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  1. Has anyone ever sued or threaten to sue Collection Company of America? If so, how or what did you do? What was the out come?
  2. I have 4 student loans. All in good standing. if I consolidated them will i get a boost with my credit score? I have a copy of my report from myfico.com. On it, they are saying "You have too many credit accounts with balances."
  3. Experian & TransUnion have a policy of deleting items 2-3 months ahead of schedule fall off dates. Has anyone had any experience with Equifax doing the same? I have a account expire date is June of 2010. Hoping it will fall off by April. Im looking to get a mortgage & the $8,000 tax credit.
  4. Im writing a letter to the Experian to let them know that they have to reinvestigate my claims that the information they have is wrong. Has anyone have problem with them trying to look again at the data in his/her report is thats wrong? I had a change off in Dec of 2003 and my last payment was in April of 2003. I missed the May payment and was given a past due fee. I never made another payment since. So, Im looking for the statute thats says, since there was a charge off, the delete should come off on the first past due notice. Can anyone help me out thanks, dp
  5. I sent EQ a "Method of verification" they send me back the standardize letters saying the have re-investigated my concerns, & want do anymore reviews of my CR. Should I resend the letter with the "Notice of Intent to Sue". Are there any good "sue" letters? I bought the book "Good Credit is Sexy 2nd sec. ed", I really don't see letters that lines up with me in this area. BTW PupnCub, good luck!
  6. Anyone who has done the Oasis Program, can you tell me from your experience when they send you the optima card, does it have the date of your original start year? Such as Member since 95'?
  7. I sent a DV to Collection Company of America three times. All they sent me was a copy of a bill. I know I have a right to sue, but does anyone know where I can find or better yet the statute for suit? I want to be able to take this to court with me.
  8. I have a letter from them still wanting me to pay off old debt (1995). I will in due time...make a long story short, here is the phone number: 1.877.354.8148
  9. Im sorry...about that...i tried to stop the post before it went through. but i missed it. I realize i was in the wrong part, and It was MOV not DV! thanks for you guys help.
  10. I sent a MOV letter to TransUnion, and they sent me a letter saying they do not have that information. Call them up to ask about it and they said, they are not require to send or get that information for me. What can I do about it?
  11. I sent a DV letter to TransUnion, and they sent me a letter saying they do not have that information. Call them up to ask about it and they said, they are not require to send or get that information for me. What can I do about it?
  12. I have two CC with Crap1 and the same thing is happening to me: 1ST account: Charge off: date: Dec 28 2003 amount: $1308.48 As of 4/5/07 the total was $2416.05, they are charging me $.93 per day 2nd account: Charge off: date: Dec 28, 2003 amount: $2,067.56 As of 4/5/07 the total was 3,817.75, they are charging me $1.47 per day My last payment was on May 24th 2003. So 7 year from that date, it will be deleted from my CR. The way I see it 7 years = 84 months. out of the 84 months of bad credit, 52 months has passed and there is only 32 months left to go... There is no way Im going to pay over $6800 to them. The rate on my card was 19.80% and now they are charging me 25.90% on the balance. I will wait it out, simply because Im going to buy a home in the spring, with the help from a non-profit company, who helps people buy their homes. This company, NACA, a homeownership program that helps people out of huge subprime and predatory lending. Plus you get one point under what BofA has there 30 year points set at. BofA will not sell the loan! They, NADA, told me, that the last three years of my CR will not count against me...check it out If there is anyone who has ever settle with Crap1, who was in the same boat as Im it, let me know. I will settle the debt for a 1,000...other than that...they can F' off
  13. CapOne is charing me interest on two accounts that has been close out since Dec 2003. I never agree to these terms. Do they have to prove to me that I agreed to these terms? Im trying to clean up credit reports.
  14. dpertell

    DV Letter

    I sent Collection Co. of America a DV letter, And all they sent me back was copy of old bills/statements. These guys have only 30 day to comply....right? I have sent them another stating that I ask for more information then they sent me. All this was mail with CMRRR. What can I do if they will not reply after 30 days. They never sent me any mail until I asked for it. I pulled my CR. Whats next? I live in the state of NC.
  15. I had a AMEX card with the company...mind you this was in 1995 when I defaulted on the card...I just got another settlement letter. It was only $655...If I pay them all what I owe them, they will give me a Optima card with a 1,000 line of credit...but with a high rate. After a year of good payments, I can get a lower rate or another card of my chosing. good luck!