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  1. I got membership 2 weeks ago. I have gotten my husband the nRewards card and the goRewards card with $12,000 limits each at 13.9, myself the same cards with $7500 limits at 13.9 and I just refinanced our new boat and went from a 18.9 interest rate for 10 years, to a 10% rate for 5 years!!!! Doing the math on that now........that is a savings of $9420. HOLY CRAP!!!!
  2. I finally got a paid judgment removed from TU and went to check my Fico, I lost 6 points. Dang it! But at least it's gone. It was 4 years old, so it apparently wasn't affecting my score much, but it still looks bad to have a public record.
  3. Not yet, but I got W2's ready to go! We actually applied to Penfed, and they would let us in, but wanted us to know that there "would be a hold placed on any checks a minimum of 9 days, due to information found in your credit file", which we would have done, but then NFCU accepted us, so we got a better deal.
  4. Yeah, I know all about the rush, LOL. I about had a heart attack because he can't even get a Target card! Did you get all three at the same time? I thought about applying for the NAVcheck, but didn't want to push my luck. He actually is the one with the "In" but doesn't have a clue about how all this works, I'm having him add me tonight and I'm gonna see what I can get, my scores are 75 points above what he has, but he has a $90,000 income.
  5. It's actually my DH, I'm working on his credit now. They do pull EQ and his Fico is 610.
  6. Checking and Savings, and the nRewards Visa and the goRewards Mastercard and they each have $12,000 limits! I almost fell out of my chair!
  7. One year ago I started on this credit repair journey in hopes of getting myself a new ski boat. Well I finally succeeded, and would like suggestions from anyone on what to name her? Wanna help me out? I will take any suggestions and once I decide I will post a picture of it. Thanks guys!!
  8. Cap 1-500 Cap 1-500 HSBC-300 HSBC Discover-400 Carnival Seamiles-500 US Airways-500 Hooters-700 First Premier300 (Closing this summer) First Premier-350 Rewards660-300(Closing this summer) Target-200 QVC-300 HSN-250 Shop NBC (never used)-500 Walmart-400 Gap-200 Old Navy-200 Firestone-1200 Paypal-500 American Eagle-200 Dillards-150 JC Penney-700 Lowes-300 Sams Club-300 Childrens Place-250 Jared (never used) Kay-1300 JB Robinson (never used) Crown Jewelers-1500 (never use again) BOA 99/500-500 Chase Freedom-1000 Mortgage-194,000 GMAC car loan-15,000 Boat loan-11,600 I think that's it Before creditinfocenter, I had NOTHING.....I couldn't finance a piece of gum. I can't ever thank everyone here enough!!!!
  9. I don't know about the mortgage thing, I really don't see any way for you to get on there. Refinancing, IMHO, wouldn't fly because you are a stay at home mom with ?no? income? Maybe FirstSource could answer that question better than me. As to the Truecredit credit score's, they aren't real scores, they are what we lovingly refer to as Fako's. Use the search feature and you will learn all about them. They basically mean nothing. There are other things you can do to bring your scores up. "Your account balances are too high in comparison with your available credit. [TransUnion]" Pay them down. FICO scores are calculated largely on your debt to credit ratio, it's the singlemost important factor in your FICO. "Not enough revolving debt experience. [Experian, Equifax]" Open up a secured credit card that will convert to an unsecured one. You'd be surprised how much doing just these two things will help with time.
  10. AND....here it is 1 year later, and I finally have my boat. It's a 2007 Bayliner 175 with a 135 Mercruiser, it looks just like this, but we don't have the wakeboard tower. We had it out on the water on Sunday, almost exactly a year to the day I made this post! I just wanted to say, DON'T GIVE UP, and thank you to all who have helped me along the way. In this last year I have managed to bring my scores up from the high 400's to the mid 600's, attain more credit cards than I ever have before, buy a $197,000 home with my measly $33,000/year salary, buy a boat, and most importantly, learn how this all works. Thank you guys so much!
  11. On EXP and guess what it did to my score? Absolutely nada! I expected it to move somehow, either up or down, but it stayed exactly the same.
  12. A THOUSAND TIMES YES! What do you think I'm cleaning up my credit for???????? DD'S
  13. It worked for me...I disputed 30 and 23 of them came off yesterday! Whew......
  14. I have a win against Asset, but I signed a confidentiality clause, so I can't post it, but let me just say, they ain't never comin' back!!!! , and if they do they have to pay me a substantial settlement fee......
  15. And let us not forget that if you have TrueCredit, it's not a FICO it's a FAKO.....
  16. Are you pulling directly from each CRA? If you are pulling from Truecredit or anything like that it could be a glitch in their system, it's been known to happen, they will show things on the tri merge that are not actually reporting on the real report. Also, if the CRA reinserts something into your report, they have to notify you within five days after it's reinserted, but they never do (at least not for me). If they don't, you have them. Send them a letter or call them directly telling them about it. EQ did it to me twice and I sent them letters and they removed them and I haven't seen them since.
  17. Yeaaaa! BigJohn is back. We missed you!
  18. I just beat Asset Acceptance. In my settlement letter that I typed I included a paragraph about they "agree not to sell the debt or any portion of the debt or they will be in violation of the agreement and have to pay me the sum of $5000.00 as a penalty." It worked they are gone off my reports and I have the original document in case they should ever fail to honor it. (I'm kinda hoping they do, shhhhh.)
  19. I feel you there, I'm in the same boat, I started applying for some stuff waaay before I should have and now I've got a crap load of inquiries. But I started getting approvals and got too excited. Oh well, lesson learned.
  20. When I first started this journey, I made so many mistakes, even though I read for weeks and weeks before. I went back and read through my old posts and you can really see when the "lightbulb" came on! We have a thread of "What we've learned", but what would you have done differently? I wouldn't have disputed with EX until I knew what I was doing so as to avoid the previously verified spiel!
  21. Isn't that how it always is? That happened to me with Asset also, 1-2 punch, gone from TU and EQ, but stuck to EX like glue. I think they're in it together.
  22. I just got a "Mutual Settlement Agreement" from Asset. I dv'd, they sent "validation", I dv'd again telling them it wasn't proper validation and filed a complaint with the BBB. I started really watching them and how they were reporting. I sent them a letter and explained all the ways they were violating the FCRA and heard nothing. I finally sent them an Intent to Sue letter with a settlement agreement, which caught their attention. I received a rewritten agreement from them, which I didn't like so I changed it. They sent me the new agreement exactly as I had worded it and I made them send me two copies of the agreement already signed by them. I signed the new one and sent it back and kept the other original with their signature. Now I'm just waiting for the delete! Anyway, sorry for the rambling, they will go away if you fight them, because they can't help but screw up. It took awhile though, from October to now. It depends on why you need it off as to how you handle it.
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