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  1. Wow...was served in Sep 08 and used a lawyer, but can't give you legal advise. What I did was used my lawyer! Okay, they answered the court 9whatever county, parish you reside in as to see if you can have an extesnion of time due to your medical; present medical evidence to show you cannot attend. In most of these "suits" the victims do not show up and the "suit" is won based on default. Most credit cards have a mediation clause now, did they make this option available prior to taking this lawsuit? Lots of question, but my advice would be to make them take time in court and seek discov
  2. Like the previous posts, after nearly a year of following the rules, sending written notice of cease contact to the CA; a knocking they came on my door. The overall probelm I see, is these CA's are buying up debt and coming after even (what is already off the Orignal debt, books) debt no one would've sought prior. Using a lawyer, the suit in my case was dismissed and deleted. My advice would be too start in writing (as advised already) and either, depending on amount of debt, prepare for them to file, suit , so you must use this site or get right with a lawyer. Don't ignore the threa
  3. The items were stolen on the day we were evicted, 2/14/06; by the people who were eviciting us-loaded into their company van during the process. Did I tell everyone they even stole our income tax from my wifes purse off our table, only took the cash though. Took, kept our washer, dryer, fridge all were new. BTW the house was refinanced by this company (family owned) and wasn't gotten ready for the next tenant-it was left to the bank! It sits vacant to this day, unable to be sold as it is now mold infested and water damamged as well (heat was off during winter and it flooded). Thanks for yo
  4. After a time, I determied the process service stated I had been served, yet there is no way I was( anyone in my family). The people who do the evicting do this on a regular basis. Our things were stolen while being carried out of our house (loaded into company van-name was on the side of it). My oldest met one of the women who did this, she no longer works for these people and had been present at our home and did "get" some of our property. She was sorry for what happened, quit soon after. The process server wouldn't identify himself to me, there wasn't any police anyone
  5. Hello all and here again is my plight. My family and I were evicted, fell behind in payments of $1168 a month on our home, in Feb 2006. The People who evcited us, stole over $18,000 worth of our things in the process (got a police report-they loaded a van up right from the house, our neigbhors watched). they still have a judgement of $8,600 against us. Went to attorneys (two), first, one of perps had worked for he so he did not wnat to represent us and suggested another who stated the amount of theft was in effect was 'back owed payments." Flash forward, 2008, we purcha
  6. yeah, good luck. I find,myself in the same boat as we got a call today from a lawyer just when we moved into a house (ours was lost), credit was getting better. Didn't the agency provide notice, have to give notice? I'm gonna get busy myself.
  7. hello all! How do I find a process server in PA, as I live in MI? I searched and didn't find anyone on sites listed. The CA has checks not wrtoe by me on my credit file, whiel I was auser on the account. They admit I was only a user, but have lsited me with the CRA as the owner!
  8. Well I called the process server, a plesent fellow whom I invited in to talk, which he rightfully decided not to and it was a dentist. A dentist out of $1100 we still owe 354; I intended to have paid off it if weren't for Wells Fargo bugging out on our auto loan these past two months. BTW, I'm in Michigan and thanks all who responded, as with the guy who took off with our money on our land contract, all our stuff being stolen when we were evicted, then having a "new" collection from a van crash and the unpaid intest loan-I'm trying my best to keep it together. It aint easy.
  9. OKay. Seems the advise is to accept the papers, the problems is I'm not sure what is for? A dentist I've been making paymetns on...or a collection from an crashed auto loan that wasn't all paid off (they didn't get all of therir intrest). Ugh, either way this sucks.
  10. Help! Been workin on improving my credit and its working, minus Wells Fargo and their mistakes, but now have a process server hounding me. Do I accept the papers or hide out? So far I haven't beenhome twice that he'd been at my home. He isn't listed on my county's offical process servers either. Hum?
  11. Got a collection removed from Experian...and it was from a court collection so I'm happy. Read and follow the rules!
  12. Good going, this will be an inspiration for everyone! I started in April and mirror your results, although I'm not applying for any revoling credit until my FICO is better (520) last time I checked. Keep at it, take charge.
  13. waht about accurate mailing addresses? With all the mailings I've done, I can't get a decent address/
  14. Sorry, I'm an example of letting sleeping dogs lying, the probelm is they seem to take on a life of their own and begin talking, not alwlays the truth. Never let your credit go (check your FICO, the three CRA), follow the advice of this board. Also, like state previously, the CA will go off of the the best date they cna site-not always the correct one. They redate items, which make for dog years on our credit files, but against the law. Get going today-no excuses anymore-take charge and get going!