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  1. They best way to get them to stop is to pay the bill .... this isn't rocket science
  2. Absolutely call them, you are not in collections and if you ignore them they will send you to collections. Ask for a supervisor, explain your situation, and ask for a hardship plan. Whatever plan you promise to pay on stick to it .... and don't agree to a plan you can 'try' to do, only agree to a plan that you know you can do. and don't let family members piggy back on your credit... They have already proven they cannot handle credit.... they can get build credit on their own, and they can get repair advice from this board... most everything drops off after 7 years anyway... The fact he is opening your mail is a very bad sign.... I would sign up for a monthly credit alert service because I've seen too may parents sign up for credit under their kids name, with good intentions to pay and then life happens and they stop paying and next thing you know you are huge $$ in debt and have terrible credit and collectors calling you ... then you may have to file criminal id theft charges against them to get it removed., and if you had signed up for a credit alert, that could have been prevented in the first place. I don't mean to sound so paranoid, but like surfhn said, "Welcome to the real world."
  3. Long Story Short 1. Helping a friend.. 2. he has Cap1 and Discover over 400 days delinquent 3. he has extremely weak job history - just got sales commiss job 2 months ago... low potential for any real $$.. 4. been unemployed long long time prior to this crappy job. 5. got lawyer letters but no judgments. 6. family can help but wants to know lowest $$ settlement 7. currently owes like 7k to cap1 and 2k to discover ?? is: what is the latest and lowest settlement amounts they will consider? Thanks.
  4. I would be storming down to the Dr's office and raising havic if I needed to.. or at least calling several times.... also you need to demand that it be removed from your credit report.. make the Dr's office do it!! I would do this ASAP as there is a time limit to submit claims.... in fcat it may be too late already... but better to try then not. and you may want to send a cease and desist letter to the CA as well... that will stop all the calls and letters to you so you can sort this out...
  5. hiblues


    then you should have waited to see it come off your statement..the truth is... ( and I have been there) you hoped that they forgot about it or it fell through the cracks... and now that it hasn't you are looking to blame someone other than yourself. The phone call you made should have included you saying, " it hasn't been withdrawn yet.. what up"
  6. hiblues


    and now we hope you realize how much easier life is when you pay your bills on time ..... (as promised) and when you do you never have to worry about playing these games.
  7. Correct me if I am wrong.. but in most states a CA can still sue, even if the the debt is OOS (out of statute) and it is up to you to show up to court and use OOS as an absolute defense. No? but if they are threatening wage garnishment then that alone is a violation... see.. Recorded Calls Info-Click
  8. CA like the phone... did you give them a phone number?a also, take care of this before it does hit your credit report ( assuming it's a recent debt) see Recorded Calls Info-Click
  9. hiblues

