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  1. Hi every one, I need some help/advice about my past due charged off bills. I just received a small lump sum cash of 25k and trying to be smart with it. I have about (guess) 10k in cc debt (10 cards) that are all charged off since around 08/09. I really had no plans to pay this, didn't have the money and it will fall off my report,(don't need to buy anything on credit) but now with the money I am considering it. I still don't want to, but I do owe the money. Esp now with all the collection fees the amount has ballooned so I'm just not sure. I also have student loans in default that I am working on getting consolidated as well. So even with the paid cc debt as paid settlements, my credit will still not be good. So my question is, is it worth to pay it off or just let it fall off? I know my credit won't be much better and it is a lot of money. I don't have any judgements or I don't think I'm getting sued as far as I know. This happened when I was younger, had some credit card debt and didn't pay it and it just fell off. I thought I learned my lesson but I got over my head with new cards. Any tips/advice would be appreciated, this site helped me when I was younger to dispute things off my report. I can provide more information if that would be helpful
  2. so how does the CRA know the DOFD if it is not listed on the tradeline? Can I ask for the DOLA in the DV letter?
  3. I disputed this Providian card off my report a long time ago and now it has finally showed up with Midland collections. It has to be very old out of the SOL I believe or at least 5-6 years old. My question is the CA is reporting the account as opened 9/27/2007 but I am sure I opened this account in 1999. What can I do as they never sent me a letter (saying I have 30 days to respond etc). It just showed up on my report. I am sending a dv letter and disputing with transunion, anything special that should be in the letter? Creditor Name: MIDLAND CRED Account No.: 85249***** Original Creditor: PROVIDIAN Responsibility: Individual Condition: Derogatory Original Balance: $3077 Balance: $5155 Date Opened: 09/27/2007 Date Reported: 11/15/2007
  4. why do you want to dv when it isn't on your report? I wouldn't do it, could start up collection actions. Shouldn't a dv be a response to their letter, stating you have 30 days blah blah The way I look at it, if it isn't on your report and they are not suing you then you don't owe.
  5. you should try to pay the lowest amount possible and then try disputing off your report after a little time as passed. Even with paid in full it will still show the negative such as co and lates. paid for less is probably just as good
  6. I'm in the same boat, I dv them with no response. They are not reporting so hopefully that is the end of it
  7. those scores are always different, especially from different places. The only scores that matter are Fico scores. (unless those scores are fico) My equifax truecredit score is 560 but the real fico is 650, so there can be a big difference.
  8. use the 20% discount for your fico's works.
  9. Just a quick question I got financed for a 94 Honda Accord and only made 3 payments, my plan was to get this loan and pay it off so I can get car credit. Now it was stolen and USAA is going to pay it off. The original balance was 3800 and now I owe 3300 and they are going to give me 5100. (Kind of good because it was max interest) Question is it going to help my credit now that it is paid and how will other places like Cap One look at the loan paid if I want to get another?
  10. I'm no expert, but that does seem high. Isn't Capital One a sub prime loan place or whatever? Why don't you try through a credit union or something like that? Maybe shop around and see if you can get a better deal, then have them all bid against each other. Maybe you don't have car credit? Or good credit but high credit card bills? dunno just guessing. Just thought about it, no way you should have that high of interest with 700 hun plus
  11. You should DV them, even if it isn't on your report they can add it. I believe when you DV them it stops (should) all collection actions until they can prove you owe the debt. Don't ignore them.
  12. Just call and tell them he doesn't live there and you have no idea who he is. Like I said before, what is the worse they can do, call you? They are already doing that. When they act stupid you know what to do.
  13. Might as well call them. What is the worst that can happen on the phone, they say something stupid then you laugh and hang up. I have fun when I call creditors, what can they do over the phone?Call them names.
  14. TSorad

    NCO Again

    NCO just bought the debt in June, the charge off from the oc (world bank/VS) has been on my report since 1999, but I just disputed and was removed. I believe it was charged off in 2002. I am sure it is out of SOL, but I don't want it to get back on my report. I leave for Army Basic training in January and can't have anything unpaid on my report. That is why I am hoping to dv them and make them go away.
  15. TSorad

    NCO Again

    Hi there everyone, Just got a letter from NCO stating that they bought some of my debt This account was a World Bank/Victoria secret charge off for $383. I got the orginal charge off removed from all 3 CRA. Now my $383 account is like $500 something, I'm also pretty sure it is past the sol. Is there anything special I need to put in the DV letter since nco bought the debt and the oc says they have no information on the account? I have 30 days to respond and really don't want this to be on my credit report.
  16. how long does it take, I have TC and get it every day but the inquires are still there?
  17. I read that he/she disputed but has not gotten the results back from the CRA. My point was that if you dispute and it gets deleted then the job is completed. No point in calling/sending providian letters if it is just going to delete, you never know they might update or something after the TL is deleted. Just a worse case imo.
  18. Also wanted to add, when I said disputed with providian I meant disputed with the cra agency and got deleted from all 3. Was a $2200 cc and has been deleted for years now. I'm pretty sure providian didn't respond so it was deleted. Hopefully I never hear from them again. Wait till you hear back from all 3 cra, I wouldn't send providian anything as it could wake them up, but it is paid. Kind of tricky to me. Keep disputing with the cra, different reasons. For my disputes, I don't want the oc to respond, so then it gets deleted.
  19. I know most won't agree with this, but I had a lot of good luck settling my accounts with the oc. Settling the debt (with proof) did 2 things for me 1 It stopped all their collection actions, reportin etc. 2 I think a debt showing settled/paid is better than nothing. Once I paid the debt, the oc didn't care any more and I was able to dispute and get it removed. This also worked for some collections accounts, paid (if they removed some interest) and then waited a couple of months then disputed.
  20. I'm not an expert but I believe that settling the account has no affect on the lates. I had luck disputing an account with Providian, but that was before they were bought not sure how it is now. I would get the name of the lady you spoke with and her number and use that in your dispute. Equifax will call them if you tell them you are trying to get a loan.
  21. check out the stickies in these forums. Get all three of your reports and dispute everything that you feel shouldn't be on your credit report. I like to dispute online, but some swear by sending them certified in the mail. Good luck
  22. Did you try to dispute with the CRA?
  23. same with me, got a charge off removed and faco dropped. The good thing is my fico was way higher than my faco. Hopefully it is just the stupid facos that dropped. Faco says 560 while fico is 630, hopefully yours is the in the same boat bigjohn (faco was 610 before drop)
  24. You can try to dispute the accounts as never late, though I would worry about them not responding and the whole account being deleted. Worst that would happen is nothing or they would be deleted.