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  1. You can also get previous forward flow agreements from cases in which it was requested and they were made to produce them. Even if it is Not the one with this JDB it shows what a "Typical" forward flow doc would have embodied into the sale look for one with the same OC.
  2. Just asking for my own edification, His phone is a cell phone so the TCPA comes into play when he tells them not to call. That would be his advantage since that is different from the FDCPA. Perhaps he should tell them it is a cell phone...
  3. CFPB's new rules will certainly irk JDBs.
  4. Does the letter state anything beyond that? Go online or in person to your local court and see if you were sued. SOL is Not reset if you talk to them. If you make the mistake of giving them any money then, yes it may be. Remember, nothing on a phone call can harm or hurt you. The reason I said that is you might get more info if you call Kramer and see what this is about. Don't admit to anything. Have you pulled your credit reports recently? If so does it say anything about a debt owned by Kramer? It would be worth a look.
  5. You say you have your bank records and it says it was paid? Was this paid off? If so, this could get interesting. Did you ever file a complaint or have an issue with the merchant?
  6. I at the time hadn't the patience to deal with him. Came across like Clydesmom, a bit snarky.
  7. I remember this from a JDB Attorney who has a Blogspot on how to defeat a collection lawsuit. The second step is to file a SWORN DENIAL. This needs to be a statement in WRITING that you FILE with the court where you have been sued. It can be a simple statement, but it needs to be typed, signed, notarized, filed with the clerk of the court and a copy sent to the collection lawyer. It needs to be a graduated denial. In other words, it needs to say, I deny this is my debt and if it is my debt, I deny that it is still a valid debt and if it is a valid debt, I deny the amount sued for is the correct amount. The sworn denial is a powerful tool. It eliminates the Sworn Affidavit of Account. The vast majority of collection suits proceed without a witness for the creditor The collection attorney enters an affidavit signed by the creditor that the debtor owes the debt and that is this amount. With that affidavit in hand, the court gives the creditor a judgment. When a sworn denial is filed, the debt collection attorney can not rely upon a sworn affidavit of account, but must instead produce a live witness to testify about the debt. The requirement of a live witness changes the dynamic of the collection action considerably. The likelihood that the action will go no further now increases again.
  8. Someone point this misinformed soul to the beginners primer.....
  9. 1/2 of what you posted is not applicable here. This alleged debt is too old to collect on and beyond Texas statutes of limitation to sue on. The OP could sue for being threatened with this debt.
  10. ^^^ Utter nonsense. If you have a problem start your own thread.
  11. it is a problem with your ISP. My laptop gets to Debtorboards from anywhere else but home. Dish is a real Bitch though and will not acknowledge the issue. Course, I don't have the time to go through Tech supports inane actions. It affects Debtorboards and one other site. Contact your home ISP and let them see the issue. I had to clear this up with one other site but, that site was important for my work.
  12. Yes, it is up but, I can't get to it from home. I get the following errors. Now, I have Dish satellite and its not worth pursuing it with them. Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.2.23 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.23 OpenSSL/1.0.0-fips mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 Server at Port 80
  13. You have a Gold plated defence and a possible payday coming to you. The statute of limitations to sue is 4 years in Texas. Who is the Collection Agency and who is the lawyer? They are in deep trouble!
  14. You could totally have Great Fun with this! Course, I hate scammers and people who abuse others. Iā€™d run their names through the muck internet wise always being careful to stick to the truth (to avoid claims of libel/slander). Post horrible reviews stating the facts on places like Yelp, etc. Call the local News outlets.... Get the point?
  15. File a formal complaint with the CFPB Then file a complaint with the Attorney General and cc it to the bastards who contacted you. Make it known (also send it certified mail return receipt requested) that you will be going public with it.
  16. I worked in electronics for around 21 years before moving into IT work. These ionizers are a scam. You bought something worth about $30.00 at the max in parts. Tell them to pound sand and let them know you will have a certified electrical worker examine it and make the results public if they want to go that route...!
  18. Nice to see another large Debt Collection Firm going down...
  19. Much as I hate to say this, they are allowed to contact you one more time after a cease communication. That may be via phone or letter. Did they Ever send any letters to your home? If you are only getting calls get a tape recorder or some other recording device and call them from your fixed landline and tell them you sent a cease comm and want answers. Tell them you have proof you sent it. If you don't answer the phone I don't believe it counts toward that last contact until you do. Bottom line get All the proof of their misdeeds documented in stone and then hammer them.
  20. The attorney is acting as their CA. I always advocate ignoring the CA and sending a copy of the dunning letter directly to the JDB with the DV and Always CMRR! If you want to be redundant then also CMRR it to the Attorney/CA with notes. Now, if the attorney is threatening to sue, make sure they get a copy. I only do this when the JDB uses outsourced collection efforts.
  21. This is from the classic LVNV game of changing CAs after you DV one they will send it on to another CA. That is why many years ago I told people to send the DV directly to the JDB which in this case is CACH. If you sent the DV to CACH directly CMRR, then this issue would be a non-starter.
  22. License plate recognition software is often touted as a way to catch terrorists, dangerous fugitives on the run, and stolen cars. But Port Arthur and many other departments around the country use it for a less extreme ā€” but more lucrative ā€” purpose: to pull over people who owe debts to the city municipal court, demanding, in many cases, that they either pay up or go to jail.