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  1. Transunion just wont budge :evil:Still says 581, need to get it at 600
  2. I sent them out awhile ago and we will see what happens, KEEP YOU POSTED
  3. Do you think you can ask a CA to validate a debt even tho it was paid already? Im just curious if this will work to get them to delete it off the CR
  4. wzelewsky


    Mine is out of Indianapolis, But good news. They sent me a letter saying were deling the file. So try it and see if it works
  5. I am willing to try, I just a need a followup letter. Do I use the same one. But I knwo I was suppose to use that they are in violation of some code
  6. Can someone supply me with a sample letter of a follwup letter to a CA. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. Do you have a followup letter to send to CAs that did not respond?
  8. Mus tbe what happen with OSI, . Wish the other CA would send me a letter or a bill
  9. GUESS WHAT???? OSI sent me a letter stating they are deleting my file.....
  10. Is there something that I can same the CA that never responded back to my DV? Its Omni Credit Services, my husband called and asked they were licensed in Colorado and he stated that he licensed to collect in all states, Im thinking he is BSing. SO I would like to send him a letter because I never got a response back after his 30 day time to DV
  11. Why is my EQ score going up and nothing else is moving? Am I doing something wrong
  12. I wasnt tryent o get bent out of shape... Sorry if it seemed that way. I guess it just gets frustrating because there is just so much to know on who you can dv and who shouldnt. I think I should just do more reading than writing and maybe I will figure it out
  13. I was desperatte and sent one to the CEO of Americredit, and the others I just sent them to the address posted
  14. CA says its one amount but the bill they sent says 10.00 less.. How do I get the CA to send me the amount they are stating is owed
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