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  1. From NPR) In an effort to help financial services organizations collect on large volumes of uncollected debt, Experian®, a global information solutions provider, today announced the launch of Collection Triggers(SM). Collection Triggers is a robust and flexible collections solution that monitors a company's portfolio of collections accounts. When new information on one of these accounts becomes available, indicating the possibility of recovering the debt, the organization is notified within 24 hours and can then resume efforts to contact the consumer and collect the outstanding debt. "Our clients have been asking us to help solve the debt dilemma -- when collection efforts go cold, the consequence is a huge burden of unpaid debt," said Kerry Williams, group president, Experian's Credit Services. "Collection Triggers offers our clients the opportunity to know within 24 hours when a debtor has had new credit activity, enabling quick action for the highest probability of recovery." So essentially, Experian is in the debt collection business.
  2. http://friends.truecredit.com If you get 5 people to join you get 100.00 Target gift card
  3. Thank you everyone. I am passing this info to her in the morning she is at her job tonight. Then will keep you updated on the events as they unfold. Thanks for and AG info. The bad part is her X has a 400,000.00 house, three cars and a business none of which are in his name. Amazing isn't it. His income tax return stated he made 31,000.00 last year. Some guys and woman are just bad at being responsible
  4. Thank you I will let her know that. She's really a good person works two jobs has two kids and does well on her own. Sad that their dad just does not care he has not seen the kids in 9 years, just does not want to. I just noticed that Mutual Hospital Collect is not listed as a licensed agent in Illinois. I am going to have her DV them one more time with this new discovery maybe they will drop off her reports using this tactic
  5. I think you are correct she is just going to have to pay these. She has tried the PFD but the collections will not do this. I have even talked to the office manager about this their position is they will mark it has paid but will not remove it. I don't know if she should as the date is 2004 if she pays now will that benefit her credit report? We talked to the original creditor and their position is that they can't recall it from the CA since it has been over one year. She has been to court so many times I feel sorry for her he has been in jail twice for non payment of child support. Guess some people just don't care.
  6. My neighbor has medical collections on her credit that she has been trying to remove. Her divorce states any medical bills pertaining to the minor child not covered by insurance are the responsibility of her X husbands. She is responsible for medical insurance on their child. Her X refuses to pay anything even though she has brought him to court many many times costing thousands. She wrote a letter to the collection agency and included a copy of the divorce decree showing where these bills belong to him. Their response was we don't get involved with civil matters and that she had to pay the bill. Every time she goes to court it cost a lot of money and at this point she only has one more year to put up with this but she is trying to clear her credit so she can buy a home next year. Can anyone help with some idea's how she can get these removed. She has three copies of court orders telling him to pay the bills but he refuses and she just does not have the money to go back to court again.
  7. Read an article that it will begin September 2007
  8. Funny the USPS tried to deliver them a certified letter on Saturday and no one was there to get it. Can't figure out they verify if no one can sign for a certified letter. I am thinking computers do all the certification it is electronically scanned into their system
  9. Great hopefully someday I will also be there. Go celebrate
  10. DOFD Sept 25, 2002. What I was wondering though is if this was really my account. I think it may have been by DH. That is why I wrote to them asking for a copy of the signature on the contract. I did pay it after insurance settlements I just don't know if it was mine. I specifically put a request for the signature in the letter written to them I did not ask for statements I asked for a copy of the original signature card.
  11. This was during a time period when I was really mentally not good hubby passed etc. I sent the request to them because I really think this account belonged to him. I know once the insurance paid I paid off almost everything I could to make sure I could still afford the house and feed the boys The letter they sent states "Thank you blah blah In an effort to assist in resolving your concerns, I have verified that the information on your credit bureau report matches the information on our systems during the twelvemonth period of March 2002 through March 2003 Our records indicate your account charged off as an unpaid debt as of March 26 2003. We received a payment of $670.00 on November 2, 2003 which paid the chaqrge off balance in full. Capitol One updated your account as paid in full after charge off Regrettable we are unable to remove the negative information for this time period For your convenience I have enclosed statement copies for the time period of March 2002 to March 2003 showing the payment history for thisperiod of time. If youare diputing negative information for a period of time other tahn the one listed above, we need you to provide us with the specific dates in question and a copy of any documentation that shows this. Please provide this information to us at the above address If you have additional questions or concerns, please contace out office at 1-800-258-9319 Sincerely Michele Stillon
  12. I DV Cap 1 on a paid off TL. They sent copies of all statements but no signature contract that I specifically asked for . Just trying to get this removed which I know is going to be next to impossible. Should I DV them again stating that I asked for the original signature and this was not supplied? Am I missing anything else? Acct # TU 412 Condition: Closed (Paid) Balance: $0 Type: Pay Status: Collection/Chargeoff f Past Due: $0 High Balance: $1151 Terms: Limit: Payment: $0 Opened: 03/20/1997 Reported: 11/02/2003 Responsibility: Individual # EX 412 Condition Closed (Paid) Balance Type: Credit Card Pay Status: Collection/Chargeoff Past Due Credit High $1151 Terms Limit Payment Opened 3/1997 Reported 4/26/2006 Responsibility Individual EQ # 412 Condition Closed (Paid) Balance 0 Type unknown credit extension review or collection Pay Status collection/charge off Past Due Credit High $1151 Terms Payment Opened 3/1997 Reported 06/2007 Responsibility Individual
  13. I love it especially if we all do Crap one
  14. Not working neither is their phone customer service I was on hold for 34 minutes. Once I got through I got Lexie Supervisor Team # 4 and a new fax number 1-888-826-0573 If anyone needs it
  15. you should be very very proud. Congrats
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