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  1. Nothing we don't already know, but, its good to be aired to the public.
  2. Send them a letter cmrr stating you will pay for any service you had originally authorized and that you did not agree or authorize any extensions. As Judge Judy would say, "If its not in writing, it didn't happen." You are demanding proof any extensions were ever made.
  3. Business debt isn't covered under the FDCPA. However, unless it is in writing the other 1/2 you speak of can be challenged. How old is this debt and was it guaranteed by you? Are you claiming responsibility for this minus the other 1/2?
  4. You have a whole new issue. If your mortage is now with Ocwen you are in for a world of hurt. They are the nastiest of all mortage companies. They are well known for force placing insurance on your home whether you have it already or not and a host of other crazy things. Best keep solid provable proof of each payment you make to them and when. They will hold on to your payment and report it as late and charge you penalty fees.
  5. Also, he states the CA is Arizona too.
  6. Typically when a collector calls you get a preamble stating all calls may be recorded for record keeping purposes. If you are recording capture this. However, the OP is in arizona which is a one party State. So Yes, he can record at will!!
  7. Meanwhile, get a recorder and get proof on tape. if the bastard calls again ask him if he realizes calling your Wife's place of employment is forbidden and can get her fired. This Bozo probably will say "Good." If on tape you and your Wife stand to collect $$$!
  8. Get a tape recorder and nail his a$$. Your Wife's Boss can be called into a court of law to testify to illegal behavior on the collector's part.
  9. You can make it a he said she said kinda of thing, send your DV CMRR and state "Since you refuse to send me a dunning letter I am forced to send a request for debt verification as per the FDCPA for my own records to protect my rights".. This is important if it does ever go to trial. If you never received a dunning letter all the better as you are not lying. It would come out a wash in a trial as you both would submit the equivalent of dueling affidavits.
  10. You need to attack standing in the court. You will also need to file a sworn affidavit stating you never paid anything on this account in Feb 2009. Others here are in CA and I'm not. They will chime in about serving a BOP.
  11. Then this aledged debt is not owned by Chase. Persolve is a JDB and the chain of title will be hard for them to produce should they sue. Who is dunning you for this now? Persolve? Is this in the collection phase or are they suing you?
  12. Which of the above companies did this? Did you write the credit bureau and dispute it in writing? You will need to build a paper trail.
  13. If one of the companies you listed broke the law and you have proof, no. Selling it or passing the debt to another does not negate what they did when they had it. Please elaborate on what happened.
  14. First, take a copy of the dunning letter from Allied and send it along with a full cease communication to LVNV via their Charleston, SC address certified mail return receipt requested. LVNV Corporate Legal 200 Meeting street Road Suite 206 Charleston, SC I see alot of people suggesting 'file suit'. It is a long and hard process fraught with Real peril unless you have been down that road before. My suggestion is to get a cheap recorder from say RadioShack and let them call and hang themselves. Ask them questions such as "What can you do to me?" Can LVNV sue me? etc. When you get your green card back letting you know LVNV got it all calls after this are violations. (First contact after a C&D is allowed to let you know their intentions). Let them keep calling and record each one. Now you are in a position to embarass them and after the major problems they already have had they do tend to pay for your silence. You can mail Corp legal at the address above with a USB stick holding your recorded calls and tell them it is harrassment, you are going to the local TV news, newspapers, attorney General, etc. Just some very general ideas....I don't have time now to elaborate better.
  15. Yep!!! At least send it to LVNV and tell em you don't appreciate them breaking Federal law as in continued collection activity after receiving a DV/cease comm.
  16. Always send a DV or a cease communication to the Hydra's Head Office. One of LVNVs main corporate offices is in Charleston, SC. This does two things, one they can't ignore the fact they received it, two it annoys the livin' hell outta them. Send a cease communication to: Corporate Legal LVNV 200 Main Street Suite 206 Charleston, SC 29401
  17. According to NCLC, taxpayers paid nearly $1 billion in commissions to private student loan debt collectors in 2011, and it projects that number to reach over $2 billion by 2016. “Collection agencies routinely violate consumer protection laws and prioritize profits over borrower rights,” National Consumer Law Center attorney Persis Yu says in a new release [PDF]. “Abuses by these debt collection agencies cause significant hardship to the millions of students struggling to pay off their federal student loans. Taxpayers and student loan borrowers have a right to information about the impact of the Education Department’s policy of paying outside debt collectors on the rights of borrowers.”
  18. Woof, sued you and lost with predudice? Wow, first res judicata kicks in now. Personally I'd play with them. Get a tape recorder and let the fun begin! Now, LVNV has a host of CAs they use some are even owned by the same company that owns LVNV. Who is the collector for them? Now, I'm not litigous like some but, you Can get enough damaging info on them to send to LVNV and they will pay you to keep quiet about it. I know this because I got paid by the bastards.
  19. Checked the domain registration and checked the URL through TrendMicro's Site Safety and Nothing suspicious about it.
  20. Found this website and it seems to have a lot of info in one spot. FDCPA, FCRA, and TCPA Case Law in Support of Suing Debt Collectors .....voidjudgements . net ......
  21. You will need to get a copy of the check you sent to Verizon. The bank will charge a nominal fee for this. Send a copy of the cashed check and the Verizon agreement to Pinnacle asking if they want YOU to sue Them!!
  22. Go get your credit reporting agencies listing, i.e., Transunion, Equifax, Experion, see if the original creditor sold it or is it still charged off. See if a JDB bought it. Who is the CA?
  23. LVNV Bastards and Friends (if any), This alledged debt is disputed entirely (see enclosed dunning letter). This is a full cease communication as defined by the FDCPA. Hatefully yours, Joe Consumer. Send this cmrr to the address I listed above. You will never hear from the Sherman Companies again about this debt. Keep a copy of this and attach it to your green card you get back showing it was sent.
  24. You go by where Bank of America is incorporated not Portfolio. I think it is Delaware, not too sure, some people on this board do know and hope they chime in.
  25. Nope, send it CMRR to LVNV and include a copy of your dunning letter: LVNV Funding, LLC Corporate Legal 200 Meeting Street, Suite 206 Charleston, SC 29401. Ignore Convergent