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  1. It's been a long time since I've visited this site, but it was the first place I thought to go when I received a call from PRG today. I received a voicemail on my unlisted cell phone this afternoon. Before I even had a chance to listen to the message, I got a phone call from my husband telling me that he had received a phone call from somebody from the fraud department at PRG looking for my brother. He told them he wasn't the person they were looking for, that he was his brother in law. They asked if my husband was in contact with my brother, which he replied no and asked them how they got his cell phone number. They told my husband that they had his number on file. I told my husband I wasn't sure what they were calling for and listened to my message. "This message is solely intended for one *Name Removed*. Bobby Freeman calling from the Fraud Investigation Unit of PRG. *Name Removed*, I needed to touch base with either yourself and or your attorney regarding a civil complaint being filed. In an effort to resolve this matter, I would need to obtain a verbal statement. I can be reached toll free 1-888-814-8696 ext XXX. When calling reference file number ######. Be advised that your failure to address this issue may result in further actions. Thank you." Now, it's been a very long time since I've had to deal with collectors, but I'm pretty sure they should not have called myself nor my husband. We were not listed as references on whatever this account was, we have had no dealings with my brothers finances, I haven't even lived in the same home as my brother in more than 15 years. The numbers they called are cell phone numbers that we got around 2004 and have never belonged to my brother. We don't even have the same last name as him. I'm not sure how they got my information, I'm pretty sure they broke some laws in providing the information they did to both my husband in the voicemail to myself, and I'm just really not sure where to go from here. I immediately called my mom and told her not to answer any questions and to advise my siblings and other family of the same. A quick search of the internet shows that PRG is not only a JDB, but that they use illegal tactics to try and collect money and I'm afraid that they'll call my grandparents next, because they have the same last name or because they've shared an address in the last 20 years. Is it possible for me to send PRG a cease and desist if they continue calling me, given that I am not the individual on the account (I have seen reports across the internet where this has occurred)? I don't know if my brother is or isn't responsible for this debt. I have not ever been involved in his finances, but I also want to make sure that he does not get taken by this company if they somehow reach him (as of today, they have not). Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.
  2. I wanted to provide an update, for anybody that may be in the same boat. I contacted our lender. I told them our loan was held with Fannie Mae and said i was interested in investigating our options. We do not qualify for a modification, apparently, because our mortgage is already less than 30% of our gross income. So we looked into the refinancing option. We were told that since our LTV is more than 105%, we are kicked into the 125% loan category, meaning we have to pay $2000 in points to get a 4.75% interest rate, plus closing costs because they can't be rolled into the loan. We would be paying $6000 to refinance under the federal mortgage program, apparently. I'm not really sure how they think anybody that is struggling with their mortgage is going to be able to come to the table with $6000, but I suddenly understand why the governments "assistance" programs aren't helping anybody. I feel very dejected and beat down. I feel like we got the shaft because we bought responsibly (within what we could afford, instead of what we were approved for) and pay our mortgage on time. I almost feel like we should have bought a bigger house, worth what we were approved for, and then we'd be able to get assistance to reduce our payments. Now we're stuck in a house that's too small with no options but to continue to pay an absurd interest rate on a house we don't like.
  3. I thought I had already posted a thank you, but I must have been dreaming. Thank you again for all of the information. I contacted my mortgage lender today and am waiting to hear back from them as far as what my options are. Is a home modification something that is worthwhile if we are able to make our payments? I guess I don't fully understand what the modification is versus a refinance. Anyway, hopefully we'll have some good news soon.
  4. That is a lot of information. Thank you! Our loan is held by Fannie Mae, according to the home look up. I got the 14% number from Zillow, and when we consulted with a mortgage lender, he came back and gave us the same value that Zillow has listed. Now, I don't know if he got that from Zillow or from MLS listings, or where. Using the site below, the value is substantially lower, almost another $15,000 lower than what we were previously told. I may be fighting a losing battle in this case. I will definitely look into some of the options you mentioned. Thank you again.
  5. We are currently upside down on our mortgage with 114% LTV. A few weeks ago, the mortgage lender we went through contacted us regarding refinancing to a lower rate. I told him up front that we were upside down on our mortgage and didn't anticipate it being approved, but we went in anyway. He had done all of the calculations for an FHA refinance and we were going to be saving about $100 a month, and then realized that we have a conventional, not an FHA loan. He then mentioned a Sallie Mae refinance option that allowed for a 110% LTV for conventional loans. Again, we're at a 114% LTV. He called us this weekend and told us that we did not qualify for a refinance because of our LTV and that we could try again later. The problem is that property values in our neighborhood keep dropping because of foreclosure sales. Foreclosed homes are selling at less than half their value, and regular sales are staying on the market at 80% of their assessed value. Our home dropped another $500 in value this week, according to Zillow, because another foreclosure property sold. We are not behind on our mortgage, and God willing, we both have jobs that ensure that we won't be behind on our mortgage any time soon, however our escrow payments are going up (go figure, higher taxes and insurance on a lower valued property) and it will be straining our budget to pay these increased costs. I really want to refinance for a lower interest rate than our 6% fixed, but don't know of any lenders that will refinance on an upside down property unless you're several months behind on your payments. I don't want to trash my credit history just to get refinance. I currently have a 740 credit score with Equifax and 708 with Experian, and I kind of like that feeling. Does anybody know of refinancing options for somebody with an upside down mortgage that isn't behind on payments?
