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  1. All this is for naught until the OP calls them. That is the fastest, easiest thing to do. Until then all we are doing is guessing.
  2. While some advocate against it, I'd call Commercial Recovery admitting nothing and ask why they did a hard pull on your reports and get an idea who the OC is. Tell them you have received no notice in the mail and to send a dunning letter so you can investigate the alleged debt. Then you have info to draw on to dispute or fight with if needed.
  3. If its a collection agency they have the right to pull your credit report without notice if assigned the account. It appears they do 2nd party collection for other companies. Do you have something defaulted on? We need more info.
  4. I'd still send a dispute wording along with your cease communication. This puts them on notice it is being disputed by you and you are invoking a cease comm. The rationale is to avoid any possibility of them issuing a 1099 for the alleged debt. I'm simply paranoid and like to cover all possibilities. A cease comm does not tell them the debt is disputed. I dispute this alleged debt entirely. This is a full cease communication as per the FDCPA. Do not contact me. Yours, Joe Consumer.
  5. Nope, LVNV is the one behind it all. They will cease communications with you. if the others keep on truckin' after LVNV has the c&D then "Whoops!" LVNV on the FDCPA train again!!
  6. Well, call bill me later and ask if they still have it. Being only a couple of months old its better to settle up with them as it is still within the SOL for suing.
  7. Who are they collecting for? How old is the debt? Does the original creditor still own the debt or does a debt buyer? We need more info.
  8. Well, this is one you will have to pay or your license can be suspended. Don't mess around with local Gov't. tickets and issues. There is no SOL on these types of debts.
  9. That CA collects municipal issues and traffic tickets also. Who was the OC? Does your credit report states sold?
  10. Who is the collection agency? On your credit report does the original creditor say sold or transfered? What I'm getting at is this the original creditor reporting? A junk debt buyer gives you more leverage. Also, when did you default on this 20111?
  11. Judgment for the defendant is even better than dismissed with prejudice.
  12. The way I read the law, now remember this is a law firm sending the notices, also referencing the account number and the OC account # from the case could be argued as intentional. I'd hate to be in their shoes.
  13. Appears they did toss it. U.S. Supreme Court Rules FDCPA 'Bona Fide Error' Defense Does Not Shield Legal Mistakes
  14. BV80, didn't SCOTUS toss the bona fide error defense a few years ago? Especially as in this case with a law firm?
  15. We forgot one more thing..., the letter was from a law firm. THEY, especially one routinely suing over debts should know the law better than Anyone. Could the law firm be held liable and or sanctions??
  16. I thought SCOTUS ruled against the bona fide error defense?
  17. Whoops! You are in CA, they have Very strict recording rules. You'll have to wait till they call, record the preamble stating all calls will be monitored or recorded, etc then record.
  18. Ha ha ha ha, Kudos BV80!! I wanted extortion, your way is kill em off for good! Either way the OP has all Aces and they are showing a simple pair of twos.....
  19. I believe they can still attempt to collect the alleged debt forever until you send them a cease comm. However, given res judicata in your case I'd string em along with a tape recorder going and embarrass them enough to 'cough, cough' fork over some hush money so you won't sue em.
  20. Found this little gem on Creditboards. Thought I'd pass it along. Seems the CFPB is getting tougher on these scumbags costing them some Real $$$
  21. Direct from our friends at the Consumerist! Woof!! What horrible terms...
  22. I work in viruses/malware research and prevention. Use avast antivirus (the free version) and here is a work around to get XP patches till 2019 It does work and MS is not too pleased.... Also, drop IE and use Google's chrome or Firefox as your browser.
  23. Horrible but, true. I personally would take a process server handing me a subpoena as something to be checked.