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  1. The DV was sent as a result of seeing the listing on my CR not due to a dunning letter to me. So the 30 day window doesn't count as the initial letter was not received and I can't prove I didn't receive their initital letter. When I saw the listing on my CR I sent the DV letter So can I still state that they are not complying with the law?
  2. Ok .. I sent ANFI the DV letter on the outstanding debt. Their reponse is as follows: "We have received your dispute but we are unable to investigate at this time. You have provided insufficient information to substantiate your claim. We will complete our investigation within 30 days of receipt of the following: The specific information you dispute; an explanation of the basis of your dispute; all supporting documentation to substantiate your claim; a valid phone number." First .. no way I'm giving my phone number. I asked them to validate the debt! Now they are asking me to do the same. This is crazy .... HELP!
  3. Ok. I received back today the results of the investigation by equifax and guess what .. everything was verified! .. surprise surprise But here is what I noticed. One of my negatives is from Palisades. The account listed as settle accepted on this account; paid collection. Which I HIGHLY doubt is true (still trying to find this) Here is my question if this shows as paid as of 4/06 how can they report this as delinquent in January '07 ? This also shows the last date of activity of 12/02 If it were paid in full to the CA a year ago why would they report it NOW???? Thanks!
  4. Sorry DOFD .. date of deliquency? (I couldn't find this one in the abbreviations listing) What is also confusing is that there are several dates that show up on the report! With experian I have a listing that shows date opened: 12/06; however I have the original collection letter as 02/07. This listing was reported several months before I was notified. What burns me is that they list date reported and not date opened!
  5. I understand that an item can stay for 7 years from original date of deliquency. But why are they allowed 7 years to report? If the system were to work correctly ... OC's would have to be required to post the deliquency when it happens. They can sell the debt, but the original date should remain. If the debt isn't reported .. they are out of luck! Just my .02 ....
  6. I'm so confused!!! Here is my lame understanding .. A debt is to be reported 180 days after past due and can be reported to the CRA as delinquent. In the state of WV, the SOL for a debt is 5 years. SO .... how can a debt be reported 6 years later? The debt was not reported by the OC and was turned over to a CA. The CA didn't contact me until 2007 and immediately reported. The debt is outside of SOL, but is within the 7 years so it can still be reported? Even though there is no legal right to collect?
  7. Looking over my report there is a discover account that I closed in 5/98. It's listed as closed by consumer. Should I request that this be removed? Or is it better to leave alone?
  8. I too am fighting with AFNI ... here's my question. If I have a copy of my credit credit from 2005/2006 which does not show the deliquency, how can the this show up now for a debt in 2001? Doesn't the debt have to be reported in a timely manner?
  9. so then what do you do? If they don't have to take any action because I failed to resond within 30 days to a letter I never received, then what? how do you get this resolved?
  10. Please help me understand WHY AFNI can come after someone for $30 bucks YEARS later and cause so much trouble?? There is something wrong without laws that allow this. I too am fighting with a stupid phone bill from 2001 and it is truly messing up my credit! The time / money spend on this is way beyond my comprehension!!
  11. Well several days have now passed with no additional contact. I've pulled my report and nothing shows as "pending investigation" or "disputed" How long should I wait before I try again?
  12. This is very strange indeed??? How do you stop/prevent pulls on your report that are not authorizied or legit?
  13. This is helpful! SO my next question is that when they do offer a line increase (without my asking) is this also after a hard pull? Also, does anyone know if the criteria is HIGHER or about the same as someone applying for a new card altogether? For example if you know that a score of 620-650 should get you approved for the card initially; does your score have to be around the same or higher?
  14. Right now one of the biggest challenges is my debt to avail credit ratio. I would LOVE to pay off more of the debt but can't. (at least not in the short run) SO ... my thinking is that the other way to improve this ratio is to increase the amount of credit I have available. I realize that running out and applying for a bunch of new cards is not the answer; however what about increasing the limit on those I already have? Bottom line - how should I go about asking? On what grounds should I ask for the request? What can I do to improve the chances of being told YES
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