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  1. I've been getting phone calls from them since the end of March. They've purchased an old HSBC account that is almost out of SOL- according to the info they've given me, should be August of this year, but I'm not sure, since they've never sent me anything that proves that I even owe the debt. I've talked to them on the phone a few times to try to figure out what's going on. (Yeah, yeah, I know, NEVER talk on the phone- I didn't let them intimidate me and I didn't give them any information- I asked them to send me something in writing.) Actually the phone conversation was helpful- they claim to
  2. I need to buy a car. My trusty PT Cruiser, after 6 years and 168k miles, requires repairs that will cost more than the car is worth. (and the car is dangerous without the repairs.) I'm supposed to be getting a company car at some point between now and... oh, maybe sometime next year. No idea when, and my job depends on reliable transportation, so I have to buy a car. I just qualified for a mortgage and closed last week. I don't even have the paperwork yet, and it's not showing on my CR yet. My scores range in the high-500s to low 600s. I plan to pull my scores tonight to be certain. I found a
  3. Haven't posted in a while- Hi folks! I've been using the information here and in the book, and have steadily increased our scores over the past year. The good news is that we closed on our house last week!! Woot! It was still a sub-prime program, but we got a decent fixed rate mortgage, and I'm thrilled! Thanks to all the great information here! So here's the latest problem. Last week I received a call from a person who identified herself as from the "finalization" department of an attorney's office. She left a (very smug, I might add) message saying that she had all the necessary documentat
  4. I need 25 points on my EX score to get a mortgage through my CU. I've paid down all my CCs, and challenged everything I could find that I felt I had a shot to have removed. One of those is an old, PAID collection that is still showing as unpaid. I haven't heard back on that dispute yet. But on my report, it's still showing my CC balances the same as they were last month, even though everything is zero! When will it show the current balances and any possible change in my score?
  5. awesome advice! Thanks!! I also discovered, on closer inspection of my experian report, that there are at least 3 things that I can challenge. Two are reported incorrectly and one is from 1993. *preparing for battle*
  6. Hi everyone! I haven't posted here in a long time. We are finally to the point where we really need to find a mortgage for this house. (we're living in the house now, which we're buying from a friend. He has a variable rate mortgage that we've been making payments on, and they've increased almost $300 in the past 3 months!) I've been working hard to raise my scores, using the information I learned here, and in the book. I really have made some great progress, raising my scores nearly 75-100 points (average) in about 6 months. BUT- still not quite high enough. I belong to a credit union that w
  7. Well, it IS true that he told me that. I didn't just make this up. His information came from within his company, so maybe he's misinformed, but the signature on the green card that I got back is not stamped, it's a signature, and the name is then spelled out. The person who signed it is not an employee or agent of Merrick Bank, it is apparently a postal employee. Now maybe there is some arrangement at the post office where the Merrick person signs for them after they are accepted- I don't know. But this is an accurate accounting of what happened to me and what I was told. Would there be regio
  8. I've been working with Merrick Bank to resolve an issue on my dh's CR. Everything I have sent to them has been CMRRR to the address on all of their correspondance to me, which is a PO box. I mailed a certified check to them at the same address, and received the green card back a week or so ago. They say they never received the check. After doing some legwork, the account manager told me that when a certified letter is sent to a PO box, the person who signs for it is a POSTAL employee- NOT an agent of the addressee. He said this was news to him also. He did say that they have another address- t
  9. Well, then what is the DV process for? I'm not being sarcastic- I'm seriously confused and asking a sincere question. So what should I do next? I've sent 2 CMRRR letters asking for information and haven't received it. I'm really NOT trying to "get out of" paying this, but I don't want to pay for equipment that we've already returned if that's what they're claiming is owed.
  10. The thing is, I didn't ask for all of that. All I asked for was some kind of clear accounting of what the amount they say we owe is for. It doesn't say if it's for unreturned equipment or for service or what. We have receipts for the equipment, so if they had some kind of itemization, we could either prove that we DON'T owe the amount, or perhaps there IS a past due service bill that we weren't aware of till we got a copy of my husband's CR. But don't they have *some* responsibility to show what the amount they claim we owe is for? Nothing that they sent me as "documentation" had the amount on
  11. I sent a DV letter to CMI (CMRRR) and got an illegible copy of a bill in return. (the original thread is here) It's not clear what the amount they are claiming is for or how the charges are computed. I sent another letter in response: Dear Mr. CA, Thank you for your prompt attention to my request for more information on the above referenced account. I received a copy of what appears to be a final billing notice. Unfortunately the information you provided is somewhat confusing. The amount you are claiming is $228.48, but this figure does not appear anywhere on the documents you sent. There is
  12. I had a question about how to handle a CO with Merrick Bank a little while ago. (one of the original threads is here) The end result, after much debate and discussion, both here and with my dh and the LO of the mortgage company we're working with, was that we'd accept Merrick's 50% settlement offer. They will not do a PFD, but considering the fact that we are trying for a mortgage later this year, we decided that was the best way to go for now. I spoke to Merrick, and they were supposed to be sending a settlement offer in writing. That was almost 2 weeks ago and I have received nothing as yet
  13. Well, how do I get that if I ask and they just say "NO" ?? No discussion, no negotiation, just "nope, we're not gonna do that. Sorry."
  14. You're gonna love this one... On Friday, I spoke to the LO we've been working with to get her input on whether we should pay the out of SOL Merrick CO or let it fall off on its own. Her response was rather interesting. She informed me, quite confidently, that nothing ever "falls off" your credit report. EVER. She insists that everything stays on your report for ever. I questioned her, and said that I had done quite a bit of research, and that what she was telling me was in direct contrast with everything I had read and understood about fair debt reporting. I pointed out that if this were the c