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  1. I don't even think your pay has to be all that good... just don't .. let's say 'exaggerate'. One guy over at CB says he got 5k with 18k/year income. I felt pretty dumb for my unnecessary inflation. Doing it over again, I'd say if your existing limits are under 1k, go for $2500, if they're 1-2k, go for 5K and be in the ballpark for your income. I don't know why they flagged me so quickly and often, they don't always verify, or even really a lot. I have substantial student loans not in repayment yet on my EQ, so that probably gave them a good guess I was still a student. For scores they're pretty forgiving. I had about 3 significant C/O's last time I applied.
  2. One other thing that even I've only begun to fully realize: Your credit limits are determined by your OTHER credit limits, NOT your credit score! Yes, your score has to be ballpark, but the limits on your open accounts tell creditors how much to give you and the kind of numbers that are relevant to your life. The same cards by the same banks are giving other people 10k, 20k, even 50k limits simply because that's what their other cards have, and with 650, 675, 700 fico scores.
  3. Whatever you do, don't stare DIRECTLY into the card! I was adamant about sending it back but it was just too beautiful. The blue "pops" and there's little glitters in the paintjob. It will transfix you. No I didn't go for newegg, but I did try for the Associated bank one and got 'we'll let you know'.
  4. This thread has all that I know has ever been found from members here: http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=274311&highlight=telecommute
  5. I applied 3 days ago. Approved for 5k but are again calling my bluff and asking for full documentation, so I gotta let it go. 6 months ago I went for 20k, was approved but unable to meet the demand. They won't include student loans, of which I get 40k a year on top of my intern work.
  6. Very helpful thanks! Rep points provided!
  7. ugh... I just found another sexy looking card with good reviews... http://www.associatedbank.com/Personal/CreditCards.asp and the associated CB thread: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=326020
  8. You're gonna do it anyway.. spare us all the drama! The inq thing, they like to play dumb over at EQ. You have to word the creditor just right. My faco pull services listed my cabela's inq as WFB. They didn't remove it twice, then I got a myfico alert and it plainly stated "cabela's". So I disputed it that way and then it was gone. You may have to pull an actual EQ report or buy a fico to get all the letters and wording just right.
  9. How long, exactly? Sorry, you're actually only in the decompression chamber... a few more doors til you get there!
  10. You don't happen to drink a lot of grapefruit juice do you? You have a really good attitude about the psychosomatic possibility, almost too good which tells me it's unlikely. We generally leave that off the table for a few reasons: 1) That diagnosis never did a patient or doctor any good, we have no idea really how it works or how to stop it. You could look into Dr. Sarnis' work maybe if interested. Once we allow ourselves to think it's in your mind, we're likely to miss something down the road, so it's not a good idea. 2) It's a zero-sum game, if you can make yourself sick when you're not, you can also make yourself feel better when you're genuinely sick, so the counting thing could work either way. Attitude is everything, so don't discount it in any sense. Thinking about something else works for any kind of exertion anyway, even bench pressing or curling you can get a couple more reps out by not focusing on the pain. 3) It's theorized that even if the root is psychosomatic, the effect physiologically is real, and we would be likely to detect the changes in the body anyway and treat it as any other idiopathic cause despite yourself.
  11. Oh yeah, Newegg is the best. I order probably 10x a year from there. you must have crazy good scores.. all those 'bill me later' offers should just be called 'are ya feeling lucky' offers. Unfortunately I'm about a month away from perfection... still got a 6yr11mo collection from Afni on my reports... I'm just crunched for time because a good 3 new accounts are gonna hit my reports any day... I know the fun will be over for a year probably.
  12. Don't make me resort to peer pressure! Whataya, CHICKEN???? What's the worst that can happen?
  13. KRASH!!! You got $40,000.00 worth of "rejection-protection" in your sig from what I can tell!!!!!!!!! But I will say that EQ just cleared me of inq's this week too.
  14. HA HA.. my second post explained my call, but the way I drew the line makes it look like it's in my sig... they also told me my app was "pending" and didn't even seem to know I had already been approved according to the online app. Krash you would get 20k I'm sure. They say they're matching the top line at least over at CB.
