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  1. I had a car repo'd five years ago. If I'm correct, according to the UCC, the debt is now time barred because the UCC states that they have 4 years to collect. Is that correct? I've been looking for supporting information for that but I couldn't find it in a search. I'm in Washington State and the vehicle was purchased here. Thanks in advance!
  2. On top of lowering payments, the goal is to stop garnishment, and have a loan in good standing. The reporting period for the consolidated loan is going to be different from the defaulted loan right? What I mean is, they will be listed as two different loans?
  3. I don't think I'd qualify. I make 60k+ a year. I don't qualify for squat from the government....
  4. I'm thinking about consolidating my loans but not rehabbing. The reason I might not rehab is that I think they are due to fall off my CR next year. So my first question is....do student loans have the same reporting period as other things-7 years? My next question is if I do NOT rehab and I consolidate, will that stop my current wage garnishment?
  5. I've been a member of this forum for a little while and I'm back to finish what I started. My first question is should I leave some of the collections on my CR alone? Here are a few examples: Cap One - $542 Estimated date of removal - 9/11 First Premier - $477 Estimated date of removal - 9/11 Midland - $2246 Estimated date of removal - 7/12 I think I should leave the first two alone and wait for it to fall off. As for the Midland entry, it's an old Verizon bill. The estimated date of removal is the same as what Verizon had listed back when they were reporting. I've since had Verizon's entry removed successfully. What I can't tell is what the DOFD according to what's reported on TU. Should I let that one go too?
  6. Congrats! Can you post what you did and possibly the circumstances? I think it will be helpful to others. For me, I'd love to hear what you did about Midland.
  7. I had the same thing happen with me. I'm curious to see what others will say. I DV'd them but got no response except the same exact package you got. What I was trying to determine in my case was which SOL to follow? Is it a written contract or is it open?
  8. Anyone else with any thoughts on this? I've read all the threads on MCM and arbitration but very few post any final happenings. I'm hoping Amerikaner chimes in on the SOL for a cell phone bill. Another question I have is, can I use Verizon is a telecommunications company angle? If so, which part?
  9. And remember this is a process. It takes time. Just be patient and keep plugging away at it. It really does work.
  10. So I got the dreaded arbitration letter from Midland for an old Verizon bill. They sent it UPS but I wasn't home to sign for it. Unfortunately I was expecting a package around the same time so I went to UPS to pick it up. As soon as I signed for it I knew it was not the package I was looking for. Here are the facts. Verizon is no longer reporting this on my CR. I disputed it off of all the reports it was on. Midland has it and is actively reporting it. According to EQ, the DOLA is 8/2005. EX has a 'date of status' as 3/06. I can't really decipher what TU is reporting. This is what Verizon reported. Midland has on my EQ report, 'Date Major Delinquency First Reported' as 4/2008. EX has a 'date of status' as 12/2007. On my TU report, the 'date placed for collection' is 2/2008. This is the info placed on my CR by Midland. I've disputed and they've verified. I'm not sure that I got the pertinent dates. If not, please let me know what to look for and I'll post it. The SOL for the state of WA is Oral Agreements is 3 year. Written Contracts is 6 years. Promissory Notes is 6 years. Open Accounts is 3 years. Where does a cell phone bill fall in? What should my next move be?
  11. First off, thanks for always answering my questions. I thought this was bull. I remember a post that you had regarding repayment and what I was told was kind of contrary to that. To kind of test things, I called back and got a different CSR and they gave me an option of $279 on top of the garnishment for 13 months. That's still high considering what's being garnished and I declined. This CSR offered to send me a hardship package to fill out to stop the garnishment but she said that wouldn't help my credit and that's the one of the main concerns on top of stopping the garnishment and repaying what I owe. I'm googling for the student loan ombudsman. ******** edit ******** Okay I have some info on the ombudsman. My next question is, I have the option of filling out a form online to contact the ombudsman is that route okay as far as getting results or should I do the snail mail thing? Any tips on what to write to the ombudsman?
  12. So I spoke to Van Ru today and found out I owe approximately $38,378.14. The rep, who didn't sound very knowledgeable and was kind of pissing me off, first said I had to pay $456/month on top of the roughly $500/month being garnished. Crap. That's a ton of money. So I said, 'There's no way I can pay that kind of money on top of being garnished. Is there anyway you can lower that amount?' He put me on hold and said he was going to ask. Not even 10 seconds later he says, 'Nope. That's the lowest payment.' How true is that? Do they have set amounts or guidelines that they go by? I was hoping for something around $100/month.
  13. Thanks Lynn. That's what I was wondering. So I gathered more info and this is what I found out. My loans are all listed as Direct Stafford Unsubsidized except one which is a Federal Perkins. These are not private correct?
  14. I've been to that site. I'm going to call this weekend, CS is open on Saturdays, and see what my options are. Thanks for all of your help.
  15. On my CR it just says US Dept of Education with an address in Greenville, TX. I've ignored this for so long that I'm afraid I have very little info. I'm thinking I may have to make a few calls to get more info. Assuming they are Stafford loans, can I consolidate w/out ever rehabbing? What's the effect on my credit if I can/do go this route?
  16. It's been so long. How do I find out? Will it tell me on my credit report?
  17. It's still within SOL I'm pretty sure. According to EQ the DOLA is 11/2004. SOL for WA State is 6 yrs.
  18. I have a lot of negatives off my CR thanks to the good folks here. I took some time off because I was getting no where on a few others. Now I'm back to work on it again. One of the baddies is Arrow Financial Services. The original amount is $477. Arrow tacked on fees and it's up to $764. The 'date opened' is listed as 3/2007. Info across the big three are consistent. Should I chance a 623 letter to see what happens? If not, any suggestions?
  19. I was thinking the same thing you are but I read a post saying otherwise. I'll see if I can dig it up. The only thing I question is the SOL you mentioned, doesn't the UCC make it 4 years?
  20. Okay after taking some time off from credit repair I'm back! I have repo on my report. According to EX the date opened was 10/2002. The car was repo'd in 4/2006. So where does that leave me? I've been letting this one lie until I'm out of SOL and I think I am or am close to it. If I read correctly, the SOL gets reset to the date of purchase once the car is repo'd. If that's true, the SOL was up 10/2006. I've also read in the past that the SOL starts on the date of repo. Which is true?
  21. I sent an email yesterday regarding rehabbing my student loan. I emailed a link from the sticky above on rehabbing student loans. This is the reply I got: Does that sound right to anyone? Also, I had a quick question on rehab vs consolidation...do you have to rehab before consolidating or can you go straight to consolidation on defaulted loans? Thanks!
  22. I agree...calll the court NOW. When you call the court you can find out if they have a judgement against you or if there is even a hearing pending. It might be a fake for all you know. Second, I would ask to have this thread moved to the 'Is there a lawyer in the house' forum.
  23. I'm back on. I called this number (mentioned elsewhere in this thread): 1.800.632.8182 and spoke to a CSR. She transferred me, after 30 minutes, to someone else stateside. After talking to that person for a few minutes she cleared the block on my account.
  24. I just got off the phone with CIP and was told that my situation was going to the IT department and that I was the third caller today to have problems logging in. The CS rep told me to try again in 24-48 hours. Will keep you posted.
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