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  1. Update...7/20. Well, to date, Ive had 2 or 3 collection accounts removed. Ive also had 1 OC removed from 2 credit reports. Im still battling. It really IS a marathon...not a sprint. My CMRR mailed-in blanket (collection account) disputes got ZERO done. Oh well! My semi-nutcase only JUST got received by capital one, as evidenced by the return of my green cards just a few days ago. So, we will see how that goes. I have disputed C1 based on "Not Mine"...still there. Disputed based on incorrect balance (i think it was)...no-go. Equifax doesnt even HAVE the opening date. Good grief! Oh well, the ba
  2. Matthew, again, its awesome to see your success. I can only hope to have as much. Thanks for sharing it with us!
  3. OH...update... my new Premier Bank card is showing up on my reports now. :"P
  4. LOL...Crapone just called me today. They were REALLY nice and said that since my account (which is WAY past SOL in NC) is with collections, Ican take advantage of this opportunity to pay the bill over the phone without service charges! YAYYY!!!! lol Just got the address from her so I can send a C&D....by the way, this is apparently in response to my semi-nutcase letter I sent to them. Oh well. I may have to wait till 09 before its gone.
  5. wow...isnt it a shame what one has to do?
  6. 6/01... Okay, a few days ago, I got a response to one of my DVs to a collection agency that has like 4 or so of my medical collection accounts. It was a response from the HOSPITAL, the OC, not the CA, and did not mention the CA. No letter...just old bills. I started another thread about this, but didnt really get anywhere. Today, I got another response from another medical CA...they wrote me a letter, which accompanied what appeared to be possibly a faxed print out of my visit and the bill. In the letter, the CA told me when i was seen, what I was seen for (didnt know they could get that info)
  7. <liberal knee-jerk response> YOU GUYS ARE ALL RACISTS! </ liberal kneejerk response>
  8. True...but how does this prove that THIS particular CA is entitled to collect from me?
  9. That is the common thought amongst most here and elsewhere, yes.
  10. All you can do is try it. The only risk you run is that if the TL is within SOL (read stickies), they could awaken regarding your debt and try to sue. And thats not a definite. So, goahead and dispute them. Some may come off, even if they are yours. Some say thisis unethical, etc etc. I DO NOT AGREE. If the creditor cannot prove that you owe a debt, it isnt your fault that they have bad records. Its the LAW that they must prove you owe it. Thats life. If they cant prove it, even if you know darn well its yours, it should be removed.