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  1. The thing is the debt is really not mine and we went back and forth to court because HLBC could not find anything attaching me to this debt. The attorney even had records supeona and on the final court appearance still had nothing. What is boiled down to is in my answer I requested they prove the debt was mine and they couldn't. Now I not a lawyer but i thought that was all i had to do and i wrong.
  2. After a long fight in court again HBLC just recently on our last and final court date the case was Dismissed by Agreement of Parties/no cost without prejudice. So why is it now I'm having such a hard time getting it removed from my credit report, debt is still coming back verified and I have sent copies of court judgement to credit brueau. Any advice on how to get this removed finally:confused::confused:
  3. I like the wording of you answer to the summons, just wondering what was the outcome because you case sounds alot like what i am dealing with. (ca for orchard bank)
  4. Being sued by HBLC, INC a final transferee of Orchard Bank and my only defense is I had no knowledge of this debt. When I noticed it on my credit report I disputed it and it came back verified with equifax, updated with transunion and experian and no later after that I received the alias summons.
  5. Just to make sure Im clear on what is being said If I DV the law firm that is claiming I owe a debt all they have to send me for validation is the amount owed. My next question is when i file my written appearance on this debt my only answer can be I have no recollection of this debt will that be enough.
  6. I DV a law firm in reguards to a debt that I don't have any recollection of and this is the letter they sent me: This letter is in response to your request for validation of your debt pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The following is the information which we are required to provide to you in a validation letter. As of the date of this letter, the balance of your account is $1989.74 which includes court cost incurred to date. The original creditor was Orchard Bank. The original account number was xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. The address for the original creditor is Orchard Bank c/o household bank This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Someone please tell me that this is a crock of xxxx and there is something else i can do, And not to mention the alias summons that I have to answer to states a total of 1744.74 plus costs. Any responses will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi, Received complaint summons on 8/18/07 from a collection agency H.B.L.C I live in Illinois and need to know what my next step should be. According to my CR the debt is from 2004 in amount of 704.00, I disputed this with CR and they stated it was verified and added consumer dispute as additional info The complaint states: Now comes the plaintiff HBLC, INC final transferee of Orchard Bank claims as follow 1. That the plaintiff is a corporation authorized to transact business in state of illinois and is the owner of this account having purchased said account in the regular course of business in good faith and for value. 2. That the defendant opened an orchard bank credit card acount and made puchases and charged same to the account but has failed to make monthly payments and attached is a true and correct copy of cardmember agreement 3. That pursuant to the affidavit attached hereto as Exhibit "1" there is due to plaintiff from defendant, as of filing date of this complaint the sum of 1744.74 which includes attorney fees. 4. That defendant is in default on the account and has refused to pay the balance due after demand by plaintiff or its assignor. Then they attached an Affidavit of Indebtedness which is notorized stating that a Cynthia Rogers if called to testify she would testify to the following facts. 1. She is an agent of HBLC upon information provided to her by the transferor of the debt, she is familiar with certain fact surrounding the debt forming the basis of herein complain, including but not limited to the amount due. 2. That plaintiff is the owner of the account forming the basis of the herin cpmloaint having purchased said account in the regular course of business in good faith and for value and as such, plaintiff ids the current holder of this debt and the party is liable 3. That after all charges and just credits to this account have been given to the defendant, there remains due and owing to plaintiff from defendant the sum of 1744.44. I don't have much time and and would appreciate any responses. Thanks
  8. The Debt Is About 1200 Dollars I Also Disputed This With The Cra And Are Awaiting A Response From Them, But In The Mean Time Should I Not Respond To The Letter Received From Oc.
  9. Hi, I Dv A Oc And Received This Response From Them And I Need To Know What I Need To Do Next We Have Received Your Request Concerning Validation Of Your Debt Federal Regulations Stipulate That A Dispute Can Be Determined To Be Frivolous If The Consumer Fails To Provide Sufficient Information To Investigate The Dispute. As A Result Of Our Review We Have Determined That Your Request Falls In This Category. We Will Not Provide Any Further Response Concerning This Request. It Apears That You May Be Working With A Credit Repair Agency. If You Were Currently Paying The Agency For This Service It Would Benefit You More To Work With Us To Find A Better Solution. We Are Willing To Clear Your Credit History Concerning This Account If You Are Willing To Settle The Obligation. My Question Is What Is The Next Step For Me Now? Thank You In Advance For Any Answers To My Question.
  10. Hi, I Am A Newbie And Am In The Process Of Dv With Co I Received This Response From Midland Credit Management And Need To Know What To Do Now..... We Are Attempting To Verify Your Dispute And It Would Be Helpful To Have A Copy Of Any Documentation You May Have That Substantiates Your Dispute. Please Mail Or Fax Cancelled Checks, Paid Letters, Police Reports To Them. I Am Disputing This As Not Being My Debt So I Would Not Have Any Of The Items Requested . Thanks In Advance For Any Help Offered
  11. HI my question is would this letter work with the OC, I received a letter from them stating they I would not validate my debt because they deemed it frivolous because I did not provide sufficient information to investigate the dispute and that i should contact them for a settlement. Should I sent this letter