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  1. I was (am) the same way. Something about having that card just makes me happy. I applied back when I had a 580 and was denied (they pulled EQ in Texas). If you're over 600 you might have a chance.
  2. Citi platinum...bad, very bad and no credit??? This must be incorrect! LOL
  3. LMAO...not to worry. Since my nutcase email, she's quieted down. AND for those interested, paying for the report was not the problem. If she had told us about the fees upfront and had been honest with us during our unsuccessful attempt to get funding on a home that was already in the process of being built, we would have gladly given her $25. The problem was that we provided her with the original report to review and she wanted payment for that one, too. I won't even go into all of the other details/issues we had with this woman. It would take too many posts. Needless to say, she is scattered and I hope to never run into her on the streets.
  4. I have had problems getting them to delete as well. I'm going to try the DV again.
  5. Wow, Row, that is great progress for 15 days time! Did you negotiate the pay for delete of that medical collection? Again, Congrats!
  6. I was also denied a refinance by Cap 1. I think I might try LendingTree...I just wished they pulled anyone EXCEPT experian. I can't get any of those inquiries to move. Thanks for the tip PolarBearCO.
  7. A 514??? I had at least a 518 when I applied...I'll just keep checking my receipt for that magical pre-approval. LOL
  8. So, even if you consolidate the loans, they will still show as individual TL's? I'm thinking of consolidating 4 loans--hoping to result in 1 TL.
  9. She really is...and pulling our report is about the ONLY thing she did for us.
  10. I let her know I was prepared to file a complaint and sue. I'm waiting on the next response. Thanks guys.
  11. Well, she's back. Since I did not respond, she is threatening to put a collection on our credit report.
  12. Is this right? I even pulled a report through the EQ site and it only shows 3 positive accounts and 0 inquiries. I'm wondering if this is not such a bad thing???
  13. Sometimes when you apply for auto loans they shop you at several lenders. This happened when we were car shopping. However, when I check my individual scores with the CRA it does not show the multiples. You might try that. Also, if you live in an area where you can dispute the Equifax inquiries online and NOT CSC...you might be able to delete them that way.
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