    OC calling mom

    or..... drum roll please..... dadedadedadedadedadade you could pay the bill as promised in the first place... wow, what a concept... doing as you promise to do.... and then you now what.... you don't have to worry about them calling your relatives... instead they 1. send you offers to transfer balances for 2.9% or 2. give you credit cards with high balances for 6.9% for life
  10. You said it's an old bill... so Remember, your DV must be timely (meaning, it MUST be within 30 days) to be a violation... You can demand a DV thereafter and they DO NOT have to abide by it NOR have they committed a violation (if it was untimely as I suspect it is) RE: Amount being different: They added interest - most states allow it. Solution: Negotiate a PFD, which will likely require paying in full including interest.
  11. you could force the issue and file a lawsuit... which in turn they may file one against you too. bottom line, the DV (wiggle out of a legit debt tactic) is very difficult to prove (it's a he said - she said --- ie, they say they sent it - you said you never received it.... and no-one knows, nor can prove who is a liar) soooooo, you are better to get rock solid violations, than try to 'get them' on this very flimsy one that will get you nowhere. and besides, if you are going to file a lawsuit against a CA, you want to have several violations to strengthen your case, not just one extremely weak one that they will surely counter as frivolous and you may just p them off enough to come after you.
  12. Bottom Line on the DV process... The DV is a great tool for aged debt that is unlikely to have supporting docs, if this a fresh valid debt and you know it, a simple call to the OC will confirm that they are authorized to collect, or not. oh, and CA's are allowed to add interest.-- it's a delinquent account, of course they can add interest! If you don't think it's fair that they add interest- than don't go delinquent on any account. In most cases a DV request just delays the inevitable... and may even prompt more aggressive actions... Who is the OC? Why are you delinquent? What is the balance owing? Can you afford a settlement? Are you in a position to be sued? ( ie- solid employment? own property?) If you have the settlement amount... why are you delinquent in the first place?
  13. You could become the MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR squeaky wheel and A> call 5 times a day and keep them on the phone ad nauseam . ... B> you could become a FAX maniac.. informing them that you were told that this was not going to affect your credit and it is affecting your credit... a great e-mail based fax service is www.metrohispeed.com .. make a jpg file and fax it via your e-mail. fax it every day until you get the delete. start off with a regular white on black fax once a day and if that is unsuccessful ( after say a week) make every page all black with one white 18 font word on every page. Page 1. DELETE page 2. AS Page 3. PROMISED !! Page 4. Acct # 1223-432216 How much toner would a CA need to buy (on a Paid collection!!!!) before they said 'F%&k it- give this guy the delete".. My guess is no more than a week. at the same time... C> you could have an web based predictive auto dialer call them repeatedly with your voice mail message to delete as promised, account # 1223-222334 .. say that 30 times in one message on a mp3 file.. http://www.callfire.com/dialer/cm/info/asterisk_predictive_dialer.html Bottom Line: Collectors use every tool to get their way with you.. .. you need to use every tool to get your way with them!!! and They will delete it if you are determined enough and use more aggressive tactics than them! You will win!
  14. hiblues

    Dunning Letter

    Did you just say, "ONLY 4 months behind on your payment ?!?!?" It's that mentality that gets most people in a terrible situation. and I know because I used to have the same mind set until i got this part of my life handled. Imagine.... being ONLY 4 months behind on rent.... do you think you would be living in that rental? -- very unlikely .. the sheriff would be knocking on the door and escorting you, and your belonging out to the street. this is business, don't take it personally.. Most of the advice that you just received are from people who are looking to wiggle out of legit debts... ( not that I haven't done it - don't get me wrong , in fact I just did it myself on an old debt ) so take it with a grain of salt. Your credit sounds like it can be salvaged and hasn't yet been thru a shredder .... Is this Citi or Amex? if so, GC does collect for them and (bonus) doesn't report to the CRA's. If this is placed with GC, ( for Citi or AMex) trust me, you want it to stay there for that reason alone... and the DV letter may prompt it to go to another CA that does report. I wouldn't send a DV to GC. - Bottom Line on the DV process... The DV is a great tool for aged debt that is unlikely to have supporting docs, but as you said, this is ONLY 4 months old... they have the docs.... you know this is a valid debt, and a simple call to the OC will confirm that they are authorized to collect, or not. in addition, I know that Citi will settle for 50%, but it needs to be paid promptly and as promised. not sure about Amex. Tammy, Who is the OC? Why are you delinquent? What is the balance owing? Can you afford a settlement? Are you in a position to be sued? ( ie- solid employment? own property?) If you have the settlement amount... why are you delinquent in the first place? oh and one more thing, you said you were in contact with the OC telling them your 'situation'... eventually they get tired of being "strung along" and say, " scr#w it, this person needs a bigger incentive" and send it to a CA.
  15. Bottom Line.. Do you have a winnable case? if you owe it and they prove it, are you prepared for judgments and frivolous counter suits ( if applicable)? also, why have they taken this to the next level? - did you really piss them off? If yes ( you have a winnable case), then consider proceeding.. but If no.. than consider other options. other thoughts... They also may be taking this to the next level to prevent precedence for future deadbeats to wiggle out of a legit debt.... as the famous Jack Nicholson line goes in "A Few Good Men" ; "You f#cked with the wrong Marine", (or you may have f'd with the wrong Marine...) Good Luck