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  1. Enjoy that time off Big John!! And naps are the best! zzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Cool Elyse! Good for you guys. I'm hoping Target will show me some love too... $200 is my smallest credit line and I'd love to see it go up.
  3. Here's the info on their website with some addresses, emails and phone numbers... you would think they would have registered it privately
  4. To ask for a raise that big, you will need to justify it. Big Time. Your manager (more than likely) doesn't care what says... the worse thing to do when asking for a raise (IMHO) is to bring something like that from the internet up. If you are doing a good job, I would try this approach: Mr. Manager, I have been working here a year now, and as you can see from <insert all the terrific things you did here> I have really put my all into the job. I've not received any raises yet, but since I've had a chance to prove myself over the last year I'd like to ask for one now. I feel that <insert amount here - I would suggest $1.50-$2> would be appropriate, but I'm not sure what company policy is regarding raise amounts, so I know you will do the best you can for me. Just my 2 cents
  5. Scorewatch takes a bit to catch up. I have it, but ended up buying my FICOs (all 3) and the EQ was different than the scorewatch... and scorewatch still hasn't updated (bought FICOs on the 10th). Will be cancelling scorewatch now that I know it's not current!!!
  6. My cell phone charges for text messages (I don't do them) so I would be pissed if a CA sent me a message I have to pay for. That is illegal isn't it?
  7. Don't know how many of you use the PACER system, but if you do I would encourage you to comment (they accept them by email). Not sure if this is just criminal cases, but even if it is - that could be the beginning of shutting down other access too. Link to press release:
  8. Okay - I'll admit it.... I have the FP card. Got it last Dec. (before I met this place!!) and since I've already paid everything I'm keeping it until the next annual fee. It was the first card I got post-BK. I HATE the online payment fee (and of course it has a monthly fee), but other than that it isn't too horrible. I have had to deal with CSR a couple times and it was a decent experience. A secured card is good if you have the money to secure it up front. I didn't, but desperately needed to build credit so this was my only option. You do what you gotta' do I guess. Worked for me though - I now have several cards that are decent cards I wouldn't have gotten if I hadn't had that FP card first.
  9. I think most states have a limit on the service charge for a returned check... (don't know if that covers CAs or not ) and I know in TN they only have a year to take action: So check out the law for Ohio ETA: Just realized that's just for criminal... not sure what civil sol would be
  10. I guess being a Secret Agent Woman does have it's drawbacks Have you called for a recon? I had the same problem with Hooters and faxed them my utility bill for verification.
  11. That's a good test Methuss. If it isn't in a sticky already it should be.
  12. When my card was stolen back in 96 they closed the account and issued a new card, but that closed account is STILL on my credit report with (what was then) good history on it today. Not been updated since 1996 either...
  13. Pretty hefty fees, but to rebuild that will help. If you pay it on time for a year, then before the annual fee comes due, you should be able to get better terms or close the account for a better card. Good luck with it!!