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  1. Can anyone tell the best place to get unlimited credit and score pulling/Monitoring for your buck. I see a lot of places on the internet. But I'm not sure which ones to use or trust. And Advise? Thanks
  2. Your right. I guess I couldnt add. I guess I need to wait a little while longer??!!
  3. I'm looking at the time the OC first reported me late and it was 10/2001. Its been more than 71/2yrs. Can the OC still report this. I disputed it with the Credit Burea. And they still did nothing other than putting Consumer disputes this account information, Charged off account. Should I write a dispute instead of keep disputing it on line? Thanks
  4. is there a statue of limitations on how long some-one can report to the CRA'S?
  5. It says account status - charge off. Then it says Activity Description: Transfer/Sold/Paid & Balance 0 How long can a OC report this? Because it says Date Opened 07/1999. Is there a stauted of limitations on how long a OC can report this?
  6. I have the original company and a collection agancy reporting the same thing on my credit report. I have disputed it a couple times on line. And the credit reporting agancies have not removed 1 or both. Can I sue the credit reporting agancies? Or do I have to write them a letter first? If I write a letter, what laws do I say they are violating and the actions I will take if they dont remove 1 or both negative items from my credit report? Can anyone help?
  7. I'll try that. Thank You. But is it true I only have 30 days to do a DV from the time that notify me??
  8. Okay, I did a DV. And this is what they said " Thank you for your inquiry. In order to receive validation for this debt you would need to have requested it within 30 days of first receiving notice of the debt from us. If you are unhappy with the way this account is listed on your credit reports you can dispute the listing with the credit bureaus." I paid them off in 2/2007. Not know about this website before hand. Any Suggestions?? And is that true about only having 30 days?? Need advise!!
  9. Thank you for the Information, Apparently I didnt reach it enough. I Appreciate it. I've actually had a couple items removed from a CA from my report. And I sent out 3 more DV's. An waiting there answers.
  10. I've ready probably ever listing on " Good will Letter" and really found nothing on how to do it?? Can anyone tell me if there is a generice "Goodwill Letter form"??? Thanks
  11. My BK is supose to come off next year. My questions are, Will it come completly off so no-one can see it?? Will it improve my credit rating?? I actually started to clean up my credit this year?? I'm trying to reastablish my credit and finding it to be hard. Cant get any credit at All !!!! I leased a car for 5 yrs. will no late payments. But had CA's. Very Frustrating!!!!