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  1. Juniper is famous for rate jacking. I went over my limit by $3 and some change because of finance charges and had the same thing happen. I just did a balance transfer to a different card(NFCU) and now I don't bother using it except for gas buys just to keep it active.
  2. Paid NCO in full on August 14th for CAP 1 CO. Got letter from NCO saying paid in full. CAP 1 still reports a $10 delinquent balance on all 3 CRA. CAP 1 continues to verify with all 3 CRA even though I have letter from NCO stating PIF. What are my alternatives?
  3. SUPERBNESS, you did not even read the article you linked. It is still the FICO just repackaged under a new name.
  4. You don't hold the cards. If you made the charges and they decide to sue you, you will end up with a judgement on top of the bad tradeline that already exists. The idea is not to be cocky and arrogant, it is to get the best possible result you can from a situation YOU made bad. Take the best settlement offer you can get. Don't listen to people who THINK they know what they are talking about.
  5. Capital One has 90 days to report your account as settled or paid once the collection agency they are using with you receives your money. I settled over 30 days ago. I called Cap 1 and spoke to supervisor who told me they have 90 days to fix your reports.
  6. Amusing since they advertise that by buying their product you can pull your credit report every day if you want to
  7. CJ is good for rebuilding. Word on the streets is that if you don't carry a balance with them though, they will stop reporting your trade line to the credit bureaus. Just what I am hearing. I brought cheap set of earings and paid when the bill came so it established the trade line. They reported to all 3 initially, then like everyone else, they took the trade line off of EQ. Still reporting on EX and TU though.
  8. Unlike JFCU, PENFED and others, the only way in with NFCU is the NAVY or NAVY family members.
  9. I was approved for the Juniper Sea Miles card one week CL of 1750, then the following week I was approved for the Juniper USAirways card with CL of 4250
  10. Yes, I have heard of this TRIFECTA thing about NFCU. The visa, mastercard and the LOC.
  11. I bit the bullet and applied for the Navy Federal nRewards VISA. APPROVED for a CL of $7500!!! Higest CL YET
  12. Keith, take a poll. I would venture to say there are many more satisfied people with CCCU then dissatified. Go ahead, do it. DO IT. DO IT!!!!!!!! LOL
  13. OK, touche', if you already have at least two major bank cards reporting, then yes a new account lowers your score initially. However, after 6 months, that new account becomes an asset. Everyone on here obviously has different success and different experiences. There is NO PROVEN method out there to identify what exactly boosts your score and tanks your scores. YMMV. As for CCCU. I have 10.9% on the card and 1.9% on all balance transfers. I have not seen a card out there much better then that. And FYI, I have Patelco. They were much more difficult and required a helluva lot more proof
  14. Keith you are a confused person. When 99% of people have excellent dealings with a bank and 1% has awful dealings with the, you have to look at the 1% and say, "maybe the 1% is the problem and not the bank". FYI, PATELCO is not a prime lender. Please get more informed before you post crap here. If you had no luck with CCCU, then move on to someone who you feel will treat you better. As for me, CCCU has been nothing but excellent. They will have my business for now.