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  1. Cool! I'll let him know. He'll probably still take the deal since the interest decreases as time goes on. BTW, is this a good deal? What is the norm in terms of apr for this much of a personal loan?
  2. I have to admit. Of all the credit cards I've had, American Express were the most polite, and they truly do reward their customers for timely payments etc. They regularly gave me an increase, and was always professional. In fact, since I've gotten behind on all my debts, American Express is the only company which has not became downright ugly. Of course they want their money, and have contacted me, but they've never crossed the line. Even their collection office is polite. I have a 5 year old debt with them, and in two months, it will be beyond SOL. I'm surprised they have not sued me yet, since they check my report regularly, and I owe them the most money. But they still have time(knock on wood). They do give freely to loyal customers. My uncle and mom love American Express. Of all my cards, that is the ONLy one I really miss.
  3. Hopefully, this one won't be able to validate. I tried this with another JDB, and they provided everything, even some items I didn't ask for.
  4. What is the SOL in Illinois for credit card debt? Is it 5 years?
  5. Thanks Unusualsuspect and Myscoresawful!! I went online and actually downloaded the date it was delivered just in case.
  6. This is not completely accurate. I tried to play this game, and the JDB provided EVERYTHING...and I mean EVERYTHING. The original loan papers I signed, monthly payments I made, etc. Can you believe, they even had the cease and desist letter I sent to the original creditor FOUR YEARS AGO?????? Also, the debt they purchased for me had an arbitration agreement, which would have made it easier for them to collect. By the way, this was on a six year old debt that had a written contract SOL of 10 years. A friend of mine tried "not paying" because of advice she read on some guys website called budhibbs, and she ended up going to court, and this so called BOTTOM FEEDER won a judgment for $18,000. Which is $10,000 more than the SETTLEMENT they offered her without added interest. Mind you, she had a lawyer. These bottom feeders, as we call them, had everything they needed. So I'd be careful. Also, that budhibbs guy has a lot of wrong information on his site, but unless you're a lawyer or familiar with all the collection laws, you won't find out until it's too late. There must be some reputable reason for paying these people off, as there are far MORE people who do, than don't. And if there were NO REASON at all to do so, they could not LEGALLY be in business. I think it depends on the individual situation. Stating CATEGORICALLY what someone should NOT pay these people could cost you money, or assets(like my friend). She nearly had a nervous breakdown when they took items from her home, and started inquiring about the condo she owned. I hate, hate, hate to admit this, but I suppose what they do, is no worse than those of us who get large lines of credit, and then not have to pay it back because of bankruptcy and SOL laws. Many people fall on bad luck(illness, divorce, etc), but a large percentage simply live above their means, get in over their head, and choose to file bankruptcy. That's free money. So either side could call the other a bottom feeder. I just want to clean up my credit or get rid of it LEGALLY, doesn't matter to me what I'm called in the process, and I don't see this as a Just as I'm sure these JDB's don't care who call them scum or bottom feeders. Be careful.
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