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  1. The bank is Jefferson Financial Credit Union. The school board used to use this bank not sure if they still do or not. Thanks everyone for all your help
  2. Hi guys I had a car loan with a credit union. The car was totaled in Dec 2010. The other parties insurance company paid out most of my remaining balance on the loan. I had GAP insurance but there was something called pre-existing damage that they would not cover leaving a balace of $2500. That I refused to pay. So this negative has been sitting on my credit report since then. I have not had any contact with the OC since that time. I have not made any payments or promises to pay. Just let it sit there waiting for it to just fall off. I checked my credit reports recently to find that the OC changed my report to show a $5 payment was made in March of 2016 (this year). My question is what to do now? Do I dispute with the CRA's or the OC or both? Or do I just send a letter to the OC asking for removal with my intent to sue? And follow through if my request is not met. TIA for your help!
  3. the commissioner for my district replied to my complaint he told me he would look into the problem and let me know what he comes up with hopfully he can get this fee off my bill.. If not Im gonna have to file suit and Im so lazy I dont want to have to do it but I gotta..
  4. I just filed a complaint with the Louisiana Public Service Commision and the AG's office hopfully something will happen before they disc. my service my apt. complex will evict us when they find out we dont have elec. One of my co-workers is an attorney when I return to work on Mon. I will discuss my options with her.
  5. I recently moved and just received my last bill from the previous address they are charging me a $800 tampering fee they say that I put jumper cables on the meter at the previous address.. First things first I never did such a thing I wouldnt even know how to do something like that and would be too afraid of getting shocked.. They keep telling me the meter is in my name so they have to charge me for it.. I called several times thinking I might get lucky and get someone to delete but I keep getting the same answers.. Last call I made I asked if I could make payments on the fee until I paid it off or until I got to the bottom of the situation I was told all they could do is give me an extension but I will have to pay the full amount or my services will be disconnected.. Im a single mom barely make ends meet I cant afford to pay a $900+ bill.. I sent them a complaint through their website telling them the same old thing I didnt do it told them I will have no choice but to file a complaint with the Louisiana Public Service Commission also to them it was unlawful to charge someone for charges they did not make and that if my services get disconnected over this fee I will be forced to seek legal action.. Anyone have any futher advice on this situation please help.. I dont think they are going to budge.. Did I mention that this is the company that is charging us a monthly fee for 5 years after a hurricain hits to cover the cost of restoring service.. its not like they arent charging us out the waahoo already.
  6. I had just finished class time right before Hurricane Katrina 2005 hit New Orleans I fled to Ohio where I had some family to stay with I finally returned to New Orleans in late October 2005 finally completed my externship and graduated in December 2005 my student loans through Sallie Mae were deferred during school and for 6 months after graduation. I had the hardest time finding employment due to the damages from Katrina not very many places were open and up and running for months.. My landlord at the time would not fix the damages to the house we were renting from him he told us he wanted to sell the house so basically he forced us out by not fixing the roof that was leaking like a waterfall, the carpet and walls that got soaked and was molding, the A/C which was also not working my kids were getting sick and we had no choice we had to sell our only vehicle just to have money to move for the longest time the mail was not running properly I called Sallie Mae and spoke to one of the people in another country asking for deferrment I could barely understand a word that they said but I tried my best.. well months later I find out I had no deferrment so I immediately placed a deferrment on the loans but of course Sallie Mae still reported those months as lates to the CRAs in January 2007 I finally got a letter from Sallie Mae it showed that the accounts were under deferrment on the dates that they were reporting me late so I sent a copy of that letter to all 3 CRA's TransUnion removed the lates Experian and Equifax wrote me a letter stating that they could not use the letter I sent. I called Equifax to ask why the letter could not be used and she stated the letter head could not be clearly made out there was no date on the letter and that they did not list the loans specific enough for them to determine which loans they were mentioning in the letter.. The lady advised to to get another letter from Sallie Mae with more specific information on it with a clear letter head and a recent date on it, But I am wondering since these accounts are in dispute will Sallie Mae give me this information.. Those loans are now paid and closed since I recently consolidated them.. I took a look at the extra copy I made of the letter I sent to the CRA's it did not have the date on it how ironic but the letter head was very clear and the accounts were listed as clear as day they both have the same account number and disbursment dates the only difference in the two loans is the amount barrowed... Usually I have no problem with Equifax and Experian is usually pretty easy for me as well, TransUnion is usually the one I have the hardest time with... Who knows maybe I just got lucky with TransUnion this time.. sorry for all the personal garbage just thought it would help explain my situation during the time..
