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  1. ok so iam in ohio, have bills that are past the sol and did not pay the ca. so your saying that they can still come after me to pay them ? and do i have to pay them? they are way past the sol for our state and they are medical bills to a hospital.
  2. have not heard that one yet , do you have a link to the rules????
  3. can a ca put bills on your credit report if they are past the sol???
  4. no they are not aload to call your place of work.....
  5. well i listed them out in a letter and wrote the dates and the account balances and the accounts numbers down that i was paying. and also put account numbers on the check and wrote paid in full , and outlined the ones that i would not pay becasuse of the sol. they just sent me another bill with one account number of the ones that i would not pay and lumped the remaining bills onto a account number that had a ballance of 192.00 and now they show the balance for that account number is 2000.00 so they lumped the remaining balances into one account. i am guessing if i make a payment against
  6. none of this is on my cr report i paid the bills that are not out of sol i refuse to pay the accounts that are past sol
  7. I had been sent to collections and i had 10 seperate account numbers from 10 different hospital visits from 4 different people in my household. there are 10 seperate accounts with different balances.and different dates. can a ca lump them all togather onto one account number? i asked them why they did this and they said that it was easy for them and the customer when they make payments or call in to just give one number and they all come up togather is this legal???
  8. what does dofd mean sorry but i do not know that one
  9. and actually i never stoped making payments and they still sent me to collections
  10. sorry what dofd thats one i dont know
  11. I read on here that a medical bill sol starts at the time of service. anyone know the true to this?
  12. yes i did write the account numbers on the check of the accounts i was paying, not one of these has ever shown up on my credit report, iam assuming since they are out of the sol they can not put the on my cr, iIhave a freind that works for a different ca and she was the one that told me to pay the ones that are not out of sol and do not pay the ones past 6 yrs old she said it did not matter if they lumped them togather or not sol is sol and they where uncollectable she said just return the bills to them and write sol on them and i would not hear from them again ill post the letter i sen