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  1. So the $23000 that I've already paid would look like a good down payment instead of the 3-5% usually required?
  2. Yes, it's contract but don't have title
  3. The wife and I bought a house from an individual a year and a half ago. The seller is carrying the note until we can get financing. We gave him 10k upfront as a down payment, and a few months ago an additional 12k . Question is, when I go to the bank do I tell them I'm looking to refinance or a new home loan where I've already put 22k down? Original price was 110k. The wife and I make about 85k a year.
  4. It's a year no interest and 3% transfer fee.
  5. Ok, I have a credit card with a $3000 limit and a $2800 balance. I also have a credit card with a $10,000 limit and a $0 balance. Question is would it be a good idea to transfer the balance to the $10k card?
  6. acres90


    Looking for some help. My wife got a call yesterday morning from a guy claiming to be with "Huntington"...his phone number was an Amarillo tx cell phone#. He was saying she owed money from a payday loan place. He was wanting payment and threatening to "serve" her with pappers for a judgment. She hung up on him and he then psycho called her 18 times! He called twice today and left a number (888-323-4724). So I called and asked for their mailing address so I could send a debt validation letter, they said they don't give that out due to security reasons...what should we do? Thanks.
  7. i have 5 cc accounts, i have 2 from household bank with limits of $300 a piece, 2 capital one with a total combined credit of $1700 and a citi card with about tha much credit. my question is i want to close accounts that charge me an annual fee. how can i close an account without it going bad on my credit?
  8. i had a udgment on me back in 2006, we settled out of court and i was issued a release of judgement, yet it still shows on 2 of the credit bureaus as a judgment, not settled or anything, i disputed with experian and it always comes back as "reamins". what should i do?
  9. it does not show the oc and not even the collector but it shows tarrent county where the judgemnt was first filed
  10. do i file it in the county where i live or where it was filed?
  11. i recieved it about 2 years ago. what do i do now?
  12. well i diddnt, but i did recieve a "release of judgement"
  13. i had a car repo-ed back in 2006 and i owed 2600 in deficincy, i setteled thru a collection attorney for half that with the agreement the the judgment would be vacated, after i paid it off i got a release of judgement form the lawyer but it still shows on my credit report for the full amount. i disputed with the credit bureau but it came back as valid, what d i do now?