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  1. Are CA's required to update reported dates after disputes have been resolved? Seems I'm only getting a current date on disputed collection accounts at a rate of 1:3. I can seem to find the answer on my own - but does the reported date it fall under their obligation to report an item as disputed?
  2. Other accounts I have listed with the same CA, same OC that were paid have a condition 'paid' on EX and EQ, its only on TU that they changed it from 'paid' to 'derogatory' after I disputed it a year ago and TU deleted the remaining unpaid after that initial dispute... I also found that they changed the reported date from 3/07 (orig dispute) BACK to 8/05 sometime between Jan & Feb of this year again only on TU, (why on earth they would do this ... I dunno). lovebug5 - thanks, thats exactly what I just did. basically telling them to delete or ITS because of the manipulation of the dates and
  3. Quick question: 4 paid (in full) collection accounts listed on my CR, EX and EQ are reporting "Paid" for the condition, TU still has "Derogatory" instead of paid, 1 of them has comments that call it a paid collection account. I know that paid or unpaid doesn't affect my score but I'm trying to 'scrub clean' my report and I'm actively trying to seek credit for my business, the Derogatory condition on TU doesn't make it easy to see that these are paid collection accounts. I've disputed the Derogatory listing with TU, but it comes back verified... I do have 1 unpaid collection account with the sa
  4. Um quick question here... I have the same situtation as Amerikaner's first letter stated, pymt histories not matching with all 3 CRA's... disputed, came back 'verified, consumer disagrees' but they still don't match. I went ahead and re-disputed with all 3 CRA's (online and via mail, EQ wouldn't let me online dispute) the same day and I'll be checking in a month to see what the results are... Just wondering about the next step in case... they update the accounts with matching information, still negative. Do I still send out the 623 letter? I guess I'm also wondering... if anyone has gotten inf
  5. Last year I looked at 15 houses and made offers on 3 that I thought I 'totally had to have' - in real estate things happen for a reason and if a deal doesn't fall into a place, there's a good reason albeit mysterious. The house I did end up buying is by far my favorite altho not necessarily the 'marketing gem' some others were. Inherent value is hard to find and its usually under ugly paint colors Totally agree with Rick9972 on this. Put it this way, a 'lipstick' remodel of paint, carpet and minor repairs can run on average $10k-15k per 1000 sq ft. Also, if someone is claiming $400k offers...
  6. I totally agree with this. I'd rather rebuild with a clean report than try to work against the grain with a dirty one, at least I can pinpoint my weaknesses that way... with a dirty report getting approval for new credit is very hit or miss and mysterious. I need to use my credit to get construction bonding, and having someone you do business with face-to-face see your 'dirty little secrets' and having to explain those secrets... is embarrassing and unprofessional IMHO. it can also damage an impression and cost $ when it comes to competitive bidding.
  7. Because it sounds less than straightforward, I would do all this via certified mail, the paper trail is likely to work in your favor. 1. I would make sure you have a copy of all 3 credit reports (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax). 2. Write a 'dispute' letter explaining the inaccuracy - and send via certified mail return receipt requested to each credit bureau (use same letter but send 3 versions addressing each credit bureau). Wait for the results. 3. If they are returned 'verfied' by the credit bureau(s), send an 'investigation' letter to the creditor listed on the account, (see Dispute w/Ori
  8. Thanks, that's what I wanted to know... and yes, Mortgage gets paid on time every month no-matter-what. I was just concerned that the new (much larger mortgage) had a negative impact because of the balance. P.S. That baby is so cute, making me wanna kiss my computer screen!
  9. I just checked out the first link... A "Gambler's Credit Card" ? I'm totally naive and shocked, but not so much
  10. I myself have been post whoring with an app spree lately - but haven't reached the peak of 'premature pulling' just yet, (I don't wanna pay for one more FICO until I'm confident I've reached 700 - ignorance is bliss).
  11. Nothing timely about what I'm doing But... after some bank statement archeology ... I found that I paid them... but the total due (per CA ltrs) adds up to $50 less than what I paid them... did they overcharge me? And if so - where did they apply the extra $$ - and is that a violation? I'm totally sending them a section 623 letter! Get this though - the letter that got returned as undeliverable - was a goodwill letter I sent them asking pretty please for a delete since all were paid 2 yrs ago. Change of plan starts.... now!
  12. It's drying up... I think I'm finally winning this contest, knock on wood!
  13. Did you post on this one? On another thread you mentioned the 623 letter and I'd like to mimic what worked for you....
  14. I've had luck with disputes and goodwill letters. I am having the best luck with the oldest accounts. BUT I also send a goodwill to the original creditor if the paid collection is with a collection agency now, worked once thus far!