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  1. When sending in your first settlement offer, should the envelope be addressed to someone's specific attention (ie) vp of collection operations ? Would it be in my best interest to get a doe doe to open this mail or someone who actually knows the game?
  2. What is the lowest percentage an oc that still owns the debt, but has been with an ca attorneys office since september 25 2006 (assigned not sold) will take? the oc is discover.
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    Fax Numbers?

    Does Anyone Have A Fax Number For Discover Card? I Sent A Cmrr Letter Trying To Get Them (the Oc) To Work Directly With Me. Since They Still Own The Debt. Don't Know How Long I Should Wait To Hear Back But Was Thinking Of Faxing Them!
  4. my opinion is that since this is an assigned collector (not sold to right? assigned by oc) then if you are wanting to settle this account, I would respond via mail or fax telling them that you have asked for verification of said debt, and if they can show you without doubt this is your debt, you would be glad to work out an arrangement however until they have shown you that this is your debt you will not be able to respond to thier 10 day dead line.
  5. Wondering what you all think of this... oc (discover) has ca attorney collecting on thier behalf collection attorney gave account, not sold! gave, account to mann bracken. (another collection attorney)(I believe because mann bracken is licensed to sue me in my state, and original ca attorney is not. mann bracken said I had 6 months to pay or litigation, but account is still with oc discover but being represented by original ca attorney(zwicker and associates) ps.. did dv mann bracken Hopefully I'm not prolonging the inevitable by doing this but I cmrrr'd discover and discover's ceo and got confirmation today that it was sighned for, How long do I wait to HEAR BACK FROM DISCOVER? so hopefully I didnt confuse you too much, but I guess my questions are If o ca attorney hands the account over to another ca attorney is this so suit can be filed? If so how long does this normally take? I am trying to get money up for settlement (that is what I want to do) I could definately get the money up with in a 6 month period , but Im afraid that suit could come before them wondering if I should offer settlement in form of payments? Isn't discover the only one that can sue me since they are the one that still owns the accnt? , mann bracken cant sue if they dont own the account right? They aren't even the original ca attorney. Anyway advice would be greatly appreciated ! or any help sorting this out would be great. ps.. answer to dv to mann bracken so far but has only been arox 2 weeks
  6. So rella how do I get the llc number do I call my state tax department? and What exactly does limited liabilty company mean? and what is the advantages of being an llc
  8. When a ca attorney who represents the oc has violated my rights by telling me lies among other things. How and where is my proof of that? Just paper and pen documentation? They can not call me by phone anymore so recording is out hmm... unless i call them. What is wv. law on recording phone conversation? -- I am trying to get the oc to work with me. and want to show them that thier chosen ca attorney's are breaking the law. If the ca is working for the oc and the ca breaks the law who is at fault? Would'nt the oc have some responsibility to what the ca does since they still own the debt?
  9. Oh geezee-- everytime I think i have a handle on whats going on i read something that makes me wonder, if I've screwed up. So here goes.. My husband and I have two accts with discover they have both been charged off they have been with collection attorney's zwicker and associates (assigned) since sept 25 2006 These are my accounts. Want to settle them! Received a letter from mann bracken (another collection attorney) on my husbands account. Found out it was not sold. But am assuming that zwicker (original ca attorney) assigned mann bracken this account because they have no legal offices in my state and mann bracken does. (preparing for suit) However because mann bracken is not the oc or the oc's collecting attorney I dv'd them. Simply because I do not owe mann brqacken anything, as far as I'm concerned I have no idea who these people are, and want to make sure I pay the right people. Was this the right thing to do or did I just make it easier to sue me by dv'ing them? ps.. I have cmrrr'd discover and the ceo of discover asking to settle accounts directly with them. Due to the reputation and ethic's on the part of zwicker and assoc. Help... am I on the right track or not?
  10. My husband doesnt have a buisness bank account he is a subcontractor. no employees. Im sorry for sounding stupid but what does the house thing mean exactly that you stated?
  11. I am wondering if someone can help me with assuring that we would not be worth suing and or (judgement proof) if suit was rendered. This is where we stand 1) my husband is self employed 2) my son receives ssi. which I am payee --direct deposit to checking(never much in it anyway) 3)my home loan is only around 3500.00$ less than when we got the loan.(not planning on going anywhere) 4) no savings no stocks or bonds 5) we do have 3 vehicles all paid for but 2 are junk and the other is our main work car (2002) 6) no toys (ie) boats four wheelers etc.. we owe around 15000.00 to same creditor 2 seperate accounts still with oc but with ca attorney. I am trying to force settlement but need more time... What is your advice? anything I should have concern for? any advice is appreciated---- thanks in advance
  12. It is my understanding that if a creditor receives a judgment they cannot freeze an account that ssi is sending direct deposits to. Is this the same even if the person receivng ssi is my under age son who I am the represenative for ie( the check is set up like this) my name for sons name and it is direct deposit into my checking account.
