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  1. Your CMRR should have a tracking number on it. Go to and track the one that is missing. If it is past the 30 days, the CA does not have to respond. They are required to mark your TL in dispute. Did you dispute with the CRA's?
  2. So, let me get this straight. If the JDB puts a 120 day late on your report, and you dispute never late and they verify, that's a violation?? violation=cha ching!!!
  3. Merk, I figured that I was right. I don't think he knew what he was talking about. Now I do know, that if CA1 sells to CA2 then CA1 must delete. But this whole OC deleting thing is beyond me!
  4. Ok, I've read a million times that if an OC reports an account as charged off/transfered, sold, blah blah, and a CA adds a collection for the same report that this is completely legal and within the FCRA. However, a buddy of mine comes to me today stating that now the FTC has intervened. He claims that if a debt is charged off & sold that the original creditor cannot report the account any longer. This debate between him & I went on for about 30 minutes. Can someone please enlighten me on this? Also, if someone can provide specific reference in the FCRA where I can find the answer to educate myself and my friend, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  5. I noticed the change. I haven't figured out what is the point or reason for the change.
  6. Have you informed Sallie Mae that that they're reporting the same TL more than once?