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  1. I realized I was old when I stopped to look at some cars and there happened to be a Mustang on the lot... I just wanted to see what they looked like inside. As I looking my daughter says but dad the carseat (my grandsons) won't fit in there. Yep, at that moment I was feeling my age! 45 years old.
  2. With the amount of cars/trucks increasing in the world but useing less gas (better miles per gallon of gas) the demand for the gas the world needs should stay about the same.
  3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall was funny, Righteous kill was good, Also, My best friend's girl is a must see!
  4. True: It's on my list of things to see. TNP: Wants to visit every state at least once.
  5. True, We went out for ice cream. TNP eats to much ice cream
  6. Since the Patriots are out of it ...yes I'm a Patriots fan...I would like to see the Giants go all the way. Next season Brady will be back...can't wait.
  7. Must be nice to be under $2.00, I just paid $2.48 today. That was the lowest of three places I seen. Welcome to NY state.
  8. False:If I see them drop it then I tell them, but if there's money and noone around well...finders keepers. TNP has flirted with someone to get something they wanted when otherwise wouldn't of bothered with them at all!
  9. Just my thoughts but I think people who get convicted of killing someone and is sentenced to die should be killed the same way they killed their victim.
  10. Thanks Deannatx for the websites on the car. Even if it raised our elec. bills it's better than sending our money over to the oil rich countrys.
  11. False...I wouldn't be very good at anyway. TNP: Can't wait till Christmas gets here!
  12. One website I looked up says the SE w/V6 is $21,320 and R/T w/V8 is $29,320, before adding anything. Both numbers are MSRP.
  13. My children are 20 and 21 so I let them give me ideas and I pick from that...everyone is happy!
  14. They have one at a local dealership here. It looks just as hot as the old ones do. They did a real good job on this car.