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  1. OK, I have $2000 that I can use to either pay down over 1-2 credit cards or pay down a chunk on my student loans. Does anyone know what would be better... To pay down one credit card? Split the money between the two credit cards (one balance is $2700 and the other balance is $5200) or would it be better to pay down the student loans (total owed $7500)?? I do not know if the student loans are counted differently then the credit cards score wise. Any advice??
  2. Ocwen has a "Consumer Ombudsman" that you can try to get the issue resovled with as well....They are supposed to be mediators for issues such as what you have going on. email at phone at 1-800-390-4656 fax at 1-866-771-5152 mail at: Ocwen Financial Corporation Attn P. O. Box 785061 Orlando, FL 32878-5061
  3. I have had it work on two small doctors offices that never sent me a bill, just turned it over to collections. Of course the billing managers at both places didnt seem to know what they could/couldnt do about the collection anyway...I sent them an abbreviated version of WhyChatt's ltr and it worked.
  4. I am new to the process too and it is pretty darn overwhelming if you have never even looked at a credit report before. This first thing you need to do is stop talking to them on the phone, do everything through the mail and CMRRR. DV them and wait a few days then dispute with CRA. Follow the primer as stated above and know that it is a process, but if you keep working at it - the light will appear at the end of the tunnel.
  5. SAW, Not that I am very knowledgable about all this stuff, but have you tried a goodwill to the head librarian or manager? We had a similar situation but I caught it just as it was sent to the CA and after telling the head manager of the library about how my children love to go there and that we support the library's projects..yada, yada and pretty much begging her to remove it as it was paid, she had it pulled from CA and had them deleted. Worth a try!
  6. Georgia General Assembly Unannotated Code 11-9-406. Discharge of account debtor; notification of assignment; identification and proof of assignment; restrictions on assignment of accounts, chattel paper, payment intangibles, and promissory notes ineffective. (a) Discharge of account debtor; effect of notification. Subject to subsections ( through (i) of this Code section, an account debtor on an account, chattel paper, or a payment intangible may discharge its obligation by paying the assignor until, but not after, the account d
  7. I am new to all of this stuff and have no idea what putting it in a trust entails, but What is the benefit of putting the home in a trust? If we are selling in a year is it worth it? Sorry if I am asking too much but I am really trying to learn all this stuff. Thank you so much for your knowledge and assistance.
  8. Thank you so much Charles, I did not know that I could apply for it on my own as DH is on the title first. I will investigate and see if I can get a better rate with just my info. Thanks!
  9. I have a quick question anyone. I am trying to get a small home equity loan to do some home improvements as we plan on moving in a year and the house really needs some updates. My score is 650, however my husbands score is 580(dang medical bills!) I have Citigroup stating I can get a 20yr loan of $17,000 at 11.2%......That seemed a little too high to me. However, as they have been draging their feet for over a month getting the info they need, it is too late for me to shop around cause now I will have more pulls. uhg! I am just wanting to ask the more experienced if it will be worth s
  10. Tazjeepcj7, the link you posted does not work, and I too am interested in this question. I have been searching the boards for an answer. I am in Georgia though and I have a Medical CA that is adding almost 30% interest each month. Do you know of another place to go for answers? Thank you
  11. THank you for the links. I will follow up on them.
  12. I am asking again as I have not been able to search out the answer. Is a medical bill a oral, written, open contract for SOL purposes? Anyone know where to direct me?
  13. Is a medical debt that has been turned over for collections an oral or written contract for SOL purposes?? I do not remember signing anything at the hospital but I wasn't exactly in my right mind either. THe hospital is charging us for my sons stay in a mental hospital that they informed us was an indigent bed and we would not be charged....we did not have mental insurance at the time....however, we were only told that, it is not in writing. (told by three different people!) We disputed with the hospital, no response. When we pulled our CR it is listed on DH CR from a CA...they never sent
  14. Thanks for the info, when I looked under it stated that GA CAs had to post a $50,000 bond with the county of their residence but that info might be outdated because other resources are stating nothing required. I guess I will be writing to the hospital and seeing if they have any of these charges still.....wish me luck.