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  1. *nodding* Will do. They denied my request for compensation, so I'll write them one last time refuting their points.
  2. IIRC, anybody can open a USAA checking/savings account, but will not qualify for the credit card, insurance, etc. I wonder if it would be good to oen a checking/savings account in hopes that maybe one day, they'll offer to anybody for a short amount of time?
  3. Okay, update - on two cases, rather. Exact same situations apply. On one, they never answered. That's pretty obvious. On two, they DID answer after three ignored CMRRRs. They claimed to have answered, but here's the thing: they sent the response to my mother's house, despite three letter that have MY mailing address on them. Also - and I know this is sneaky - there's nothing on the letter that proves they sent it. It's just in a plain white envelope. My thing was "show me proof that I owe this account", and they sent me a copy of the application form and some numbers on a page. Again, they sent it to my mother's house, but I KNOW they didn't. My mother would've called me and told me if they did. (She calls me about junk mail.) Also, I was living out of state during that time, and did for seven years. That's is how I know these billing states were made last week. Isn't it illegal to send billing info to someone else, looking for me? They also claim that my account is now with Arrow, but Arrow doesn't appear anywhere on my reports. Obviously, I can't call Arrow since I have no report number! And the letter is dated March 3, but I sent it on June 25th. What should I do? Should I pretend I never got the letter since it doesn't address anything in my (fourth!) letter to them and just file the case since I told them they had five days to recify, or should I counter all of their points? Also, since I'm suing for failure to respond to any of my letters, does it matter at this point if I had owed the debt or not? Also (sorry!) they claim this account was closed in 2004, but it's not coming off my report until 2014! I live in Texas, so shouldn't it be no more than seven years?
  4. CMRRR is my second name! I can't believe that in 2009, people still think that a fax cover sheet is going to hold up in court. A couple of times, those CMRRRs have been my best friend; once or twice I couldn't find my green card, but because I always put the CMRRR number on all my letters, I still had it to look up online. MUCH more reliable than a sheet of paper! Unfortunately, I'd be going up against an original creditor - a BIG one. And I'm always being told to avoid federal laws like the plague and stick to state laws (Texas), but I'm having hell trying to figure out how to do that. Lawyers here only take on the big cases - even NACA lawyers. I had three turn me down before I got the one I have now, and I'd be lying if I said I was fond of her. Nothing WRONG with her, per se, and I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she's swamped with work. But when eight weeks pass from the time you pay your court costs and the time the lawsuit is filed and you don't receive a single phone call, you start to get a little pissed.
  5. That's refreshing to know. Now I have to figure out where to send the darn thing, because the address I'm mailing to is obvious the "ignore these letters" box. Do I send them an intent to sue letter, or do I just go straight to court and file a lawsuit? One last question: once the OC ignores the first request for investigation and 30 days passes, are they legally entitled to a certain amount of time after the followup letter is sent? I gave them 10 days, but if they are actually entitled to more time under the law, I'd sure like to know that!
  6. Is this one of those cases where I have to prove damages (like when you sue a CRA), or will they be held liable for violations of the FCRA?
  7. I disputed w/Experian about a trade line on my credit report. The OC (GEMB) verified in March. I wrote GEMB CMRRR requesting an investigation. Never got a response. 45 days later, I wrote a follow up letter CMRRR requesting deletion w/i 10 business days. Still nothing. The same agent who signed for the first letter signed for the second. GEMB has no number to call or fax; if you do call, all they do is send you to an auto recording saying to mail in your dispute. Assuming another 20-30 days pass and I still don't hear from GEMB, do I have grounds to sue? Or is there something else I need to be doing? DO I have to go through the AG, BBB, FTC first? I ask because I wasted a year's time w/another OC doing all of that and STILL got nothing. I'm seeing an attorney on that one because of all the paperwork, but this one seems pretty cut and dry.
  8. Thanks, soveu38. I was afraid it was going to come to that. I'm not really scared of court or anything, just not really knowing WTH is going on. The biggest problem I have right now is not having the CMRRR number! I have one number on the actual letter, but wound up putting another one on the card when I got there (I don't remember why). But for some reason, I never got the card back. Luckily, LVNV has the investigation request - which is stupid, because I didn't ask LVNV for an investigation. The question is, is it against the law for an original creditor to refuse an investigation? Experian did, even when I sent in a copy of the letter from the OC saying they have no paperwork on the trade line in question. I *think* that violates Cushman v. Transunion, but I'm not sure if they OC did anything wrong.
  9. I'll make this as short as I can: - Disputed w/OC in August 2008. OC has yet to verify, and has even admitted on paper that they have no paperwork involving this account. But that's a completely different thread. - OC sold to LVNV in 2005. Disputed w/all three bureaus in August 2008 & it falls off all three bureaus. - Wrote OC *again* requesting an investigation. OC does not respond. Instead, OC sends investigation request to LVNV! LVNV is now sending letters to collect on a debt that is 1) outside SoL and 2) was deleted from my reports last August. I understand that the OC doesn't have to verify, but do they have to respond to an investigation request, particularly as a data furnisher? And how are they able to furnish data if they have no data to furnish? If Sears has no paperwork (by their own admittance), then what on earth are they sending to the bureaus? As for LVNV, this was disputed and deleted back in August, so do I have to do it all over again, or can I file a lawsuit - and if so, what for? Because it seems to me that they're coming after the same debt with no valid reason to do so. One last thing - Sears has said they have no paperwork and I actually sent that letter to Experian, yet they STILL "validated" the debt. I don't see how that's possible. Does this fall under Cushman v. Transunion - which, according to the Experian guy I talked to, does not apply to Experian? Also, how does a debt go from $847 to $1,243?
  10. HELL yes. I clearly said the debts were not to be sold to another collector, nor sent back to the original collector. I even sent them paperwork SHOWING them why they were mistakes - one of the chargeoffs was for a service I was still using at the time, and had been since 2002! The interesting thing is now they've come back with a "settlement offer" telling me that they'll forgive debts that were already supposedly forgiven last month. One of the top brass even signed the papers and overnighted them himself. So which story is it?
  11. Long story short: months and months after battling a company with every agency known to man, the scumbuckets cry uncle and overnight papers saying that they've deleted their trade lines and even offer a nominal settlement. Mazel Tov. Just hours before I'm to send the paperwork back agreeing to the terms, I pull my reports to admire all my hard work and...two of the trade lines the CA claimed they deleted last month - on paper, no less - are once again on my report. Only this time, they're under another collection agency. Now, just to be clear, this is what is written on the letters that were overnighted to me: "Based on the information recently provided, Scumbag Collection Services has electronically notified each of the three nationwide credit reporting agencies that the above-referenced account is to be deleted from your credit file, as maintained on each of their reporting systems." And yet two of those same debts are on my report again, just under a different collection agency. Short and simple: was this move legal?
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