  13. I have been searching on the net for all negative info on this ca i can find... PRINTING IT OUT TO BE SENT WITH NEXT LETTER (BECAUSE I'M SURE THERE WILL BE MORE) also added to my original letter... because of the reputation and ethics we have seen from zwicker we must set up arrangements with discover directly. (PSS... I am also sending a cmrrr to the ceo of discover)
  14. This account has been charged off, talked directly to oc and they do still own it.
  15. Just wondering foe those who have been sued or a judgement rendered what length of time it took to get to that point and who the creditors where? maybe this should have been a poll.
  16. I infact settled with rbs for 50 percent through a debt settlement program the only way they would do the 50 percent was through a hardship letter and boy do i have a ligitimate hardship. ccs told them of my hardship and they agreed in writing 2 seperate payments a month apart.
  17. Please post an opinion of my hardship letter I am cmrrr ing to discover. ps... this is all true In summery it says.... My wife and i have been with discover since 1994 we have paid balances off to you several times, some as large as 19,ooo.oo Unfortunatly, we had an unexpected battle with cancer in our family where my wife had to quit her job to care for her dying father.My wife contacted discover and explained that we would have trouble paying our accounts, but the represenative said they could do nothing. After the death of my wife's father we incurred funeral expences that had to be paid up front before burial. My wife and I then contacted a credit counseling service to help us, which in turn did nothing but hurt our financial situation further. My wife fell into a deep depression resulting from watching her father die in our home and working for her was impossible. However we are now in a better position financially and would like to resolve this matter with you. We understand our accounts are with zwicker and assoc. but still owned by you. We have tried to talk with them but they are truely impossible to deal with, We have to sift through the lies and outrageously rude behavior to try to even get an answer to a question. Please help us to resolve this matter with you directly. You can contact us via mail and we will be happy to work something out with you. thank you for your time, sincerley, acctsxxxx xxxx
  19. No my acct is with zwicker and associates.
  20. Oc (discover) still owns my debts, but has placed them with an collection attorney I do want to pay these debts (settle) work out something. However oc wont talk to me keeps saying I have to talk to the ca. How do i get the oc to work with me ? Does anyone know of a hardship letter sent to someone specific at discover that might work? Is there a way to get to a ceo or someone of that fashion?
  21. Yes i have talked to the oc (discover). They said I have to deal with the ca. Any way around this that you know of? Should i send some type of letter to someone specific at discover or email?
  22. As soon as i think i know what the heck is going on with my debts and gather a plan of action something strikes me ---- WAIT A MINUTE--- I have such a headache over all this crap I"M not sure what do anymore. anyway i guess my question is oc (discover) told me they still own the debt but zwicker and associates is collecting on thier behalf (outside collections) uh but wait they(discover) charged off my debt so they gave up thier right to collect on this debt right? so would'nt that mean that zwicker would have had to buy the debt? My other discover acct (oc) said is with zwicker as well, but yet got a letter from mann bracken saying they were collecting on the behalf of zwicker so wait -- do you think this is because zwicker have no legal recourse in my state, so they are using mann bracken to do thier dirty work or they assigned this acct to mann bracken so they could file suit in my state?-- because zwicker did not sell it to mann bracken! I did dv mann bracken only about a week ago. They just got the debt 8 days earlier.-- I am wondering if i should offer settlement to zwicker on the acct that mann bracken sent me the letter on because Im afaid mthey hired them to represent them because zwicker cant collect in my state - or should i wait it out because if mann bracken cant verify they will send the account back to zwicker? ahh help I cant make sence of this whole mess. really confused on what to do. ps zwicker and mann bracken are on the bottom feeders list.
  23. I would like to start a settlement offer to ca attorney via mail. I do not have a sizeable amount to settle with, so I am wondering since this is still owned by the oc but being collected for them by a ca attorney, if it might be ok to start out with a letter of settlement offering to pay a percentinge of the debt in large installments to prevent any kind of litigation and to get the ball rolling on offers. Has anyone else done this? the original debt is 6100.oo
  24. What a mess, I hate ca's they dont have one honest bone in thier whole body, get this you may get a laugh.-- I call the oc today to find out where exactly my accounts are, have they been sold etc.. well they can't talk to me about my husbands cc unless he gives permission. (WV state law) so i call the ca who is representing oc and ask them if they have sold my husbands account to mann bracken because i recieved a letter from them, (because I am making payments through a ccs.) and the guy actually says uh im not gonna play whos on first with you, lol what the hell ? just trying to make sure im paying the right people, what a joke -- ps.. (wv state law states that making payments does not start the sol over). mann bracken was hired by ca to represent them. They did not purchase my account. Finally found this out by having my husband call oc and give permission for me to talk with them. The accts are still with the oc but sent out to a attorney for collections . (so have to deal with the ca)- any who - I am making small monthly payments because i plan on settling these accts asap, and if a judgement would be rendered in the mean time, a judge would see we arent evading the debt. anyhow, then the ca precedes to tell me that my husband is actively being sued in the wv courts right now. Well isnt that funny that the coll. attorney mann brackens letter stated that they were giving 6 months for payment... What a laugh. I hate them all --- you would think there might actually be a half way honest ca out there if your willing to work with them , wonder if they sell used cars in thier spare time? lol
  25. I am still awaiting dv, just trying to be prepared for what might come. This ca is mann bracken and I have seen so far from this site that they are pretty nasty.