the correct regulations.