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  1. Are you sure it was sold? The reason I ask is that when an alleged debt is sold multiple times there usually is never that much to it evidence wise except a bill of sale. Can you check your credit report and see what it has next to the OC?
  2. Fill out an affidavit of fraud and send it in cmrr to the FTC and to the debt collector lawyers. Check your city and county court websites or call if there isn't one to see if a suit by the debt collection law firm has been filed.
  3. You shouldn't call others a 'crackpot' and not expect a reaction.
  4. Why Chat happens to be an attorney. Here is Her Site. Go to the section involving Repos. Clydesmom is simply pissed from being tossed off another Credit board where Why Chat helps out.
  5. It would be attacked as a frivolous suit if the OP sent a DV to them stating this was outside SOL. Also, the OP said a collection agency sent them the demand letter....
  6. They can be countered sued if they are that damn stupid to knowingly sue on a time barred debt.
  7. Don't sign it. Put at the bottom typed your name and under that put 'Signature is on record'.
  8. Do not send a dime as you may reset the SOL. You are home free, send a letter certified mail return receipt telling them to cease contact with you and that the statute of limitations is over. You cannot be sued on this alleged debt.
  9. Mail them a certified letter containing a copy of your notice to them and let them know an attorney's office will be the next step then they will owe You!! I'm serious, threaten them.
  10. Credithis


    Delbert and cashcall are one in the same. I thought they'd been sued into oblivion. Send them a note you are going to sue and dispute the debt entirely and give your state's limit on interest rate. Doubt you'll hear from them again.
  11. We talked about this abuse before well, someone is suing over it.
  12. Tell her to Flee quickly and don't say a word about it to anyone there. once here she would be better protected.
  13. How did the other defendants get the forward flow? There are examples of them on the net where attornies got it and hammered home on the point of no warranties and sold as is.
  14. send him a letter CMRR and keep a copy essentially telling him to pound sand. Repeat what you've stated above. This was a first time free consult at his request and no work was done.
  15. You are in VA which has a 3 year SOL I believe, string them along till its up. You said it was almost 3 years old.
  16. A very sleazy law firm, mucho complaints abound
  17. Here is a Blog by an Attorney and gives an example of a sworn denial. You really should submit one to the court to counter the one by the JDB. You have personal knowledge about yourself and doings, the JDB's employee does not.
  18. What were the exact charges/wording of the plantiff's suit? In Ohio there is appeals court case law they must make a complete accounting of the debt from a sum certain and listing all charges, etc. No JDB can do this.
  19. Send a DV to the CA and point out this to them and ask quite nicely, Do you want me to sue you for breaking a Federal law reaging a debt? It also serves as a piece of proof should you have to sue them that you already pointed this fact out to them.
  20. Don't chance it. Accept the letter. They can't sue you in Ohio so don't look like you are dodging service.
  21. Tell them they are calling your cellphone and all permissions to call it are revoked under the TCPA. You can then press charges under the TCPA if they continue. Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
  22. If they are collecting for the original creditor or own it they can pull your report. A cease communication simply tells them to not call or write you. They can still pull your credit report. We need more info about what they are collecting for.
  23. If they are collecting for the debt it IS allowed. information is ammo. Calling doesn't hurt and it will give you idea of what the issue is! Then you can decide how to fight. Sure, you can waste a couple of weeks going the dispute route and find that they Do have permissible purpose or possibly not. I simply hate wasting time. I go directly to the source of the problem. If you find they are in error then you can slam them.