  6. I don't know if she's using your credit information to apply for these accounts, but if so, you could always put a fraud alert on your credit report? I put one on mine, for a different reason, but it means that everytime I apply for credit, or my husband applies for credit and provides my information, they call me to verify that I'm aware somebody has applied for credit in my name. We went shopping for a car a few years ago and got something like 20 calls from car loan companies verifying my information so they could try to provide us a loan.
  7. Probably a wise move to black out the code and not apply. We've had two Best Buy cards for a couple of years now, and we've not had any problems with them, per se. However, we have several no interest for X number of months purchases on the cards and haven't paid a dime of interest to them on smaller purchases. I've been working dilligently to pay these cards off before we're charged any interest and just today noticed that I think they're calculating the average daily balance wrong for assessing interest. I'm going to do some more research into it, obviously, but if they're doing business in a shady practice, we'll close both cards.
  8. You know, I'm not all "sue sue sue" but these idiots are still calling me daily, after one request through the USPS and another two three through e-mail. I plan to pay the dang thing, but their continued phone calls make me want to sue them just so they know that "stop calling" means "stop calling".
  9. I-O! Grad school is only a logical investment for me because I need it to do what I want (teach English). My current company will reimburse up to $5200 a year in educational expenses, but I have to stay with them for a year after their last disbursement. I don't know if the extra year at my current company is worth the $5200, lol. We've been putting off a new car loan for many, many years. Although my current car is completely paid off, I've been debating whether it would cost less to keep a new car on the road. I recently dropped money into this one for a new radiator and to replace a gasket, and it leaks about three quarts of oil per week, and only gets about 18 mpg to drive to work. Even knowing all of that, we're still hesistant to buy a new car because we've gotten so used to only having one car payment. Ultimately, we know that this car (a 94 Saturn) is on it's last legs, we just don't want that last leg to break before we're in a position to buy a new car. We've been there before and made an impulsive decision, just so we had a mode of transportation, and ended up with a horrible car payment and a 19% interest rate.
  10. Thank you for such thorough answers. When I signed up for the old graduated repayment plan (four years ago, I think my payment will be going up again this year), I was paying extra towards my Perkins Loan and the graduated payments were never going to be higher than what I was paying right out of college (Perkins would have been paid off before the payments got too high.) Since then, finances have gotten tighter and I haven't been paying extra on the Perkins, so it's still on a 15 year repayment plan. I'm not necessarily thinking rates are going to go lower, as much as expecting them to go much higher next year. I know they can only stay this low for so long and I don't want to wake up July 1, 2011 and realize Im carrying like, an 8% interest rate on the loan. Thank you for the information on the Perkins loan. I am hoping to go back to grad school next year, so maybe I will leave that out of my consoldiation. And since it's going to impact my credit score, I think I'll wait until we get a new car loan before consolidating. I hate to get a new car payment, but my early 90's Saturn is pretty much on it's last legs.
  11. That's an interesting question. My mom has received collection notices for me in my maiden name at an address I've never lived at. What's annoying is that one of these collectors will put that address on your credit report as a valid address, then the others will contact you there as well. I've disputed addresses that were put on my credit report in such a manner and had to jump through hoops to get them removed because "A creditor reported it as my address".
  12. I haven't received collections notices in a really long time (not since finding this board!), so I need a little refresher course. In May, I received a call from a collection agency regarding old medical debt. I legitimately thought this debt had been resolved years ago, so I was a little shocked when I received notice. I DV'ed, just to protect my rights under the FDCPA, and simultaniously contacted the hospital where the debt originated to find out why it had been sent to collections. I worked through the hospital, found out that the money they were supposed to refund me for one account had not been refunded and that the bill in collections was still outstanding. I received my refund from the hospital, and the results of my DV from the collection agency (showing payments made). I know this is my debt and it is still outstanding and I fully intend to pay it. My concerns? I've told First Source Financial to stop calling me, repeatedly. I've told them that I only have a cell phone and the work number at the time of service is for an old job, and therefore no longer valid. They're still calling my cell phone daily, which makes me believe they're probably calling my old work number too. Second, does anybody know if this is a JDB or if it's likely a collector for the OC? I'm assuming they're collecting for the hospital, since the hospital still had the account in their records, but I'm curious if anybody has had experience with them. I have a HSA, but I don't know if it will be approved if I use it for a collection for medical bills and I would have a better chance if I paid the hospital directly. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  13. If it's not the card you applied for, you can cancel it and dispute the TL with the CRA's. I've had this happen before and the credit line was removed as soon as I disputed it, since I never used the card or activated it.
  14. That's awesome. I thought Cap 1 wasn't very forgiving. Maybe there's hope for me yet.
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