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  1. No one's tried this in 2 months? Tried yesterday, dispute ended today. Still there Anyone else have any recent luck?
  2. I think if you charge up a few hundred every month and only pay the minimum for a couple-few months in a row you're risking the CLD.
  3. Is it the tail-end of your payment deferrment program (no payments or int for 6 months)? It may be that its the accrual interest from all that time figured over a single month?? I've not seen anything like that yet, but I only made my first purchase last month and used maybe 18% of my credit line...
  4. WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First time I ever saw that! Man I'm gonna be in trouble in a month if this is the new craze.
  5. WTC he's talking about EQ, which you can have the INQ's removed for real. Less inq's is more attractive to creditors, and in kind the score moves upward. In that sense the score climb is of value as it does correlate to improved attractiveness, even if it isn't "the number" they see.
  6. My experience you get some back, then the rest within about a month. Hard to say why.
  7. They should be there for another 10 years after paid off, then your existing accounts will probably be as old or older than those are now.
  8. My info is of limited value because it was weird, but I was denied Chase Disney, PLANNED to recon, then I noticed they pulled another report a week or two later and then approved me for $500 without doing anything further. So, at minimum, expect a small line at first. They did grant my request for a CLI recently to $3500 after my last baddie fell off. Helluva increase.
  9. Let's just say I look good in all orange...
  10. I seem to have gotten it too. Conversion would have been better...
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