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  1. I am slightly concerned over something. The credit they are coming after me for was from another state. We have been here for over three years but I'm worried they'll send the suit to my old address and try to get a default that way. Welcome to CIC. If you received the advertising at your current address, the JBD will have your current address also. Meantime, read, read, read.
  2. No, KentWA, stayed in state. Just have been keeping low profile for 5+ yrs. No work history on CR, no credit history ect. ColtFan, JDB has owned the debt since 2008. I dont know why they waited so long to file. I did receive a letter from the attorney, DV'd them in early May. Recieved a yr of print-off statements, also something that seems to be a print out of a phone transcript. Then in June, I received a notice from an ambulance chaser that I have a suit against me. If they do sell it again, What about putting a freeze on my CR so they dont dont get access, can that be done? Like many have stated before: I appreciate all the help everyone offers. thanks.
  3. Savior, thats what I am wondering! The case was filed in late May of this year. It could be because of no activity that the courts want it off the docket. That is my only hope! But they may dismiss it, with prejudice, to come at me another time. Which will give me more time to learn the process.... I want to know if there is anything else I should be aware of with this dismissal.
  4. I have been watching my case on line. It was just posted a "notice of intent to dismiss". I moved within the time this case was being filled, so I haven't been served as yet. I know they can do an alternative service such as publication in a newspaper. Any input what exactly this means? I have searched the web for definition, but want more info by the legal brains of this forum. Thanks.
  5. @ 1stStep> After 180 days, how is the case dismissed? Would that be a default? Where exactly is that stated? thanks.
  6. They can mail or do service by publication, according to Arizona Court Procedure, rule #4. Again, watch for sewer service.
  7. marvinarizona posted some videos on Youtube. maybe those could help you also with the process. After talking with a consumer lawyer about my case, he stated they dont do Deleware SOL anymore due to AZ passing the new law. Yes, deny everything exept your name. there is a post in this forum on "Standing", posted by Coltfan you may want to read also. "Being sued by Midland in AZ", is a post to read. watch marvins 7 videos he will take you thru the process: "AZ V1 Being sued ? Need help ? I can help !" - YouTube
  8. The little I found out about Ewing is they are in the same building as Cavalry. Ewing will not "deal" unless its a big check to them, they will not do monthly payments. With info on this forum, you can fight. I am still weeding my way around. There is alot of help here. Best to you.
  9. Have you been contacted by any CA/JDB? Why would you bring anything to their attention?? You get a free report yearly. Pull your CR when its time, and keep tabs on it. IMO.
  10. Thanks, Seadragon. I havent made myself available to be served yet. lol. I know I have to answer the summons when it is put in my hands, or taped to my door. Is there something on this forum, besides Marvins videos, ( which I am viewing), to explain step by step process of how the court process works? Thanks.
  11. LOL, debtorshusband, I remember reading Brenda Starr in comics years ago. Glad someone rememebered her.
  12. You must be familier with Mr. Ewin, lol. I dont think this arb will work for me in this case, I dont understand JAMS, so not going to try. Havent been served yet. Thanks for your reply. I have a lot to learn.
  13. racecar, thanks for the link to the videos. they are talking me down from the roof, lol. Helps that marvins is talking AZ law. Before I knew what was going on about being sued, I received a couple of phone calls. They were asking for the male gender of my name. Even in the court case information they have me listed as being a "male". I assure you, I am not! Goes to show the intelligence of the JDB. Thanks again for all your replies. We have learned one of lifes lessons, and hopefully pass this info to others to not get into debt and being slave to the wrong master! Thanks all!
  14. Coltfan1972, Yes, AZ has a 6 yr SOL. Which would be up this Oct 2012. 30K is a boatload of $$$. which who has that? Of course half of it is interest and late fees. I will try to fight it using the info on this board. Thanks for your reply.