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  1. There is something about this somewhere. Search the threads. I used to sign right across something that couldn't be removed. In other words not on a blank spot.
  2. Take a deep breath, and then go to the top of this page and start reading the Sticky's. They will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to take care of this. If you don't understand something you've read, then post and ask, and someone will answer. good luck. Z
  3. Okay I am in Harris county TX. Where do I look and how do I find out if someone is trying to serve a summons?
  4. Well here is my question then....why keep changing their phone number? I see the three licenses in California, one which expires the end of the month. The other two die off in August. But honestly, unless I am totally nuts when I type things in, they aren't in TX...I did see something on that 800 notes last night about them, I'll try to find it and post it here...
  5. Did you by chance find anything on the other phone number? I can't find a thing. Unless I did something wrong, nothing comes up for any of those names where you check to see if they are licensed in Texas.
  6. I used to get those calls a lot. I reported them to no avail, so I turned on the fax machine and let it screech in their ears a few times. Worked like a charm.
  7. Hi, long time no post. Does anyone have a clue as to who National Filing Services are? Here are two phone numbers: 951-824-5277 This is the one that says they are going to send the process server if you don't call another nunmber 888-906-3101 within two hours. All I can find is: They originate somewhere around the Riverside California area. I did call the number, and put them off. I told them to call me Monday. I know what I have to do when they call again, but it has been a long time since I've dealt with this sort of thing. The guy said they had sent a letter a while back...Nope, no letter here, so that's one, and of course they are going to have to validate the debt for me when I do get a letter... but I just need to know who the heck they are. THE PROBLEM is, I just can't figure out who they are. So, help please. Thanks, Zfire:confused:
  8. Is it possible for you to just do a refi with another company. IMHO Citimortgage is the devil.
  9. zfire

    Bad News

    I'm sorry too. Both for your loss, and the rotten treatment. That was just totally wrong. You had every right to have the time, just as anyone else would have were theyin a "conventional" relationship...as if there even is such a thing anymore. Everyone should enjoy the same rights and freedoms.
  10. I did send a couple letters out early on, way back before I found you guys. I didn't know about all the laws then. Those did eventually stop, but the thing is, I believe it's an endless circle. My thoughts are that when a debt is sold, this starts all over again because one bothers to find new phone numbers for these people. Robert, I haven't had a debt call in several years. I just got tired of explaining I am not C Cox or A Turner... and that I had no idea who they were. I did need new phones though. My old ones were several years old. I used them as long as I could. And yes, I could have spent less, but figured why the heck not get a neat feature or two since I was buying anyway...plus that speaker phone thing,(which means a lot less used space for one of my phones) and the third handset are nice.
  11. Ok, I am sick and tired of getting calls for people named Turner and Cox. I've had my current phone number nearly 5 years, and nothing stops these collectors. If you tell them you are not so and so, they say they'll remove you from their list, but they rarely do. Last week I went and bought a nice new phone that has a call blocker function...which will block any number, not just the local ones like the phone company provides. It will block up to 20 numbers. This little toy works like a charm. What it does is send these creeps a busy signal. It cost me 90 bucks with an extended warranty, and there are three handsets. If anyone is interested. Check out the panasonic ones with all the bells and whistles. z
  12. You can start by disputing all of the extra names and addresses. Or the wrong spelling. Just leave there what you use the most. Don't forget to get rid of your phone numbers too. After you get the results back from that, you can go ahead and dispute the negative trade lines. See what you end up with. There used to be a how to thing on this board...probably still is...where you contact the junk collector at the same time you dispute. I am sure someone else can tell you where to look for it. You can also dispute the inquiries.
  13. was told by law firm if i continue making 300.00 payments per month that they would be no need for me to appear in court even though i was summons, If you don't go to court, they'll be thrilled. They'll get a judgement against you by default. No need to go to court? HA! Make sure you're there.
  14. Of course I didn't give anyone my personal info. However, there are some issues that bother me. I faxed the whole mess to my bank, (since their name was supposedly where this came from) and actually got a reply from usbankcorp. We don't bank there. Two weeks ago, two people broke into my husbands motel room, robbed, stabbed him, and sent him to the hospital... so it's all just really bugging me. To top that all off: We have a situation here that is causing me to wonder if someone I may know is involved. That's why I wanted to know the origination. I have that, now I want to know where the original email came from, since it bounced around.(remailer?) AND two of our friends have had little issues where someone took their credit card numbers and tried to charge things. It's all just too weird to be happening all at the same time. So why do I care? Donno. Seemed strange that anything like this would come in on THAT email account, since I've never used it for anything but email to friends. Our personal business email is on a complete different server.
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