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  1. Anyone ever hear of "Credit Resolution Advisors " ?? I received three letters from them, entitled, 1st Notice, 2nd Notice, Final Notice They claim they are not a lender, creditor,collection agency,but, are trying to facilitate a ReNegotiation of debts directly with creditors ??? Sounds like a Zombie debt outfit, requesting a token payment in the amount of $300.00+ They have a listed website listed on the paper as - http://www.creditresolutionadvisors.com/catalog32 Which goes No where ?? this site I found speaks about them as well... Credit Resolution Advisors - Scam, Complaint, Review, or Pr
  2. Not sure if this belongs here, but, a very unusual situation has happended to me recently, which is making my credit score dive. I had an account with BoA"US Airways", recently I received a letter from BoA that all US Airways account were purchased by Barclays Bank, and therefore, a transition period will occur on a future date, and I would be receiving a new CC from Barclays Bank with a new account number. Well a few days ago, after I received the new CC, the transition period began, but, being a member of Equifax, I received a notice of new activity, when I did an inquiry, my Equifax and I a
  3. Are you certain they are suing? maybe its a scare tactic right now, the account would belong to Chase, since chase took over wamu, and wamu took over Providant. Also, you appear to have reached SOL, as a defense in Court, but, the question I have, is where did you open the account ?, 99.9% of the time they go after you where you currently live, but, they can obtain a venue from time-to-time, to bring a lawsuit at another state. What was the outstanding amount owed ? I'm also certain, they don't have any paper to back up their lawsuit. Did you call the court to see if in fact, their is a lawsu
  4. This comes from the 1010wins site in NYC... New York AG Cuomo Probes Debt Collection Industry NEW YORK (AP) -- State officials have closed two debt collection companies in western New York as part of a new investigation into alleged abuses in the collections industry. New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that the two Buffalo-area firms, which did business under several names and shared the same ex-drug dealer as an owner, engaged in a variety of illegal tactics to get people to pay. Collectors working from a small call center played hardball by threatening debtors with lawsui
  5. That Arrow account, are you certain it's still within SOL, Wamu purchased Providian around Oct/2005 ? , see Wiki link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_Mutual SOL in Tx is noted as being 4 years. So when did you open the Providian account ?? and when was the last delinquency date ?
  6. Well, I finally got the last blemish on my Credit Report REMOVED !!!, by using the assistance of both, BBB and the NY State Attorney Generals Office, I received this response from the JDB.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have reviewed the complaint in question, federal law related to this issue, and New York statute cited in complaint. The Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"), a federal law, governs credit reporting agencies and data furnishers. Section 1681© of the FCRA prohibits credit reporting agencies from including accounts placed
  7. OP, from what you relate in your first post, it sounds like your GF is "insolvent" and I wonder if that can also an affirmative defense in your plea to the court ?
  8. nascar Thank You for shedding some light, but, what is confusing are the options on the legal document as follows: PETITION FOR LETTERS OF: ___ Administration _X_ Limited Administration ___ Administration with Limitations ___ Temporary Administration Would you know what is the difference from Limited Administration as to Administration with Limitations ??
  9. Anyone know what a limited letter of administration means? My late mother died at a nursing home, my estrange brother, who didn't lift a finger to help out when my mother was still alive, and passed penniless, filed a lawsuit against the nursing home, and the attorney he hired is creating an estate account in my late mothers name - in anticipation of an award regarding the lawsuit. Since there are only two sons in the family, I was served with papers requesting I appear at surrogate court to show cause why I disagree to the issuance of limited letter of administration to my estrange brother.
  10. Some have tried a "Restrictive Endorsement" on a check The Restricted Endorsement Normally you add a section of fine print to the back of the check stating "Cashing of this check constitutes your acceptance of my restricted offer. Any and all future claims for this debt are null". You can also add a notation on the front that says "restricted endorsement: cashing constitutes agreement". (Don't send these types of offers to lockboxes because it will never be seen). That is why it is very important to send the offer first then follow up about 20 days later with the payoff. This way, the collecti
  11. A small article appears on 1010wins news online, regarding complaints of Collection Agencies ... Link: http://www.1010wins.com/NYC-Files-Record-Number-of-Debt-Collector-Complain/3967210
  12. If you are confident about reaching SOL, I would do a FOAD, if it triggers a 1099c down the line, I would deal with it if or when it may be issued...
  13. It's unfortunate that a CA does things like were mentioned here, and you are not the first -or- the last to have something like this occur. Robert is on the money, Close the account immediately, in hopes you beat them to your money, Others here have not only closed the account, but, opened another at a another Bank, since they can try to get at your money again from the same bank, the problem here is your automatic deposit information will have to be changed by your husband to have subsequent auto deposits sent to the newly established bank account. I know, a pain in the butt, but, better to
  14. Can you post a copy of the letter from that law firm ? I never saw anything like what you mention, sounds like a new twist from a collection lawyer !!
  15. "Is there a lawyer in the house" is a good place for this one...