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  1. Wanted to pass along my successes to reinforce how valuable this site can be when you think you have no chance without the money to hire a lawyer. I have won 2 arbitrations using information from this site against companies that bought my old debt. One before a national arbitration group a couple years ago and the other on a civil suit that just ended. I am so relieved that my civil suit just ended and I want anyone feeling hopeless to realize that this site effectively won both arbitrations for me. I have been very stressed for the bulk of this year as the civil suit wound it’s way through
  2. NCO requested NAF arbitration on my SOL debt. I responded with refusal to arbitrate and that debt was SOL. NCO then requested dismissal of case. Now I have received Order from NAF stating "The Arbitrator Orders: IT IS ORDERED that the above case be Dismissed Without Prejudice." Would like to believe it is over but since it is without prejudice I am expecting NCO to refile or something. Any ideas on what their next move will be? Does NCO typically request arbitration again after requesting dismissal? Great site wish I had visited sooner.