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  1. Dear all, On March 1st 2008 I was served by certify mail in my home in NJ for a debt I have with American Express in MI. I used to live in MI until Jan-18 when I moved here in NJ. The served arrived one day after the due date of the summon expired and was address to my former address. I contact a Lawyer here in NJ and start the process of settle the debt (it is important to mention that back in MI I sent these guys a DV and never received answer), we have been going back and forth with the amount of money, however 3 days ago I received a default notice (sent it to my former address and forwar
  2. Hello Ladyin Red, Would you have the Michigan Exemptions?
  3. I just found out that this Law Firm is not Licenced to deal in Michigan...can use this against them? how? What is an arbitration? I saw that in one of your answers, "an arbitration is coming out"? Thank you!
  4. My dispute was for the number it is not the same. Should I try to settle with them? If so, what would be the best approch to take? is there any letter you may recomend to start the settle process? Than k you for your advise!
  5. Thank you for yuo answer FIZZLE1979, My last payment was on 11-2006. What about the letter with the Notary public stamp?, is that not valid either?. how should I reply to them? Thanks!
  6. Hello every body.... I DV MANN BRACKEN LLC one month ago. I just received thier answer yesterday. They attach a"BASIC ACCOUNT INFORMATION" in their onw letter head, and a "DETAILED ACCOUNT INFORMATION" this one came Certified by a Notary public with stamp and everything. However, the information in both papers is the same, they only show the balace, the name of the OC, the present interest rate, the signature of allegedly Authorized representative of FIA card services agent (which is the OC) and nothing more...furthermore the account number printed in thier letter does not match with mine. I d
  7. Hello everybody!, I am new in this forum and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you in advance for any advise you might be given me. I am planning to sell my home in the medium term (around 4 months from now) however, I have unpaid debt in my Credit report, so of them I am working now to settle. The amount is around $20K I would like to know if this matter affects me in any way to sell my home? Thank you so much for your comments!