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  1. tommy32

    How many of us are on facebook.

    I am on Fb.....Currently my status says "WONDER-TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE"
  2. tommy32

    Credit disputes actually works

    You will be surprised how much you can get deleted simply by disputing the CB's....
  3. tommy32

    How does anyone stay organized through all this

    I just throw everything in a desk drawer and hope that I can find it LOL
  4. tommy32

    Hello Everyone!

    hello!!! There are a lot of great people on this site that, and a lot of great information here as well.
  5. tommy32

    Thank you thank you thank you

    Awesome...!!!!! Thats great new...good luck...
  6. tommy32


    welcome !!!!
  7. tommy32

    Introducing Myself

    Welcome!!! It is always good to have more people join up!!!!
  8. tommy32

    Timeline on a DV

    Oops one more question....Can they take as long as they want to validate the debt then? I guess what I am trying to ask is what are the chances of a CA following through?
  9. tommy32

    Timeline on a DV

    Thanks for clarifying that....I wasnt sure how that worked.
  10. tommy32

    hand written disputes vs. online

    I have always done all my disputes by hand. Like everyone has said, short and sweet, don't write a novel. Good Luck...!!!!!
  11. tommy32

    I am sick of TU!!

    I keep extra copies of my DL and automatically send it everytime, that away they can't play too many games. I haven't had any problems with any of the CB's regarding disputes since I have done that. I agree, that they not only do it to buy time, but it also is a mind game too. It makes you want to quit the process and give up when they break your ballz like that over and over again. Hope things get better.....Good Luck....!!!!
  12. tommy32

    Timeline on a DV I read this and I did not see a specific answer to your question. I always thought that the CA had to validate the debt, and they had 30 days to do so, IAW FCRA. Did you dispute with the OC first?
  13. tommy32

    Hey I am back and it is good to see everyone!

    Thank you Denita.!!!!!
  14. tommy32

    Hey I am back and it is good to see everyone!

    Thanks esquire.....
  15. tommy32

    Hey I am back and it is good to see everyone!

    Thank you Kristy!!!!! I am so glad that I found this site way back when....Oh I joined the facebook page back in feb or march....