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  1. New Fico Scores: Transunion: 757 Equifax: 708 Experian: ??? "The only debt we have left is vacation bills, truck, and mortgage." I opened a Carnival credit card and use that for my everyday expenses. I pay it off every month. We still have the truck and mortgage debt. Also, still have a tiny bit of student loans. We're doing great debt wise. "Now, we need to start saving for an emergency fund." We've been saving some now. Not as much as I had hoped but at least there is a little cushion there now in savings. Not much has changed.
  2. "Due to their age the boys were released without charge." What the crap?
  3. Ewwww, I think that is just like http://mycleanpc.com/home.html?ref=MyCleanPC.com I download the software from them and ran it. All it did was say you have stuff wrong and give us money. I would be careful and do more research. I eventually removed it from my PC. I think I just need to add some RAM.
  4. Geocaching looked very interesting to me. I never went anywhere with it though. How has your experience been?
  5. Well, do you think they just let him or her go as a one person deal or do you think this is a sign of more to come? Either way, it's a bad deal for your coworker. Maybe there was reason to let them go and this is just an isolated incident??
  6. New Fico Scores: Transunion: 757 Equifax: 698 Experian: ??? I'm no longer with Bank of America. We've combined our accounts. The lingering credit card debt and GMAC are paid in full. The only debt we have left is vacation bills, truck, and mortgage. Now, we need to start saving for an emergency fund.
  7. Why not call them up and ask how exactly they will pull your credit for a CLI. If you don't like the answer or don't trust the representative then just buy it outright and bypass the debt.
  8. I have had unbelievable luck with US Bank. I went from a secured card with a $300 limit to $600. It unsecured and they eventually increased it up to $1350. Then when it was time to do a balance transfer, I applied with them again. I got 0% for one year and a limit of 10k. Not sure how they look at bk's though.
  9. US Bank gave me a CLI. They sent a letter in the mail yesterday. They even came out an said I hadn't used the card since April 9th. I think it went from $600 to $1350.
  10. Understandable, however, I would encourage you to look around some more. Have you checked into your local bank or at a credit union for financing? There just has to be a better alternative that will meet your needs and be more financially responsible. Good luck and keep us updated.
  11. Here's my update. 1) The $5k on the Discover got increased a little because we over did it a little on the balance transfers. Now, I believe it is more like $6k over three different cards all at 0% for one year. We got everything transferred in March. After applying like crazy and not having the best of results, I applied at US Bank. They are the ones that I got my secured card from that went unsecured. It still has a $600 limit. They opened up a brand new card and the limit is 10k and the interest rate is variable but right now it is 7% after the 0% balance transfer goes away. They are unbelievable. At the same time, but before I got approved for the US Bank card, my wife got a HSBC card and I got one as well. Mine has a 2k limit and hers is 15k. So from being paranoid about not getting the Discover card transferred we ended up with more credit than ever. I wish we could have just gotten one card and been done. Needless to say, those cards are locked up in the safe. 2) The card that I have been using for around a year for rewards has announced their rewards program is changing in a couple of months. I am taking this opportunity and going back to using my checking account. Even though I'm missing out on the rewards, I think I'll manage my money better and come out ahead. I've signed up for another savings account so I could get overdraft protection and I got Keep the Change program from Bank of America. Hopefully, I can control my spending a little better and even manage to save something. 3) The personal loan from the credit union is paid off. I am taking that payment and adding the extra money that I'm getting from lower federal taxes and putting that into the credit union. So I'm saving a total of $90 a week in the credit union alone. Now if I can just stay away from there and not break into the piggy bank. 4) I'm going to do my best to keep the money that I was paying on debt in either my saving accounts or go ahead and start paying down the zero percent cards. That's about all, at least the major stuff.
  12. Ugh. Yes. I think I like the one where he is driving around that little car. I think it might have been an old beat up Geo Metro.
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