  15. yeah, no H. Pylori would stick around for a while. Infection is viral as well as bacterial which is why I suggest the bug or day-flu. Any doc that will order some lab work will be fine. They'll basically take blood and check for anemia and content of electrolytes and then your white blood cell count and variety, and some of this will stick around a few days too as a lingering trace so you may get some answers. Then it's on to gland markers, your thyroid in particular and measure those hormones. Do you take your meds at night with the tums or do you separate by 12 hours? The tums not only will increase calcium levels (not always good) but will also tend to reduce the amount of drug that is absorbed intestinally effectively lowering all your doses. More serious answers that also fit would be some sort of organ failure or compromise, usually kidney or liver, any pressure on the brain or meningial related disorders, and cancer also looms as worst case generally. It might be helpful to list your meds again what you're actually taking now. I've seen a lot that you've been on or off but not really sure what the current mix is. Drugs.com has a good interaction checker for the public as well, and I have some better tools that are pay-for-service provided by the school.
  16. yeah it took 1 second literally. But the source thread over at creditboards has everyone getting the message you got, and both reported getting the card. I'll pull later today and see if they pulled or not and which ones. I don't know if we can link to the other board here but I'll see if it flies: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=337238 sorry admin if that's not cool!
  17. Congratulations! You have been approved. You will receive your credit card in the mail within 10 days. If you have immediate questions, please call our Customer Service department at 1-866-450-1402 anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ________________________________________________________________ Anyway that was the message and the number to call. I called and the lady said my app was pending and I would get an answer in 7-10 days, so I guess they don't have any accurate info right after the approval. I'll try to post back on this in a few days or when the card arrives.
  18. This may be another Cabela's type card with some enthusiasm around it. I was just approved instantly, but don't know for how much. They pull EQ and people seem to be very happy with it. APR's are low and are cash rewards as well, this is definitely a prime card by terms, and reasonably relaxed standards. This is the general rewards visa I applied for: https://apply.partnersfirstcc.com/PartnersF...do?promoCode=PF This one is their Palm resort in Vegas Visa: https://apply.partnersfirstcc.com/PartnersFirst_InstantApp/Welcome.do?promoCode=PAL Happy hunting! Edit: Here's all the cards to choose from: http://www.partnersfirstcc.com/cm/cardprograms.aspx The CL's all look pretty huge from this bank according to all reports. Considered an oddball prime bank. *************************************************************************** EDIT AGAIN: ugh... I just found another sexy looking card with good reviews... Associated bank... pulls TU or EQ depending on locale. Citi underwrites, same odds as getting a Citi probably. Doesn't count towards Citi Limit on cards though http://www.associatedbank.com/Personal/CreditCards.asp and the associated CB thread: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=326020
  19. Awesome, yep my BBRZ is going bye-bye soon as well. I have $20 in coupons to print out though so I'll try and use them this weekend first. They started me at $300 and CLI'd to $400 and cut the $79 member fee in half only the first year. Habib is going to have a rough day and poor stats!
  20. There is a VERY long list that would cause fever and headache. Since it went away, and assuming it doesn't come back frequently, we'll stick with the most common and obvious. Fever is the hallmark of infection. (Words to live by) You most likely caught a bug. If it happens again soon we'll worry more. Try not to let the great medical mysteries in your life make you freak out about the common stuff! Aging and medications and the fact you can't get around too easily is going to take a toll on your immune system, so really even if you think you get these more often than some other people, that's probably true or soon going to be. Keep good nutrition, stay active, and stay involved in social activities as warranted. I'm guessing you probably already take a good daily vitamin. Other things to note if this happens: Breathing rate increase Faster or slower heart beat We would also look at deep tendon reflexes. These things help rule out acid-base disorders or electrolyte imbalances such as potassium in particular, phosphate, calcium and more.
  21. Probably less than half bother to call in about it. You did, and they didn't budge. I don't think there are any magic words. You'll just have to act if you can. The other thing you can do is close the account (or threaten to) to avoid additional penalties. You can still make the monthly payments. It's up to you, it's a gamble either way. Basically closing it will keep the current credit line posted if you think they're going to chase your balance down as you pay.
  22. You probably got Garrett... he sounded like that. They don't do CLI's on activation = Booo Only 3 months til first one though = YaY
  23. I haven't seen anyone say they got instant... I got 7-10 as well. Don't despair.
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