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  1. I thought this was an interesting read and would share.

    Judge Orders Bank of America to pay Fannett Woman $300,000

    A Jefferson County judge ordered Bank of America to pay $300,000 to a Fannett woman after the company tried to foreclose on her home.

    Attorney Wyatt Snider says his client Trudie Crutchfield had been fighting with her mortgage lender following Hurricane Rita.

    At the time, Crutchfield's mortgage was handled through Country Wide. The company had allowed Crutchfield to miss several mortgage payments without penalty following the hurricane, but then attempted to charge her late fees.

    Crutchfield was a lead plaintiff in a suit filed against the mortgage company in 2007. In 2008, a settlement was reached in which the company agreed to make up the loan without late fees and a reduced interest rate.

    Crutchfield attempted several payments, but the company would not accept them. Bank of America then took over the loan and tried to foreclose on her home. The company also allowed the information to go on Crutchfield's credit report.

    Snider says he filed three lawsuits on his client's behalf and Wednesday was allowed to present his evidence to 58th District Court Judge Bob Wortham, who ordered Bank of America to pay $300,000 in the next 30 days. If the company doesn't pay Crutchfield within 30 days, Wortham ordered the Bank of America to pay her an additional $300,000.

    Wortham also ordered Bank of America to fix Crutchfield's credit within 90 days or pay another $300,000 penalty.

    Snider says he considers the judgment a "huge victory" but expects Bank of America's attorney to appeal the decision before the 30 day period ends.

  2. I'm circa 2007 does that make me an oldie? I made a post earlier today and then started browsing and was glad to see some of the oldies still hanging around. Reading some of the posts made me think back to the days when credit repair was my life.

    Speaking of oldies ... I really admired SecretAgentWoman ... reading her posts made me feel like the underdog could win. And thanks to all the others who helped me out back in the day.

    I think showing each of those companies that I wasn't going to back down regardless of what they did or did not do was key in my success and removing all my negatives. I was hell bent on removing anything that was inaccurate...even old addresses. Looking back I can't believe I actually had some removed.

    I hope all of you are doing well and hope you have a great holiday season!

  3. I've only found about 40 of them so far. But 2 of the 40 had been well thought out hides...which is fun to find. One of the hides the person had found a tree that had been cut down, but the stump was still there. The clue to the hide was "don't get stumped" and I knew the hide would be around a stump. But this person had managed to cut the top half of the stump off, then cut out the interior of the tree stump, put the 'cache' in the interior of the stump, put a well hidden hinge back on the stump and put the top half of the stump back on. So it just looked like a regular old tree stump. So I spent a good while looking for that one, but was kinda neat to see someone had put so much work into hiding a cache. Of course this was in a national park and the cache owner got permission from the park to hide the cache.

  4. Geocaching looked very interesting to me. I never went anywhere with it though. How has your experience been?

    It's been fun, got me outdoors. In addition to finding geocaches I've managed to get poision ivy/oak/sumac and chiggers twice now. haha

  5. After a few years of spending hours and hours on this website my credit report has become the pillar in my family. But with that said, I no longer find myself on here as much anymore.

    I found a new hobby: Geocaching

    Anyone head of it? Anyone do it? It's kind of a dorky hi-tech treasure hunt.

    Has anyone else formed a new hobby since having their credit repaired.

  6. I ended up closing my account. My two co-workers ended up closing their accounts. Our payroll department deposits our paycheck's on wednesday nights, every other bank and credit union manages to have the funds available that Thursday morning. However, Compass made my two coworkers wait until Friday. That is why they ended up changing.

  7. I would imagine this would affect your credit report. The Uniform Commercial Code usually is what applies to repo's. But it would only apply if FL adopted it. So google FL UCC and read what you find.

    Also like the previous poster said, the SOL applies to when the car was sold at auction, etc. Not from the repo date. If the OC repo'd it and didn't sell it for six months, then it will extend your SOL.

  8. Now that all is said and done....

    I found that one small local bank labeled it Non Warrantable...from that point on I would call lenders up and tell them I needed a Non Warrantable Condo Loan. I found out from my broker that this was the wrong approach. He ultimately told me that good credit will over come the non warrantable issue. He said my credit was good and he got the loan approved.

    I know I went to Wells Fargo and told them I needed a NWCL and they told me they did not do them.

    But Wells Fargo ended up being my lender and I pay them monthly.

  9. I have had several problems with Equifax/CSC since they "updated" their system in Dec 08. Everytime I would pull from Equifax website I would get errors. After months and months of complaining, they gave me credits for several months of service. During that time I filed a complaint with the BBB and the Equifax/CSC person responding to the BBB complaint said my file was too big and it was causing problems. So they actually went in and deleted some of my former addresses. I pulled today and it worked for me.

    If you are PAYING for a service, I would call and complain that you are paying for a service and not being provided with it. Continue to do this EVERYTIME you have problems. Keep records, send a complaint to the BBB.

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