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  1. I called his office this afternoon and look forward to hearing from him!
  2. ok, calling for a consult tomorrow. She came by my dads house again and said she would come again tomorrow and Saturday. After that, she will hand it over to the sheriff... should i be scared by that? She told him court was April 7...
  3. by interest, do you mean anything over the original amount that care credit charged off ($410) or interrest over the $899 reported by PRA on my credit report?
  4. unless its changed, 6 years SOL in TN. I think its only been sold once... from original owner (care credit) to PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES. So there is nothing i can do BEFORE being served that will help anything? I guess that is what I am wondering.
  5. My dad called. Someone attempted to serve me a summons at his house (my permanent address) and mentioned something about care credit... I called care credit and they said they sold it in June of 2013. So I got my brain together enough to pull my yearly report, and looks like it may now be owned by PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES. Looks like Care credit supposedly charged off $410, but PRA reports $899 owed... It has been a while since I was on the forums. I used to frequent Credit Info Center, and used the things I learned here to get my credit reports cleaned up. But, alas, that was many y
  6. Transunion results.... GECRB/CARE CREDIT # (account number removed) NEW INFORMATION MNET FINANCIAL INC # (account number removed) DELETED UNIQUE NATIONAL COLL # (account number removed) DELETED
  7. well experian outcome is... deleted Wasn't on equifax... and waiting for results from transunion. I disputed 3 TL and status says 2 of 3 complete, so it won't give me results till all 3 are complete. Estimation on completion date: Feb 17 Maybe this won't be such a hard fight after all **crosses fingers**
  8. Well whats funny is the reports he gave me yesterday show nothing disputed, but I did dispute 2-3 items with CRA last week. I haven't gotten responses yet, but was very surprised that his reports didn't have these items marked as disputed... or that the CA/JDB that does that when you dispute with them directly? the two things are an unpaid medical co-pay for $30 from 8/2010 and a paid medical copay for $75 from 8/2010. I can buy that about the underwriter not wanting a dispute sitting there... Its logical now that you mention that, perhaps they would prefer a resolution or solid TL than someth
  9. That is the rate they are giving me...
  10. Went to see a loan officer today to see what I would pre-qualify for, and I am soooo confused. I told him that I could get 2 things removed and he told me not to touch it, not to dispute anything. So why is that? I asked him, "but won't that raise my credit score with those 2 items removed?" And he just said again not to do ANYTHING I mean, I guess I shouldn't complain with 3.75% interest, but I think the scores could be better... I am really nervous and scared, this is my first time buying a home.
  11. So all this credit repair info used to make sense to me, became second nature, cleaned my credit reports substantially... this was 2007ish. Since then, I have 2 more children, making a total of 3. (8yrs, 2.5 yrs, and 6 months) I have SEVERE brain fog now. I am 34. Between trying to remember whose diaper was changed when, who has a doctor/dentist appt, homework, dance class, who ate what and when, working 40hrs a week with a rough schedule (4am start time), and trying to remember who to pick up from where and when, Oh and I am personally taking one class a semester (FREE through work, yay!) S
  12. redbank

    !st Win

    Thats awesome! You went there? Like walked into their office, face to face!? You have a set of steel, lol. I would have most likely been a bumbling idiot.
  13. Thank you rej. I didn't see Unique National Collection either, it looks like their registered as a business in TN, but not licensed. I went a step further and just did a search for Unique, and after looking through the list of "Unique" licenses in TN, I did find a Unique Management Services, same city and zip code, licensed as a collection agency. 1) Would I have any leverage on getting them to remove themselves from my credit report because they are using a different name than the license? 2) Does it matter that the OC is a library?
  14. are the account numbers the same?
  15. So I have spent most of my day doing searches on here and reading, but only a few posts touched on what I am looking for, but those posts didn't really give a cut and dry answer. Maybe you know the answer or the post to direct me to if this was covered before. Unique National Collection seems to be a favorite CA for Libraries... I pulled my 3 credit reports and they are listed for a $77 paid collection for my local city library. I didn't realize this ever went to collections and I paid directly to the library 5 months ago. Actually when I returned the books, the ladies at the desk dropped it d