  7. Never thought of that hmmmm, the CRA's already have a copy of the police report guess all I would have to do is add them to the list with the CRA's for some reason the police department gave me a generic ID theft report the report states that there were numerous accounts open with my personal information without my consent and knowledge the officer told me he did it that way I can use the same report for different accounts he also advised me I will never have to make another ID theft report again I can use the same one for years to come.. Not all policemen are bad, some actually do work for us...
  8. No paragon did not forward anything to me from the OC it was a letter directly from paragon way better yet a demand for payment at that..
  9. very true... an you would think I would have thought of this before hand I guess I had another dumb blonde moment... lmao::Chasey::
  10. yes as a matter of fact they did not report that "consumer disputes" on either TU or EX.. but shouldnt I try to get more violations or should I just use the one to get them to remove.. I dont mind PFD but I have been a victum of ID theft and I just dont want to pay if they can not prove anything to me anymore.. Although I do know that I had an account with the OC... maybe Im just being a b**** but I feel like this... if a collector wants money from me they need to prove to me I am obligated to pay them other wise I will work it out with the OC if they ever contact me.. If they arent contacting me of the debt I will simply put them off until I get the other more priority debts out of the way...
  11. I noticed Paragon Way placed a collection on my reports and I disputed with the CRA's to see what the outcome would be before DV the CA they of course verified within a day or so.. I just received a letter from them stateing that they received my request for validation I never sent them a validation request but anyway its a bill from paragon way that states the original creditor, original account number, origination date, a blank last payment date, charge off date, date placed on thier floor, current balance, current creditor which is collins financial services inc and discription which is a payday loan my question is even though I didnt not request this validation is this an accurate validation??? Also RJM Acquisitions will not validate, the debt is old and Im sure they prob did try to send me letters before I found out about the debt with them through my credit reports but moved so much I never received one single letter from them until after I sent them a DV in Febuary they sent me a letter in may for settlement and the only thing that I could think of in that letter that might have been somewhate of them trying to validate is by them stateing that RJM is the owner of the account... ummm my head is spinning now I am sure that is not proper validation or is it??? and if I never received any of their previous letters even though they might have sent some do they still have to validate??? Confussed..
  12. I would a lucky girl if my boyfriend thought about anything other than my *beep* at any time... He is such a perv... Works to my advantage so no complaints
  13. Yea, it does seem to be too good to be true.. Guess I will just let them sit for awhile and PFD every so often until they decide to reply with a signature.. I will not make any payments with out deletions, period! Guess they will just continue to ruin any chances I have for clean credit for awhile longer.. them sons of guns...
  14. I have sent out plenty of PFD letters and not once have I gotten a responce. In my state the words " payment in full " written on a check is enforced. meaning that if someone cashes a check that has those words written on them they can not come after me for the difference later on.. My problem is that I want a PFD not just paid.. My question is that what if I sent a PFD letter something like this. To Whom This May Concern: Enclosed is a check for $$$$ with a restrictive endorsement that constitues a payment in full. If you cash this check it will be understood that you agree to the follwing terms: Complete removal of all negative marks on all of my credit files resulting from or pertaining to the above refrenced account. You may not collect the difference at a later time, nor can you transfer or sell this account. Sincerly, Please dont critiqe this is just a rough example not an actual letter to be sent out.. Would it hold up in court if they did cash the check but did not make the deletions??? I know that my state enforces the " pament in full " endorsement, so I know they can not come after me for the difference later. The letter does not require a signature only that they cash the check if they agree to the terms..
  15. I also had an issue with CA's and OC's when I was going through Identity Theft.. What worked for me is sending all 3 CRAs a copy of the police report I filed and a letter asking them to block the accounts that I believed to be fraudulent.. The CRAs sent copies of the police report to all the CAs and OCs and blocked the information as I requested.. I was surprised how easy it was after all the trouble I had trying to deal with the CAs and the OCs Also Identy theft is a good excuse to get some of those hard to budge inquaries removed.. Hey I didnt remember authorizing them anyway.. And the CRA's were more than happy to remove them for me.. Good Luck!!
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