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  1. Hello, it's been a long time since I have been on this site. I accomplished my goal of repairing my credit. I bought a house, have 5 credit cards (all with limits over $1000), bought a new car. Credit scores are all in the 700's thanks to CIC. Now this is the problem. Two years ago I received a letter from ARS letting me know that my hospital debt was transfer to them. So I contacted them and set up payment arrangements to pay and they agreed. I paid the $70 bill as agreed. I thought everything was fine. Now I check my credit and they reported this as been paid after two years. And you know it
  2. After all my hard work, I am now able to buy a home! I am getting a FHA loan. The rate is 4.875%. The house is 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and a total of 2250 sq. feet. I am so excited! I owe it all to CIC. I am so glad I ran across this site two years ago, because if I would have never stumbled across this site, I would be still renting today with a credit score in the low 500's. My scores are now : EQ- 693 this is my middle score they used, TU- 699, and I'm not sure about EX-688 according to the lender's report, but scoreplus shows 734. Thank you so much!!! Love you all!!!
  3. Last week I decided to dispute five accounts that were schedule to drop off July and August of this year. Today the investigation was completed and to my surprise all five were deleted. I am so happy!! :DMy score only jumped 18 points, but that's ok. Now I only have two negative accounts and seven positive. I know with time my score will continue to rise. Thanks!!
  4. It's been a while since my last post. I ordered my scores from Experian today and to my surprise my credit score is 734!! It has gone up 139 points. I am so happy. I now only have two judgments left on my report, one of which will be deleted in August. The rest of my report is perfect, five positive accounts. I'm still working on TU and EQ reports. The majority of my negative accounts on both reports will be deleted around June, so I'm patiently waiting to pull those scores. I owe everything to CIC. I can't tell you how much this forum has helped. I have gained so much knowledge about my right
  5. It's been a while since I've been on the board or even replied to a thread. I 'm now a full time student majoring in Radiologic Technology also I work full time, I haven't had a lot of time. But the credit repair journey is still going well. Just wanted to give yall an update. Today Capital One finally failed off-past 7years It is still on EX until 02/09 I can wait untill then, tired of fighting with them I'm almost at my goal as you can see in my signature. These are the positive TL I have acquired since finding CIC Total visa limit 375 Macy's 600 CJ 2500 Lincoln Loan 1000 (installment lo
  6. Thanks and yes it was well worth it.
  7. I checked my report today and they are gone from my EQ report. This one took a little longer but I got victory at the end8-) I am so happy. Can't wait to see how this will impact my score. Making great progress, looks like I will be meeting my goal very soon! Thanks CIC:IThankYou:
  8. With theses two collections being gone, my EX score is now 598. I am too excited. I just know my ficos are in the mid 600's. I will pulled later this year when I get more results. Can't wait for it to be gone from the other two CRA. Just check TU report and it's gone bye-bye. Score jumped 9 points. I'm having a lovely day so far.
  9. Thanks and yes, you can only filed a complaint in the state that the CA is in.
  10. I have been going back and forwards with Paragon Way to validate this debt. They sent me a print out statement on their letterhead and I thought that was verification, but as I continued to read many threads I saw differently. So I disputed with EX and TU two times and they verified on both. But this is where they messed up, on my EX report they added this account twice. This was all I needed to fire back. I filed a complaint with the BBB and TX AG on 3/31/08. I also disputed the new account with EX on 3/31/08. Today both accounts are gone from EX. The funny thing is I also sent out a ITS on F
  11. I hear alot about the Statute of Repose for MS, but where can I find this. Anyone? Thanks again.
  12. If so, I would like to know how and what percentage did you offered. I dv'd them twice and i've just received validation. It's out of SOL so i'm ok with that, but it's a new collection and I want it gone. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks
  13. That's great. Congrats!! :everybodyclap:We all could use some encouragement from time to time. I've been working on my credit since April of 2007 and have made alot of progress. I still have a long way to go but I am not giving up. Thanks for this post!!
  14. Ok, My husband had open heart surgery last year and racked up some bills. He had insurance thank God but he still owes over $4000 in bills. One bill was assigned to FCS and he has been receiving numerous calls and letters. He never answered any of their calls or responded to their letters. Until recently when they threatened to file suit. So he called without me knowing of course and set up a payment plan with them for $104 due on the 20th of every month. Well, he saw that he could not make the due date and called to extend it to the 30th they agreed. So what do you know the 2oth passed and
  15. %Congrats! Hopefully next year I will be writing the same thing.
  16. I have been trying to get WFNNB to delete this account since May 2007. Their account was deleted in February from TU and EQ when I disputed early for being obsolete. However, on EX the account was showing deletion date for March 2009. So I waited until May to dispute since the original date of deletion was for May according to other reports. You know what happened,yep EX verified. I wrote WFNNB to investigate the account on May 31, but no response. Don't know why I took so long but I sent out second letter in August informing them of their violation and that I was going to file complaints wi
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    I wish this could happen to me.
  18. Does this include scores also? I also see that they will ask you for a National City visa card to sign up, is this needed?
  19. You can't view your results until all is completed.
  20. I took a month off working on my CR and decided to start back this month. I actually was getting a little discourage and thought that this credit repair was going no where, but it really was just takes a little time. Well, I disputed two judgments with TU on 8/8 and today poof! Bye-bye. My score did not go up but that's ok. It will with time. I still have a paid tax lien on there that was verified but I'm working on that. Ex still shows the two judgments:evil: EQ shows one. They will be paid by the end of the year so no big deal. If you want to know how I did it. I deleted the old address t
  21. So what you are saying is they should not be reporting at all if it is past SOL. And if they are there should be a $0 balance. If this is true someone please let me know so I can take the next steps. Thanks!