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  1. If so what APR did you get and what were you scores? Thanks!
  2. The UFC has a new card with US Bank. I would like to have this card but I have a zero luck with US Bank. I even sent a Recon to their Pres with zero luck. If you are in with them this is a cool card!
  3. It seems that a lot of people are having trouble getting EQ Inquiries removed with the dispute method. Just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. Does anyone have other way to get them removed???
  4. Same for me. The bad thing is I got several inquires thing it would be easy to get them off!
  5. Here is the link. https://applications.usbank.com/oad/begin?locationCode=8924&productId=95&sourceCode=47000&theme=usbank No BK. If anyone gets it let me know. Thanks!
  6. Just a little update. I spoke to a rep at US Bank today, I was turned down because of INQ's. She told me they did not want you to have more than 5!!! They are tough. They pulled TU which was a change, about six months ago they pulled EX.
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