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  1. I bank with them and havent heard anything yet. But I think there rewards checking account [if that is what you are talking about] had a time limit only from now until after Christmas.
  2. Try it during check out, if not try SCORES4LESS for 20% off.
  3. Actually I closed yesterday. I ended up going with a broker. He said that it did not matter that it the condo was non warrantable because my FICO scores made up the difference.
  4. Read the TFC in my link if you haven't already.
  5. I had an old Providian acount that charged off in 2001. It was extremely easy to remove from my credit report around 2006 or 2007.
  6. If I remember I'll pull mine on 1/1/09 if I get a myfico discount code. lol
  7. If I am understanding you correctly, this tradeline hasnow been deleted? If so I wouldn't worry about anything. Keep all your documentation should it arise again in the future.
  8. I have no direct dealings with BOA, so I can't offer you any advice there. I would not worry about it. There are far too many banks and credit unions to focus on just BOA.
  9. I am confused. Did the WM account charge off? How can it charge off with no lates?
  10. I love capital one. I have three bank accounts with them, a line of credit and a credit card. Before closing the account, you should have wrote the CEO a letter explaining your situation in detail and CC the board members then wait for a reply.
  11. The exterior condo insurance is billed once a year to each unit owner...not included in the monthly maintenance fees. I'm 99% sure I'm going with loan #2. I don't mind paying the $1000 now.
  12. Just thought I'd share the latest...I can no get a credit for repairs per my lender on the HUD something or the other. But inspection came back fine so no worries. I ended up switching lenders this week. I had a friend of a friend who is a mortgage broker and I was telling him how much of a hard time I had trying to get this loan. He started asking me questions and told me to send him my info. He says I'm approved. So before I was looking at a fixed [7.75%] 5 year payment of about $695 with no PMI and then a ballon payment. Now I have a fixed [6.50%] 30 year payment of about $495 with PMI. I'm having to shell out about $1000 more than loan #1 for closing costs for loan #2. Comments?
  13. Well the letter he was sent was just a demand letter. It wasn't like the OP was served and didn't get it. And if the TFC applies to this company then the OP can dispute the debt at any time. Since the company actually mentions the TFC on their own web site I'm lead to believe that they might actually know something about it. But maybe they know that the TFC states that it does not apply to them because they do not have non attorney employees working for them to collect debts.
  14. Oh why did you just now getting the letter from your employer? Who had it this entire time and why didn't they give it to you? I would have them write a statement that they signed for it on 10/03 and just have it to you 11/25.
  15. First read the information in my signature. Especially the Texas Finance Code. You live in TX and the TFC is a very debtor friendly law. Once you read the TFC you will learn that a debt collector is required to post a bond with the TX SOS in the amount of 10K. If they do not have a bond posted they are in violation of the TFC. So I did a search on their website [that search link is also included in my signature] and found no company named Jenkins Bapp. Don't get your hopes up yet. But many debt collectors have DBA's or Doing Business As names. I did find that the below company has a bond posted with the TX SOS for debt collection. Principal Name: law Office of Robert E Jenkins PC Address: 3010 LBJ Freeway Suite 1200 [btw this address is old according to their website] Dallas, TX 75234 File Number: 20070068 Status: Active Date Filed: 3/29/2007 Cancellation Date: Phone: Bonding Company: SureTec Insurance Company Bond No: 3336676 So I went to the jenkinsbapp website and found that Robert E Jenkins is the principal partner of that lawfirm. Now I'm not sure if the TX SOS requires it to be in Jenkins|Bapp, LLP name or if it's ok for it to be just under "The Law Office of..." I would call the TX SOS up or email them and ask for some advice. Because to me [and I am NOT a lawyer] if "The Law Office of.." has the bond posted with the TX SOS for debt collection and you are getting CMRRR letters from Jenkins|Bapp, LLC then [to me] that could be a debt collector misrepresenting itself. Also the letter your co workers signed for...is it from the Lawyer Robert E Jenkins? Meaning he personally signed it? Or does he have staff that signed it? Because in my opinion that matters. Quoted from the TFC: (7) "Third-party debt collector" means a debt collector, as defined by 15 U.S.C. Section 1692a(6), but does not include an attorney collecting a debt as an attorney on behalf of and in the name of a client unless the attorney has nonattorney employees who: (A) are regularly engaged to solicit debts for collection; or ( regularly make contact with debtors for the purpose of collection or adjustment of debts. So if the lawyer himself wrote the letter then the TFC does not apply to him. If one of his non-attorney employees wrote the letter and signed it then the TFC does apply to him. But I am lead to believe that "The Law Office of..." does have non attorney employees working for him because why else would he have posted the 10K bond if it did not apply to him. Now in regards to your SOL. I BELIEVE [could be wrong] that in TX the SOL for credit card accounts is four years from last date of payment. But if you paid in early 2005 as you stated, that did NOT change the SOL. I BELIEVE that in order for the SOL to change in TX you have to bring the account current and then let it go to collections again. So if you payment in early 2005 did not bring the account current then I THINK the SOL would be the 2004 date you mentioned. Now what brings a collection account current? In my mind, in order for you to bring the account current you would have agreed to a payment plan. And if you agreed to paying $50/month and you paid $50/month for one month then you brought the account current. Read this link...it may be too late for you. http://jenkinsbabb.com/Trail_to_Trial.html You need to contact your local court and find out if default judgement has already been paid in their favor. I would really like some others to chime in here but Thanksgiving is coming and I'm sure the amount of people that will be on this website this coming week and weekend will be low. So maybe come Monday others will help you out. Again, I am not a lawyer.
  16. Quick question...since I don't have a Real Estate Agent. If the inspection report comes back and says the condo needs XXX interior repairs...can I get seller to give me a credit for the cost of having those repairs done? Or is the most I get from the seller 3% because I'm doing a conventional loan?
  17. I use my bank's online bill payment. Like others here...I can run reports as to how much I have paid to XXX credit card company. Plus I am getting rewards for using my banks online bill payment. So I use the credit card to purchase everyday items and get rewards doing that...then make payments from my bank account that is set up just for paying bills. Also I set up a payment for each credit card transaction I do on my credit card. So for instance I use the card twice in the same day I make two different payments. I get rewards for each payment...it is not based on the payment amount. It may be hard for some keep up with but for me it's easy to manage.
  18. Supposedly the only reason the CA is contacting your family is because they can not find you. Provide them with your mailing address. Tell them that all communication must be in writing to this address.
  19. Congrats, all the hard work paid off.
  20. You know the point of the collector is to get her attention so saying things like this are aimed to scare the consumer into making irrational decisions. Thats why I *NEVER* answered the phone and *NEVER* paid attention to voice mails. Each case is different.
  21. I'm giving her until Friday. If I don't hear anything back or if i do and shes still rude I'll personally go into the bank and request to speak to the CEO.
  22. I wish I could find another lender and I'm still searching for one because I know this lady is going to find some reason to not do the loan. I dont have a REA either. Seller doesn't have one but I'm not really bothered by not having one. I've taken care of everything myself too. And yes I agree with you about the sales price of the house.
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