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  1. freecycle can be a great tool. I gave my old washer and dryer away on freecycle. Afterwards, I had to stop the emails because people were sending out loads of unrelated info and for some reason they argued all of the time. It was too much. I guess the moderators weren't doing their work for my local group. I do however think it is a great way to give or get some good things. I'm looking for a lawn mower, I need to get back on
  2. welcome back for your fab adventure!
  3. Is the magic jack the device that can be plugged into a computer and you can get all of the telephone service you want? I have been considering one of these. Any advice on them? Ooops, I think this is a SORRY
  4. Wally world had a similar request tab which I checked every now and then to see what they would give me. Usually told me I could get a 75 dollar increase which I have always declined. Well the other day, I clicked the link and they told me they could not grant me an increase at this time, and would send me a letter explaining why. I was like WTF wonder what happened.
  5. close the card then send her a text saying you have closed it so she should not use it. Take the loss, but also take away a learning experience. We can't fix the problems of others by letting them charge their way out of it. Let her know that you will be there for her but you can not support her irresponsible financial habits. Good luck
  6. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Whoo Hope you enjoyed your day
  7. congrats enjoy happy birthday who
  8. 63% (Dixie). A definitive Southern score! Mostly Louisiana, a bit of Texas and childhood summers in S. Cali.
  9. See if you can get a PFD before making any payment. A paid collection doesn't mean anything, and sometimes they will validate after you have paid. Also don't forget to get everything in writing. Good luck
  10. since you are going to be purchasing soon, don't make any major purchases. congrats and good luck
  11. 20. Must be able to enjoy making people miserable.